Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


81. FortTab

Hit me with that default tab dance, son.

They were all walking to the in story mission checkpoint as its portrayed as the most exciting event since the time Sans breathed. Flowey was being Flowey, Frisk was pretending to not be associated with the small gang, and Sans was pumped up.

 "yippee." He exclaimed happily.

 "Shut up dad." Frisk rolled their eyes like a Wannabe edgelord.

 "fuck you kiddo :)" 

Well that exchange happened, and the rest of the ten minutes was spent walking and admiring the city scenery. They finally made it to where the pageant was taking place at, and went in. (Actually I don't know where the shit Toddlers and Tiaras is filmed so pretend the building is here yeah)

Sans and Frisk stood behind the huge crowd of people who were in line to make sure their little Sally would be crowned champion in the extreme sport that is beauty pageantry. 

 "Woah :0" Flowey peeped out of Sans' shirt pocket at the big line in shock.

 "woah indeed. well, at least one of us brought entertainment." Sans took off his backpack and got out Papyrus' DS and began playing. He didn't want to burn brain calories on Professor Layton so instead Sans played a "horror" game about sociopathic main characters tormenting their strict teacher until they drive her to suicide, which was portrayed as a heroic deed. The game was also filled to the brim with top of the line 3d graphics, poorly translated dialogue, and other sins games usually have.

 "Why did you steal your brother's DS?" Frisk wondered. Sans managed to drug the teacher in game before turning to Frisk.

"because why the hell not?" Sans resumed playing. Frisk dug into Snas' backpack to see what else could be in it to possibly entertain them. After digging through tube socks, decade old goldfish crackers, and small bottles of diet water was Sans' weeby fact book on animation. It wasn't the best way to wait out the wait, but it was something.

Moments later the line moved inch by inch up until the gang was second in line behind a family obsessed with winning the beauty pageants. They were so obsessed that their constantly competiting daughters looked dead inside while they were registered.

"holy shit yeah ill finally b able to kill mrs. tyrannia in revenge for her giving kids extra homework!" Sans grinned and Frisk looked up and from a section on how The Annoying Orange revolutionized the world to watch Sness play.

"Next." A woman near them was saying. Flowey and Frisk paid no attention as they looked intently into the DS screen.

 "Next?" Sans was mashing buttons to violently club Mrs. Tyrannia with a bat.

"Next!!" The voice was shouting so loud that Sans, Frisk, and Flowey jumped out of their souls when they heard it. They looked up to see the registration lady sitting there irritated at her job being dragged out longer than it usually was. 

 "oh yeah i forgot we were waiting." Sans put away the DS for now and faced the woman.

"Whos going to be competing in the pageant?" She sighed while putting the pen near the registration form.

 "me and this flower thing." Sans forcefully grabbed Flowey in his fist and showed him to the chica.

"Sorry, sir, only young girls can participate." 

 "excus u bich im only -1 years old and its my gender neutral dream to be a beauty queen." Sans said. "o yeah and also so does this plant im holding."

 "I HAVE A NAME!" Flowey yelled at Sans while writhing in his hand angrily. Snas threw that motherfucker back in his hoodie pocket. The woman shook off the wtfness of these "kids" and looked at Frisk.

 "Are you the... father of these children?" She asks them. Frisk was about to correct their gender when Sans turned around to give Frisk a puppy dog look and so did Flowey. They sighed hopelessly and stepped up to the registration table.

 "Yeah." She handed them a packet of forms to sign and pointed over to behind her where parents were filling out papers at tables.

 "Go fill out that packet over there and return it to me so that I can complete your pageant entries."

Frisk frowned as they walked with Sans over to an empty table that wouldn't look out of place in a school library. They sat down and Sans put on a Nickelodeon baseball cap out of his backpack to complete his newly gained youthfulness.

 Frisk grabbed a pen from the middle of the table and began marking bullshit answers to fit in their temporary "father" role. Sans played some more Spooky Schoolmaster 3D on the DS and Flowey crawled out of Sans' pocket and jumped on the table to watch Frisk fill out paperwork.
 "...What is a social security number, Sans?" Fist questions a distracted Snas.

 "just put down some random shit idk." Frisk did and went on to the next questions. 

 "What's your tax income?" 

Sans continues to game. "its 0. papyrus won't get a job and im too cool for any workforce." 

Frisk shot a look at Sans before filling in what he told them. Flowey watched a kid resembling Caillou getting grounded by his dad that spoke entirely in text to speech at a table near them as Frisk flipped to the last page. Waiting was sure boring and it was only going to take longer since Frisk had no idea how to fill a registration form.

 "Hey guys, what is-"

Flowey snatched the pen from Frisk out of impatience.

"GIVE ME THAT PEN, I'LL HELP! >:£" Flowey began to scribble all over the paper.

 "Give it back, I need to fill this out or you and Sans won't be able to compete!" Frisk yelled but made no attempt to fish back the pen. Instead they hopelessly watched as Flowey was drawing something. When Flowey was done, he took a step off the packet to stand besides it.

 "Well, what do you think?" He smiled shyly as Frisk looked closely at the drawing. On the life insurance form was a poorly drawn Flowey and Papyrus in the center holding hands as stick figures cheered around them. Hearts and smiley faces littered every other available space.

Frisk didn't really say anything about it but Sans took one glance at the drawing before saying, "gay."

  Flowey growled furiously and leapt at Sans to start beating him up while Sans was screaming in agony. 

 "haaaaaalp meeeeeeee." Sans cried out to Frisk who only went to submit the packet. The girlie took the shit and leafed through the pages, only to linger on Flowey's drawing.

 "That's....uh...interesting." She comments awkwardly before setting the packet on top of the other parent's. "Alright, now go to the backstage where you'll be helped with your pageant act and with costumes. Any other questions you might have will be answered by our staff."

 "Okay thanks." Frisk strolled back to the table to see Flowey entangling a spooked Sans upside down in vines. Frisk ahemed and Flowey noticed them and blushed as he let Sans drop on the floor and made the vines vanish.

 "thank fucking god you're here, kiddoodle. so did we make it in?" Sans asked as he distanced himself from Flowey (With Flowey giving Sans an angry af look).

 "Of course we did. The unnamed helper lady said we have to go backstage with the other contestants." Sans forced Flowey off the table and into his hoodie pocket again after hearing Frisk telling them that. 

 "oh sweet." Sans began to lead the way with Frisk following him a few inches behind, "i bet competing in the pageant will help build my character 2."

"You don't really have any character, Sness." Frisk simply stated.

"well that sucks."

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