Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


49. Chuck E. Tab's

Where a Tab can be a tab!

"nourish me, poppa." Sans comments as he sinks into the ballpit of a Chuck E. Cheese's. All that pizza and half-assed salad gave him temporary bliss and made him question all the meaningful, deep things in life.

 "what is air?" Sans loudly mused. "what is the meaning of living? What if we wake up the next morning only to find it all wasted? What if hamsters could-" Suddenly, a catalysm of toddlers stomped in and began messing up the once perfectly arranged ball pit. Sans left, feeling that no philosophers nearby cared about his cool world views. With that in mind, he continued playing 2 hours worth of DDR and only getting high scores because the machine felt sorry for him. 

 "alright." Sans looked at his 7000 tickets he had won and decided to redeem them in hopes of getting cool cred. Maybe it could make Papyrus jealous.

 "Oh hey, lil dude, get your tickets up here." Sans tossed the tickets onto the counter without further questions. Sans noticed a cool new Murder For Kids play set and pointed at it.

 "Sure thing, kiddo." Sans smirked looking at the gorey images on the cover.

 "next I'll take that self esteem for dumbfucks vol.1." Snickerdoodle smiled at how much he related with this book on a personal level.

 "next-" the wall caved in as in came Undyne and friends driving a stolen convertible. Frisk was wearing the most gangsta of clothing and was ignoring dem while listening to Straight Outta Compton on repeat and in their lap was a pimped out nerf gun. Alphys only gazed at her waifu senpai lovingly. 

 "Get the fuck in, boi." Undyne tells him.

 "oh cool but why?" Sans strapped in his seatbelt.

"...We got us a wedding to crash." She tells him as epic as possible.

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