Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


63. HallowTab Prt. 4: The Final Frontier

Last Halloween flavored chapter, I promise.

"now is this the life or what?" Sans asks while sipping his tangy tasting chemical. 

"Indeed it is! Did you see that part when Frisk threatened to kill Grillby? HILARIOUS!" Papyrus slurped the drink.

 "Oh come on, guys, I do stuff like that all the time. Like once at school I threatened the lunch lady with a razor blade and she gave me a free cupcake." Frisk tried hiding their flatteredness. 

They watched Metatton and Alphys chat with excited fans as the others waited in line to receive autographs and lovechildren with their husbando.

"Did I ever tell you about the eggs I lay?" Sans asked in a slurred voice. Papyrus was really concerened.

 "Sans, are you okay? You're acting odd. Your sentences are even capitalized!" 

 "shut it BIOTCH! HEhehehah." Sans started acting really stereotypically drunk by saying things only a 7 year old on LSD could dream up. Papyrus could feel his (nonexistent) mind began to feel extremely fuzzy and saw shit that'll surely shock your eyelids like pink rainbow ponies breathing fire all around him and spooky scary skeletons dancing wildly to Metatton's R n' B song. 

 "I CAN SEE THE RAINBOWS NOW!" Paps then collapsed on the ground. Sans' tried to react to the tragedy but could only laugh instead. 

 "TAKE ME TO THE WAFFLE HAVENS, OH GREAT PAPA!" Sans blurts while trying his hardest to look sad. He only stumbled around before collapsing soon afterwards. Frisk began to feel the effects of the drink just as a big explosion sounded nearby and they could see all the scared partygoers look in the direction of the blast in which a huge hole was now present.

 "Judhdjsk?" Frisk tried saying something but could suddenly feel their body become heavy and fell on top of the ground. They couldn't move as they saw some darkly dressed people start raiding the Dillard's with big artillery. Metatton got seized on stage and the mic dropped as thousands of people tried to flee. Frisk tried to see what else was going on, only for everything to go black as footsteps approached the fallen friends.

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