Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


75. The Tab

You're tearing me apart, tab!


The suspension dies down after MK sits besides Frisk. Flowey joined Sans' side too.

 "So what's the plan?" Frisk asks.

 "I've been watching the latest report on Fox News, Yo, and it seems like even the great, powerful Undyne couldn't stand up to him!"

 "get to the point, kid, you're wasting my oxygen." Sans snapped in annoyance while eating more pizza. "besides, fox news is a terrible network "

"But I like Fox News!" Flowey got offended.

 "shut up, you waste of carbon dioxide." 

MK continues. "Um, well, I was thinking, yo, that maybe we could rally up other monsters like Asgore and get Grillby kicked out of the Underground forever!"

"But how does this get me back Papyrus?" Flowey wondered. 

 "Yeah that's literally a shitty plan." Frisk backs up.

 "Aw man." MK looks downwards awkwardly.

 "you literally wasted all that suspense budget on such shit that i can't even complain." Sans angrily said. 

"Well, we could……um……" Monster Kid tried thinking of an even dumber plan as Flowey went back to sobbing his heart out. 

"fuck this honestly. come on frisk boyo." Sans went to go ignore his depression and suffering with a 12 hour DDR marathon as MK and Flowey divulge in emotional pain and pizza.

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