Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


46. LifeTab Network

CLEARLY one of the more creative channels on tv :/

"groan" Sans fastened a shiny new pink jacket onto a mannequin with so much glitter that he began getting an allergic reaction from it. Metatton thumbs him up from a distance while checking on the employees like it's a factory job. 

Sans kept on working when Papyrus could be heard entering the store.

 "Me and Mr. Squeakers just bought out an entire bridal shop!" All the customers rejoiced as Sans only forced himself to work harder to distract himself from being wangsty. 

 "Congrats, bruh!" A customer congratulates as Sans stormed off to another rack to restock it. The main floor was now empty since a lot of the makeup counters had been desecrated and a shiny new stage was built in the center of the store. Metatton had said offscreen that he had planned to give concerts weekly to raise his stardom even more. Sans was about to give up on living when Asgore showed up.

 "The store has never been this loud before. Do you know what's going on, Sans?" Snek looked up like a hormonal teen.

 "my brother is getting married to some stupid toy he's infatuated with." At that moment in time, Papyrus was singing a ballad to his fiance like a narcissist really loudly and offkey. 

"mr squeakERS, i lOVE yOU, MR SQUeakERS, LOVE ME tOOOOOOOOO....."

":'(" Sans turned away like a woman protagonist in a Lifetime Network movie.

"oh ok." Asgora walked away as Salad was left to deal with his own issues.

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