Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


66. Fantasy DreamTab

 ( Insert really sweet Bubblegum Dance song )

Flowey uprooted at the park while thinking of his number bae senpai, The Great Professor Papyrus. He daydreamed about Papyrus riding in on a white noble steed in a Indiana Jones costume that showed off his muscular rib cage to rescue the damsel that was him. Flowey had left before the Halloween party had gotten wild and totes outrageous, or as kids nowadays would call it, "cray-cray". So the last he'd seen his OTL was trying to keep Sans from stepping on him.

 "<3~" Flowey blushed at fantasies that would make great for shitfic as he suddenly noticed an anxious Alphys walking into the park with Undyne. Both were talking about something serious from the looks of it. Maybe it was about the controversial ending to some overrated anime Flowey didn't care about. Then Flowey kept daydreaming.

 "Oh maybe Flowey knows something." He got snapped out his Wild West Fantasy as Alphys and Undyne started walking over to Flowey.

 "What do you guys want? Can't you see I'm busy?" 

 "Busy doing nothing?" Alphys asks.


Undyne sighed. "Look, Flowey, I was just wondering if you'd seen Papyrus by any chance. We were supposed to go bowling today, but I couldn't find him anywhere."

 "I haven't even seen Metatton since I left for a coffee break only to come back to find Dillard's is hit with lots of damage and investigated by police." Alphys added.

 "Well, how do you expect me to know? I'm just a flower?" Flowey shrugs somehow.

 ":l" Undyne and Alphys said before taking notice of someone walking up to the scene.

 "Yo! I think I know something about it!" They all paused their epically deep conversation to notice Monster Kid walking up to them.

 "Monster Kid? You know something about the whole Dillard's situation?" Undyne wondered.

 "Of course I do, Yo! I was showing off my moves onto the dancefloor when suddenly I overheard Papyrus and Sans yelling about rainbow ponies and waffles before collapsing onto the ground. After that, a huge crash sounded and some scary looking people began to kidnap Metatton on stage. It was all so frightening, yo!" MK explains in chilling detail.

 "Yeah, but what about Papyrus tho?" Undyne questioned.

 "Oh yeah, he along with Sans and Frisk got taken by the same scary lookin' people. That's all I knew before running out of the party."
Both Alphys and Undyne were taking this story in as all Flowey got from it was: Bae is captured. That alone was enough to warrant Flowey to suddenly sprout on some face paint. 

 "WE MUST GO AND SAVE THEM!" He ordered fiercely. 

 "But we don't even know where they were taken!" Alphys pointed out.

 "Well, yo, Idk if this will solve your current life problem, but Fox News is talking about it just now." MK motioned over to a TV set playing outside a bar as lots of people were actually paying attention to it for once. The group walks over.

 "This just in, the highly popular celebrity named Metatton has been captured by a group of liberals in possible attempts to start another political wave. It has been rumoured they may be docked at T.A.B. Incorporated but I'm too lazy to check if the location is accurate so yeah, that's the news."

It goes to the shitty ads as Alphys types it into her Android phone.

 "Oh cool, it has three stars on Yelp!" She comments happily and then takes a screenshot of the address. "Alright the address is recorded. Now let's go rescue our friends!"

MK realized. "I could go help, yo, but dinner is actually in a few minutes so I guess I'll just have to stay here."

Undyne shrugs. "Eh, you gave us all the help you could give."

 ":D" MK left as they all hopped into the vehicle mobile that spawned right besides them. Even if it was illogical for Flowey to ride in stylishly anyways.

 "Next stop: Rescue Mission!" The car's anime mascot cheered as Alphys punched in the address. Within seconds, the destination was mapped out for them all. It even estimated for the trip to last 38 Hours, 90 Minutes, and 69 seconds.

 "O-0." Undyne expressed. "Guess there will be no resting on this mission." 

"Yep." Flowey replies before going back into daydream mode.

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