Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


71. Dream Tab

It's like a dream, but with tabs


Sans woke up in a pitch black room where upon further investigation, it was confirmed he was tied up in ropes again.

"and these must be the dollar general kind because its fukkin cheap, m8."

Nobody answered him mostly because he was already a loser but heard excited chatting outside the small room.

 "I can't WAIT to have such a lovely feast tonight." One said.

 "It's a good thing I saved that Szechuan sauce from 45.9 billion years ago." Another said.

Sans felt depressed because he wasn't invited to this feast. "dammit."

Then, the door opened to Grillby in a comedic chef costume.

 "where be my m8s, m8?" Sans interrogated in a hip, cool way. Grillby only picked him up.

 "Shut up, m8." Sans was placed on a big plate and it was only then when he realized something.

 "smells like chikin." He said before looking down and noticing the shocking reveal; SANS WAS THE CHIKIN!

 "mein gott!" He exclaimed except not actually. Instead, Sans tried tilting his head down to eat his new chicken body but lacked the stamina to do it. "wait how did this even happen?"

Before questions of the universe were answered, Sans was shoved into the oven but since he was a shitty meme, he didn't die so he fine ok guys. After the tasty sauna, Sans was covered in food sauce and placed on a counter. He looks over and sees everyone from the town that chased them before, having fun being good ol' buddies while sharing a common interest in despising Sans.

 "wish i could join em'." ChickSans comments just as Grillby comes back over to him.

 "Of course you will be joining them, Sans. Not as a guest, but as a course." Grillby then laughed evilly as all the seated citizens looks at Sans with starvation and deviousness.

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