Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


55. Parent's Tab

( just found out Parent's Day actually exists, but despite all the inaccuracies Imma keep on like nothing happened ) 

Everybody talked about random topics as they all waited for games to be announced.
Mrs. Beich gleefully smiled after exiting the lunchroom and struts her way over to the field in her high heeled Guccis.

 "Okay, everyone, to celebrate Parent's Day, each year both students and their parents participate in an obstacle course. It also encourages teamwork skills and competition. "

 "yeah but what do we win?" Sans questions smugly. The teacher's face got really angry for a second but then dug around in her pockets and pulled out a five dollar gift card for Cracker Barrel.

 "The winners of this event will receive a five dollar gift card to Cracker Barrel. I was going to have trophies made but the school is fucking poor so yeah." 

 "wow what a fortune." Sans comments sarcastically about the prize. He was ignored though.

 "Our first activity will be a four legged race around the perimeter of this field." To Sans it wasn't that big of a field, but then again I'm just basing this school off a school I actually went to.

Hair scrunchies were passed around for the intention of putting them on the kid and parent's legs but were so tight it seemed to be just about cutting off circulation instead.

 "ffs." Sans worried, but then he remembered he had no skin and was okay with it.

 "Me and Billy Bobbi are gonna win compared to you two girl scouts!" A redneck parent insults Sanzy and Frisky as the others were already prepared to race.

 "eat meh dust."

Mrs. Beich pulled out a megaphone. "On yours marks....... get set.......... GO!"

Sans and Frisk among other parent-kid couples hobbled around the perimeter of the fenced in yard as cheesy Kidz Bop music played on a cheap radio set to motivate everyone. It didn't work out very well, as it just annoyed everyone instead.

 Sans was currently dragged into the mud by an impatient Frisk, who just wanted to get this minigame to end already. As if god listened in, suddenly, Mrs. Beich announced that somebody had won!

 Courtney stood victoriously as her parents sat down the fancy Litter (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Litter_(vehicle)) used to carry their beloved daughter. The kids all clapped and cheered at their triumphant classmate as S n' F recollected themselves with prose. Frisk scowled at noticing how Courtney was clearly cheated even though she did it every year on Parent's Day.

 "But, teacher! Courtney clearly cheated! She didn't even lift a leg!" They point out. Nobody said anything as Mrs. Beich only gave them another dirty look.

 "don't worry, kiddo, we'll land the next big fish." Sans tries assuring.

 "I doubt it."

 Mrs. Beich lead everybody over to the next game; an Wheelbarrow Race! The visibly aged wheelbarrows carried tons of water balloons that were ready to slosh out at anytime. There were even gigantic holes at the bottoms of them as well.

 "Now, the minigame is simple; the parents and their kid take turns racing the wheelbarrow across the yard as fast as possible. The team with the least balloons missing is the winner. If all your balloons are lost, you're out." Mrs. Beich then began to blab about something as Sans notices something fishy.

 "o hey there's a fish." Sans pointed out a adorable fish plushie on the ground before noticing something else, minus the fishy. Courtney's Parents were fixing the holes with superglue and spongy material to prevent the water balloons from escaping. Frisk looked up from the ground and noticed it too and they both exchanged confused glances. Mrs. Beich was aware of it like always, and pretended nothing was wrong about it.

 Everybody went to go obtain their wheelbarrow as one of Mrs. Beich's teacher friends, Mrs. Duche, handed Sans what seemed to be a quality wheeler since it had a sleek paint job compared to the others covered in rust.

 "Here you go." She says in a tone as cold as the coldest ice.

 "cool thx." He went over to the starting line ( spray painted onto the grass ) along with the other fellows.

 "On your marks..... get set...... GO!!!" Frisk used all their strength and determination to push the 
wheelbarrow across the field, only for all the balloons to suddenly fall out all around them halfway across.

Sans came over in confusion, "wtf happened?".

"squish." the water balloons squished as people treaded on them.

Frisk then notices something. "Hey, wait a second! My wheelbarrow has this gigantic hole in the bottom!"

 "well, i guess you can say this outcome is... a beich." Sans joked like he actually does in canon. 

Classmates began snickering and gossiping about our lovable losers until the laughter became all anyone could hear.

Courtney smirked from the lawn chair she was chillaxing on nearby and Mrs. Beich shared the same smug ass look.

 "Looks like Frisk and their friend are out." She announced loud enough for the whole world for them to hear about their failure.

 "d'oh." Sans expressed like his spirit animal Homer Simpson would have. He went to the sidelines to chill and hear Courtney's shit music choices off her bluetooth speaker.

 "But it's not fair though! Courtney always gets away with it every. Single. Year!" Frisk punctuated.

 "mhm. it'll be ok." Sure enough, Courtney surpassed all of the other minigames either through herself or her parents. In the Musical Hoops ( Musical Chairs like game ) game, Courtney always claimed victor even when she was the second foot in any on the hoops. In a dancing activity, Courtney won by using cringe dances like twerking and nae nae-ing which won the vote of everyone even with Sans and Frisk's complicated dance routine to showtime music. In Limbo, Courtney just simply hopped over the limbo bar to show off her skills as a flexible cheerleader. And for the painting game, Courtney and her parents recreated a hip modern rendition of The Starry Night. Always thwarted in some way, Lost in everything, Sans and Frisk were the biggest losers of the entire event.

 Speaking of which, Frisk and Sans sat at a picnic table away from everyone else since they were kicked out of any possible social circle. They were both eating their meager portions of their sack lunches.

 "we can't let courtney win." Sans says while eating a ham sammy.

 "What's the use? Courtney has won every year. No other kid has ever matched up to her skill." Frisk shrugs in defeat.

 "bruh, we got to show courtney who really is a better sport at teamwork and all of that fuzzy stuff."

 "Who is it, you?" Frisk wondered while eating a watermelon slice.

 "actually it was going to be us, but it could be you." 

 "Thanks, Sans." Frog smiled at the compliment as Courtney struts like a slut over to their table.

 "Well if it isn't my charming dear friend Frisk socializing with his even dearer "parent"." Courtney says with obvious sarcasm.

 "It's. THEY." Frisk corrected.

 "He, she, they, who cares? I'm calling you whatever I want." She leaned against the picnic table. "If you don't want to humiliate yourselves much more, you should drop out of the Parent's Day activities. It's for the best."

 "never." Sans butted in.

 "And if you don't drop out of the event, Frisk, I'll tell everyone about who you really are." Courtney added. "Think about it."

With that, she strutted back to her lunch table slyly as Sans was curious.

 "hey fam, what's your secret?" He questions as Frisk looked agitated.

 "Piss off, Sans." They get up from the table and walked towards the garbage can to dispose of their sack lunch.

 "come on, frisk i just want to know-"

 "I SAID TO PISS OFF!" Frisk shoved Sans really hard onto the ground in anger and it attracted everyone's attention. Some kids were mature enough to shout out things like "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!" and "Savage" like they were original jokes.

 Mrs. Beich restrained her amusement and announced to everyone the lunch break was over as Sans was wondering what secret Frisk held that made them act this violent. They walked away as Sans got up and wondered while stuffing his trash in his coat pockets.

 "hm... could it be that frisk is a serial killer? nah, it doesn't seem that likely. could it be frisk deals in heavy doses of peanut butter? maybe....."

Before Sans could think of a spooky theory, Mrs. Duche shouted at everyone to gather and so he went.

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