Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


62. HallowTab Prt. 3

This is probably the last chapter that has anything to do with Halloween.

Later that night, Sans was chilling by the punch bowl near the stage after preforming a variety (read: shitty) of party music that didn't even have anything to DO with Halloween. Oh well, as long as it pleased the masses it was good. Papyrus came over with a glass too.

"Today sure has been fun, Sans! What do you feel?" 

 "i feel like this chapter is anything but Halloween. needs more spooky." Sans sipped the dish-water tasting punch without much of a care in the world.

 "I know how to fix it!" Papyrus grins before getting in front of him and waving his hands in a spooky manner.


Sans wasn't amused. "meh." 

Papyrus then got all riled up like anime girls do. His expression softened when he noticed Flowey ( wearing a modernized take on clown costumes ) shyly approach him.

 "Why hello there, Papyrus." Flowey greeted. "I-I didn't expect to see y-you here.."

Paps was confused. "Neither did I expect to see you at these parts. How did you even get in without getting trampled?" 

All Flowey did was blush and look towards the ground.

 "just kiss already." Sans says drinking his 5th glass that night. 

Paps looks to Flowey. "Sure thing, Sans! Hey Flowey, wanna come dance with me?"

 ".......S-sure.." They both went away to the nonexistent dancefloor to groove it to Metatton singing cringey emo songs. Frisk ate some Halloween goodies from the nearby snack table and chatted with Asgore and Napstablook about shit no one cared about.

 Hours passed as Flowey and Papyrus got jiggy when dancin to they limits. Other activites to liven up the fun like a limbo game ( Sans was too lazy to bend low so he lost ), an applebobbing game ( Sans choked on an apple and required ER, so he was out ), and a dance contest among other things. Metatton also gave everyone some nice goodie bags filled with candy, His latest albums and merchandise, and some Dillard's coupons. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Sans was actually having some fun trying to be like his new role model.

 "omg, guys, do you see what these kids just did on musically? dey be vapin." Sans showed the cringey video to some women as a cheap attempt to hit on them. 

 "Ugh, gross." The women strutted away to a bar Sans didn't notice until now. Curiously, he shuffled over as Metatton began to sing piss poor rap music. Sans felt like this was a total luxury by the crystal look and feel of the bar. 

 "hey can i get some generic alcohol drink to up the story rating pls?" He tries to ask like a suave gent.

 "Not until you pay my tab, you aint." Sprite looks up to see the mysterious bartendie was Grillby, but then again you probably saw this epic twist coming.

 "pls, imma broke soul." He begs. "i'll be your best friend.."

Grillby kicks him the fuck out into the middle of the room as the same women from before point and laugh at the sight.

 ";-;" Sans stood up as Paperclip shoved him away.

 "SANS! You could have crushed Flowey, you dingus! Watch where you're going!" Paps then noticed his bro's saddened look. "Hey, Sans, what's wrong?"

 "i just wanted to live the high life." He sighs pointing over to the bar where the ladies were ogling over Grillby and even trying to reach first base with him while drinking quality alkie.

 "You want a drink?  That's easy! I'll be right back, Flowey." Papyrus skidgoogled over to the bar as Sans awkwardly stares at Flowey.

 "so..... you like jazz?" He asked while trying to do a conversation.

 "....." Sans began to shuffle dance to the music as he knew this was worthless talking to a flower.



 Papyrus tipped his Hannah Montana wig to the ladies as he came over to the bar.

 "What a nice firey man~" A woman with long black hair in a scientist costume remarks dreamily.

 "Now I can tell it's hot in here, with you in the room~" Another in a sexy schoolgirl outfit flirts.

 "One glass of Chardonnay please!" Pretzel orders. Grillby stopped looking at the promicious women to look at Paps. The women shot him all mean looks.

 "If this is just a ploy to get Sans a damn drink, he's not going to get any." GrilledChikin says in a  
serious way.

 "Please? I just want a glass." 

A third girl in a crappy female minion costume scoffs. "And since when did skeletons like YOU drink?"

 "and since when could fire handle liquid?" Everyone turns to see Sans looking slightly pissed off standing behind them.

 "SANS?!?" Paps could only express as Sans walked up the front to an enraged fiyah guy.

Grillby's flames roar up. "I told you, Sans. You. Don't. Get. A. Drink. Until. The. Tab. Is. Paid. Asshat."

Sans was quickly getting tired of this shit. "bruh i just want a goddamn beverage drink HOW HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND?!" 

Grillby tried coming up with a good comeback, but only sighed in irritation as his flames died down. "Just get the fuck out of my cafe. It's customers like you that ruin my business!"

Sans stood his ground. "nope."

Grillby got handed a phone from the equally angry minion chick as he began to dial the cops.

 "well if you're not getting me a drink, at least get me some ketchup or i'll sue." 

 "Please, Sans, you have no money to even have a winning case." The police never answered even after a silent ten minutes ( No, Metatton singing The Final Countdown in the background doesn't count ) and the phone burned in his hands. The girl didn't care though since she was highly infatuated at the moment. Frisk suddenly came up and slammed their hands on the bar top.

 "Give my dad a drink or I'll slit your throat, gramps." Frisk aimed a cheap ninja sword at him which in reality could only cut through rice paper. Sans stood in awe as Grillby stood back up and got to concocting a drink. 

 "Oh, good thinking, Frisk!" Papyrus kisses Frisk on the head as they stood proudly.

 "And you know what, I might as well make some for everyone just in case any of you fuckers get any ideas to come back." Sans, Frisk, and Papyrus shot each other victorious looks as a tray filed with clear liquid in fancy glasses was shoved over to them.

 "Enjoy." Grillby says coldly.

  "oh you bet your ass we will. i shall savor each and every drop." Sans sneered. "now let's go savor this shit on that couch over there." 

"That's the spirit, Sans!" Papyrus smiles and they both walk to the couch by a Metatton cardboard cutout. Frisk looked over to Grillby to find him and the women leaning over the flat surface whispering something to each other and looking towards the skelebros. It seemed suspicious, but Frisk decided not to question their motives.

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