Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


44. Late Night Tab

( fitting late night saxophone music )


It was afterhours as Sans' had spent the entire day at the bouncy castle. All the kids had left early on since Sans had spooky scared everyone including the parents.

"goodbye, bae." Sans kisses the floor of the bouncy castle and starts walking down the street back to the penthouse. He notices bright lights coming from a fine dining restaurant. Sans got confused.

 "who goes on a date when it's 12 am?" He peeped in the window and his heart died the second he noticed the biggest asshole on planet earth: Mr. Squeakers!

Sans burst into the empty restaurant and stormed over to the table. He got ready to gasterblast it to smithereens when Papyrus saw Sans and screamed. Papyrus was decked out in a red evening dress and matching heels. He also had on a long platinum blonde wig with curls.

 "SANS! Have you come to ruin our date?" Paps interrogates angrily.

 "..." Sans was too shocked to respond immediately. He was even surprised Papyrus could do a way better makeup job than he ever could.

"just why."

Papyrus squeezed Mr. Squeakers tightly. "Don't you see, Snan? Mr. Squeakers and I love each other! WHY CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND OUR LOVE?!?"

 "papyrus, thats just a one dollar squeaky toy that has been cheaply made in a sweatshop. you wouldn't know love unless it was eating spaghetti."
Suddenly, Mr. Squeakers pulled out an engagement ring and hopped onto the ground. Paps squealed in excitement and forgot everything Sans was just telling him about. 

He picks the toy up and hugs it even tighter as Sans just watched in angered dumbfoundment.

 "OH YES I WILL, MY BELOVED MISTER SQUEAKERS! I WILL MARRY YOU!" Papyrus began kissing Mr. Squeakers over and over as Sans got pissed off to the extreme.

 "papyrus.... are you really throwing away our friendship over a fucking toy you met a few days ago? i honestly had better expectations for you, bro." 

"Well, Sans, I WAS going to make you best man at our wedding, maybe even the caterer. But it seems you don't even care about how happy WE are." Paps defended selfishly, stroking his stupid toy. 

 "you honestly don't care about how i feel about this. you've been ignoring me since i got a job at dillard's :/."

Papyrus only glanced at Sans angrily. "You know what Sans, you're banned from me and Mr. Squeakers' wedding. Don't even think about showing up. alsoimdisowningyoulol."

Holding Mr. Squeaker's in his right hand, Papyrus sassily walks out of the restaurant saying things like "Don't listen to him, Squeaks" and "Sans is just jealous of our love". Sans stood there, processing whatever the hell just happened. It was bizarre.

 "fine. who gives a shit about a wEdding?" He shouted to no one before deciding to go to the penthouse and went straight to sleep on the floor of a spare closet.

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