Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


41. GhettoTabber


Ghetto tabber, Mc tabber...

Sans had one minute left in his Dillards shift so he was extremely fucking happy about that.

"yay." Sans rejoiced because even the cheap ass radios played an uplifting song and he jumped onto a bed display and began to boogie.


Sans got overly pissed. And where did they even get the piping hot tea from anyway?

"YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!" Papyrus growled as he held his stupid toy close to his ribcage.

"screw u fam." Sand began to boogie even harder when the bass dropped and twerked in front of Paps and Mr.Squeakers to show them how much he shits he didn't give, including the semicolon. All the dancing on the mattress made the tea spill everywhere and expensive china broke too. Popcorn scowled at his brother's righteous attitude and jumped off the mattress that was 9 meters off the ground.

"Come on, Mr. Squeakers, let's go have some REAL fun in our treehouse." Papyrus crawled in his "treehouse" which consisted of a tent a customer had left behind from the fiasco of earlier. Sans frowned since he was only having fun, but then another cool song came on and Sans danced of the highest intensity. He raved so hard that soon Sans found himself on the floor paining.

"ouchie." Asgore came over happily.

"Hey, Sans, me and Napstablook plan on going to Raising Cane's after this, do you want to come?" He asks as Sans stands up.

"sure, as long as i get to crack open a cold one with the boys." Napstablook then floated over.

"hey guys..... having fun over here?" Asgore looked concerned with how much depressing was in Napsta's voice.

"Well, did you forget we were going to eat out tonight?"

"At Cane's right?"


This thrilling conversation was interrupted with Metatton wheeling over.

"Did you guys forget you had the whole store to clean up?" MTT pointed out. "No employee has time for a social life when you're working for the most fabulous celeb in all of the city, Yours Truly!"

Asgore pretended to remember. "Ooooooohhhhh yeaaaaah, of course we're going to clean the store, am I right guys?"

Napstablook only tried selling the lie by increasing the depression by twofold.

"yeah of course." Sans got out a microscopic broom and dustpan and brushed a kawaii dust bunny that so fucking kawaii it made Sans shed a manly tear. He hid it well though.

"see?" The dust bunny poofed into nothingness as MTT didn't see this as sarcasm on every freaking sitcom that tried pulling the same thing.

"0-0" Sans looked at the dust bunny remains and imagined the life the two were going to have together. The montage included entering DB into many a beauty pageant and seeing his bleoved offspring graduating college-

"THESE WOUNDS THEY WILL NOT HEEEAAAALLL~" Sans got back into reality once Napstablook blasted his IPod at high volume in his ears. If Sans had any that is.

"Snoop, the boss is gone. We can escape!" Napstablook motions over to an open window.

"oh cool." Sasn didn't get the gist until Asgore threw him out the window.

Sans landed with such force that Metatton's over priced vehicle now had a permanent dent made into it. Our bros didn't give a damn though.

Asgore quickly got into the driver's seat and began turning on the engine. From a window, Mettaton could see something suspicious about to happen and started decending floors.

"OFMHGBGLGB HIT THE GAS PEDAL!" Napstablook shouts in an anxiety induced fit.

Everybody got whiplash as Asgore speeds down the highway at 7989 MPH away from Dillards and Metatton. A few minutes later, the euphoric high died down as everyone chillaxed to Johnny Cash that happened to be on at that moment.

"next stop- raising canes!" Sans announced to the readers. Asgore looked in one of the car mirrors above him.

"Who are you talking to, Sans?"

"my self esteem and long forgotten dreams."

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