Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


72. Unoriginal Tab

Seriously, it is.


Sans finally wakes up from his dark, depressing dream to find himself in a void of blackness.

"what an artistic dream. maybe it should have a movie remake." Sans remarked.

 "MFPH!" Someone mfph'ed.

"omfg is dat u frisk?" Sans asked. He could hear some shuffling before Frisk replied.

"Yes, it seems we're held captive yet again." They sigh.

"it's almost as if the author has a strange obsession with kidnapping." Sans gave the story an aside glance. "btw, where are we even at?"

Frisk could be heard feeling around their area. "It seems we are inside some sort of vehicle."

The doors suddenly opened. "Indeed you are."

They both saw Grillby as they got seized by two people wearing Anti-Sans shirts. It was snowing now all of a sudden as a huge crowd of people stood in front of a stage surrounded by tiki torches since it was night. Both characters get dragged onto the stage as Grillby walks behind them casually. Frisk stumbled over a rock but got forced up, making them skin their good walking knee.
The crowd cheered with delight as the ill-fated skeleton was seen.

 "halp me." Sans said as Frisk was tossed besides him like a potato sack. Grillby came up to the microphone.

 "And now the executions shall commence." He announces to the pleased audience.

 "Executions? But children are supposed to be immortal in stories like- ahg!" Frik got shoved on a conveyor belt which had high bars in it so nobody could get out. Behind the conveyor was a set of spikes that could easily impale someone. Sans got put next to Frisk.

 "imma sue u boi." Sans shook his fist. Grillby rolled his invisible eyes and pulled the lever which started the machine up. Sans and Frisiki ran so far away that it started feeling like the 90s.

 ":o!" Sans could feel his legs weaken as the conveyor only went faster and faster. He could also see that Frisk was starting to give up, with their bad leg and everything.

 "don't quit running, me boyo." He tried motivating.

 "Thanks, buts not my gender." They reply like a Tumblrite.

 "don't you tumblr me." 

All this arguing took place while the audience was chanting "KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL!" over and over. Shows what sympathy they had.
Grillby silently watched as they now reached level -1 speed.

 "i can't...huff.... go on....." Sans huffed while the machine was only going at speeds of light.

 "Neither can I..... but we must...." Frisk huffs back as sweat began pooling everywhere.

 "Any minute now..." Grillby muttered while looking down at the watch he owned just for this gag.


What's gonna happen to our (poorly written) heroes now? All this terrible writing is leaving me in suSpENsE.

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