Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


45. Everybody Get Tab

Everybody Get Tab,

Clap your tabs and move your tab,



Sans woke up the next morning wrapped in the newspapers he had used for a bed substitution. It was okay though, since Sans slept like a rock. Speaking of rocks....
 "i could really be spending time with suzy right now. i wonder what that girl's up to?"


Party rock anthem and other hip teen music played as Suzy danced to the music with all her other rock friends. Well, they weren't REALLY dancing, but were just moving up and down. The house was a complete mess with the rocks damaging most of the furniture including the couch.
 "W00t!" The rocks rejoiced while bustin' da moves.

":l" Sans stood up and walked into the kitchen where everybody else was and sat down at the table to enjoy a nice bowl of Frankenberry, which wasn't fall exclusive anymore since Metatton paid General Mills to send him 20 shipments each of the monster cereals a month.
"yum." Everyone rejoiced with their breakfast items of choice while Papyrus attempted to feed Mr. Squeakers some Cheerios. It went as well as you'd expect. Metatton strolled into the room wearing expensive cred like always.
 "Eyyyyy, Papyrus, I heard you were getting married. Is it true?" He laid a robotic hand on Pap's shoulder in happiness.
 "YESSIRIE! Me and Mr. Squeakers have tied the knot!" Alphys and Sans exchanged looks of disgust and confusion at the hearing of this.
Metatton patted Papyrus and Mr. Squeakers' backs before skipping out the door to his cool car.
 "Let's go, Mr. Squeakers! We have an entire wedding to plan :D!" Paps skipped out to the elevator as well. Alphys got up from the table.
 "I guess its time to go to work. Are you coming, Sans?"
 "yea of course." Then they left too. Wasn't this such engrossing action?

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