Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


74. Tab Anymore

I don't know what it means to tab anymore 🎵

"that hits the spot." Sans drank some alcoholic ketchup as he and Frisk sat in a booth at Chuckie Cheese. Nearby, an animatronic band was preforming a pizza flavoured parody of My immortal by Evanescence. It was extremely gothic and depressing in a way which fit this scene.

"This is soooooo depressing." Frisk says like a total airhead.

"totally." Sans replies after taking a bite in his 8th pizza slice. The indepth conversation got cut off by the sound of someone crying.

They both look across from the booth to see Flowey sitting nearby. His table was filled to the brim with empty plates, and drink cups.

"wtf? this is supposed to be my angsty moment." Sans rambled. Flowey notices them and sniffed.

 "I didn't expect to see you here…." The saddened greenery said. 

 "hellah. well, this is the greatest place for washing your worries away; with half-assed pizza and shitty surroundings." Sans says as a group little kids run after a person in a Chuckie Cheese costume with every intention to kill.

 "Exactly." Frisk agrees. Flowey looked downwards all depressed once again.

 "Dammit! I MISS PAPYRUS!" He sobbed.

"we know, bro. you don't have to remind us every fucking chapter you're in." Sans informed looking chill in a way that would attract fangirls.

 "But we need to milk this romance for all it's worth!" Frisk tries to persuade the skeledoot, who only keep feasting upon the shittiest food ever cooked. 

 "You don't understand! Papyrus is the light in my dark, meaningless life! Without him, I have no motivations to live!" Flowey kept on crying, as Sans couldn't relate and neither could Frisk. He got some pity points, so I guess that was good.

 "look here, fam, we miss papyrus as much as you maybe even less but even then i wouldnt stoop so low as to eat in-" Sans realized he was gonna seem hypocritical by talking down what he and Frisko happened to be doing now. "idk, man, grillby is a fucking douche. if only i paid my million tabs none of this would happen :(."

 "We got a hundred more chapters to burn." Frisk tries to reassure him. "Gotta waste all that online text space on something."

"i guess you're right with that." Sans ingested a plastic cup.

 "What are we gonna do, guys?" Flowey asks. "If we don't stop Grillby, the world could end!"

"how about a suicide pact? we can do it on twitch streaming and get banned." Sans suggests.

 "Your point being…?" Frisk wondered.

 "my point being that im just meme trash." He answered. Nobody in the group was moved.

Suddenly Monster Kid bursts in.

 "Yo!" The group turns to them.

 "what it be, homie?" Sans questions coolly.

 "I think I know how we can stop Grillby!"

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