Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


56. Frisk's Tabret

What could it be?

"Now, for our last event of Parent's Day fun.... The 50 Kilometer Run! Whoever wins this event will be the winner and will receive the 5$ card for Cracker Barrel. This one is kid exclusive, so the parents will just have to stand on the sidelines and cheer on their kid." Mrs. Beich explained.

 Frisk still looked pretty sad so Sans approached them like a cool cucumber.

 "look, frisk, i'm sorry i intruded on your privacy. can we still be friends?" Sans asks worriedly unlike cucumbers do.

 "I-It's okay.." Frisk sniffed and went over to the starting line.

 "i'll be cheering for you." Sans got on a team shirt and put on a foam finger. "woo."
He was ignored like fucking always as Courtney put on top of the line shoes that would enable her to be the best runner of the bunch.

 "You can do it, Courtney!" Her mom cheered really loudly. Courtney's dad was emotionally sobbing at this wonderful event.

 "On your marks.... get set..... GOOOOOOO!" All the kids took off running really fast. At the lead was Courtney and Frisk was the second fastest. The terrain made some kids trip and lose their chance of winning, but Frisk and Courtney stayed at the same speeds.

 "go for the gold, frisk!" Sans tried to cheer.

 "GO COURTNEY GO!" Courtney's followers began to worship their queen as Sans was drowned out.

 Frisk slowly accelerated to faster speeds until they were neck and neck with Courtney. It was such a tense happening that Mrs. Beich pulled out binoculars and observed the running closely. Pretty soon, the finish line was in sight for both of the kids. Courtsworth began to tire out as Frisk pushed harder than ever, even somehow gaining the lead!

 "You're not going to win this one, Frisk!" Courtney yells to them before  grabbing Frisk's foot, sending them both to the ground centimeters from the finish line. Everybody was in shock as it seemed the race ended in a tie. Courtney had toppled onto Frisk but was too tired to crawl over the line. It was solved who the winner was, however, when Frisk stretched their hand out and touched the finish line.

 Instead of cheering, all the kids were silent since they were all on Courtney's side and wasn't expecting this at all. It came as a major shock.

 "So, where's my prize?" Frisk went over to Mrs. Beich after gaining stamina due to story magic. 

She hesitated but sighed as the Cracker Barrel gift card was handed to a satisfied Frisk. It was all quiet chatter as Sans and Frisk regrouped. Courtney stood up in a fit of fury.

 "FRISK DOESN'T DESERVE TO WIN! I DO! I'M THE QUEEN OF PARENTS DAY!" Courtney yells as lots of people rejoiced.

 "pfft whatever, brat." Sans put his arm around a victorious Frisk. "now let's go and have a feast at pizza castle. i'm putting it all on my already shitty tab."

 They had almost left the yard when Courtney huffed really loudly.


Frisk turned around in shock at their secret being revealed. Courtney seemed delighted to see her enemy's reputation ruined. 

 "Hey, Frisk, remember when you brought in a rock for a parental substitute last year? Oh, how about the time when you bribed the school janitor to be a parent? Pathetic." 

Everybody was now roaring with laughter at their embarrassed classmate and even Mrs. Duche and Mrs. Beich joined in with really loud laughter. Sans was only shocked to find out his friend was actually an orphan the whole time.

 "frisk..." Frisk only quickly turned away and ran out of the school yard as Sans hurried after them.

 "frisk, wait!"

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