Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


69. Scared To Tab


They all exit the back door without a single dinosaur.

 "that... was shitty." Sans sums up.

 "But what's going on down there?" Alphys points to the city below where millions were gathered. Upon further inspection it seemed to be an Anti-Sans event, judging from the racist billboards besides a Denny's.

Dey walk into the city and took in the lovely sights. Many kids ran around with skeleton balloons with a Sansophobic message on the back, There were dead Sans plushies being sold among other goodies, and even a clothing line!

 "We should kill this skele-toooooon~" Some kids sing along to a Sweatshirt parody while jumping rope. Nearby, some teens were engaging in a dart throwing competition where the target was a poorly drawn cardboard cutout of Sans. One of the teens threw a dart directly at his head.

 "ALRIGHT! 50 points!"

 "Holy shit..." Frisk could only express in shock. "Why would they do this to dad?"

 "i'm a waste of space anyway." Sans shrugs. "it was going to come eventually."

 "Nobody deserves an entire day dedicated to hating them." Alphys said.

 "Alphys is right." Undyne stops in front of an poster which read "Sans is a dumbass, so get class." "Besides, this is likely all of Grillby's doing."

Sans pulled a pipe out of his mouth and adjusted his monocle. "why yes indeed it all makes 

sense, my jolly old chap. this puzzle has flabbergasted my very puzzling mind."

Undyne whawmped as she stared at the audience with a dead inside expression.

 "Well, what now?" Alphys questions. "We already solved the mystery it seems."

Everyone in the party shrugs, which somehow got everybody's attention.

 "Hey, everybody, look! It's some monsters!" A guy points at the main characters.

A little girl stopped sucking on a lollipop ( with a fractured skull on it ) as she noticed something peculiar. "IT'S A SKELETON!"

The city folk got out pitchforks and torches. "LET'S GET THEM!" 

 "RUN!" ALPHYS and all the ppl ran as fast as their feet took them which was 0.000001 miles an hour. How this chase scene would end, no one knew.

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