Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


42. Ctrl Alt Tab


Once at the restaurant, Asgore, Sans, and Napstablook sat at a table eating chicken wings and watching top of the line animations like Allen Gregory and talking about life.
 "this show is just so amazing." Sans approves. "oh btw, why do you guys even work for metatton anyway? he underpays us so underpayingly i wouldn't be surprised if he started paying us with his own shit."
Asgore eats the chikin and shrugs. "I guess because I'm bored. Other than that I don't really know."
 "Same here..." Napstablook agreed as everyone else ate away at their feelings. 
 ":l" Sans tried thinking of more conversation topics when suddenly Metatton crashed in through  
the window next to Sans' table.
 "THERE WILL BE NO LOLLYGAGGING IN MY LOBBY!" He memed as none of the other customers gave a shit.
 "B^U" All the people in Sans' party replied to him. Metatton frowned.
 "Will you honestly quit doing that annoying emoticon joke? It's so overused at this point."
It was a silent moment as Sans, Asgore, and Napstablook tried thinking up a witty response.
 "XD"":L"B^U"":O""XD"":)"":("";_;""X_x"":3""no." Sans emoticonned in some fucking way as it confused Metatton so long that Asgore and his bros took their sweet time to order diet cokes, 5 chicken baskets, a number six with extra dip, and calmly walked down the street while Metatton's system was trying to figure out how to respond to the emotion overload.
Then he recovered after a bit, but forgot his motivations, so he just decided to eat at Cane's.
 "Get me a diet water."

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