Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


54. Sans is a Spooky Tab

'Tis the season of calcium and good bones

Sans went to a random desk in the room besides Frisk.

 "oh boy, it's just my size." He rejoiced as he hopped into the teeny desk. The teacher kept staring at Sans as if he was the spawn of Satan. Sans and his "kid" awkwardly made small talk as the bell rang and other classm8's parents started filing in. Some liberal, some gun-touting rednecks, some Tumblr SJWs, and others bland normies.

 The teacher smiled in glee at all the other parents besides Sans. 

 "Welcome to Justice Nation High! I'm Mrs. Beich, the teacher of all your wonderful children!" The door opened as Courtney stood in the doorway besides her parents which were wearing swag shit. 

 "Everybody meet my fabulous parents!" Courtney posed by her principal dad and her overly depressed mom. The class cheered and a self righteous pop song played at that moment as Courtney and her parents walk into the classroom on a red carpet freshly rolled out just for them. Frisk groaned as Sans could feel their pain.

 Courtney goes to sit in the back with her equally preppy friends who bonded over their rich parents. Mrs. Beich was so taken by Courtney that it took her a full minute to resume class.

 "Okay, class, let's go to the cafeteria to dine with your parents!" She clasps her hands together. "It's gonna be so fun."

 "yippee." Sans expressed, causing all the adults to look at him in annoyance. The preps in the back giggled at this.

 Anyway, all the kiddos left to the cafeteria as Sans and Frisk were the last ones in line for a banquet of yummy delicious glazed doughnuts, salad, pint sized yogurt, carrots, and other healthy entrees like slurpees and ice cream. Of course, everybody ignored the healthy shit and made beelines for the slurpee, ice cream, and doughnut shit.

  All the kids and their parents took up all the tables as Frisk and Sans scoured the lunchroom for a seat.

 "well where are we gonna sit, kiddo?" Sans asked after five minutes of looking.

 "How am I supposed to- Hey! Look! There's a vacant booth over there and it's the only table left!" Frisk pointed at a booth located by a window in the far right bathed in holy light. Perhaps that was just the sun, though.

Frisk and Sans ran to it in slow-motion action! Mrs. Beich noticed this and stuck out her leg which made Frisk trip and scatter their lunch. Sans didn't trip, but did so just so Frisk didn't feel left out.

 Frisk's food left a huge mess on the floor and even ruined their clothes. Sans took some spilled yogurt and rubbed it onto his jacket too.

 The booth was now occupied by Courtney and her parents who were now laughing at the scene before them. The whole lunchroom joined in on it as Mrs. Beich was being a total jerk about this and strutted over to Frisk with an evil smirk.

 "Frisk, I've told you a million times not to ruin the nice lunchroom floors, you klutz. Clean this mess up." She walks up to the front to begin a speech about how gifted Parent's Day was as Sans left the mess up to the janitor. Frisk's stomach growled in sadness at seeing all the wonderful nutrients wasted.

 "hey kiddo, im gonna be afk for a sec." Sans went back into the lunch room and began grabbing another tray.

 "What the fuck makes you think you're welcomed back here to get seconds? The lunch rules don't work like that, shortie!" The lunch lady began to bitch and moan about Sans.

 "just let me get my child some fOOd." The tray was snatched from him.

 "I don't think you heard me, so let me say it again; WE DON'T SERVE SECONDS HERE, ASSHOLE." 

 "yeah and im a skeleton so fuck you." Sans made bones rise up and impaled the lunch lady against the milk cart.

 ":))"  Sans carried the tray topped with king sized portions over to a disappointed Frisk who spent the last five minutes watching the speech by the exit doors at the far back of the room.

 "i went through blood and nails to get this for you." Frisk was immediately delighted and om nom nommed all that down.

 "Holy shit, I can't thank you enough, my nizzle." 

 "well you can start by stop pretending to be a gangter fOrev er." 

"oH Cool." They both watched the speech and afterwards reported to the school yard with the other shitters.

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