Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


73. Boulevard of Broken Tabs

I have a giant tab,
The only tab that I have never paid,
Don't know what to say
Maybe I should pay, but I'm edgy


Just then.... something cool happens!

"It was not Papyrus because that's not even logical, m8." A voice narrates within the narration. The voice revealed to belong to that of..... CARL!

"omfg." Sadam Sansler gasped and so did Frisk but in a less stupid way. Carl started engaging in some action with Grillby by fighting fire with.... uh, Carl. The other members of the Tab Paying Rebellion began dismantling both the machine and the crowd of people that had nothing better to do but to celebrate a Holiday even worse than National No SpongeBob Day ( 10/10 edgy anime joke ).

"oh yeah i forgot i had powers." Snas CelebJoke plotholed as he used his powers to build a ribcage (geddit because bones) around the fuker who started it all. Grillby attempted to burn the cage down, but the story gods kept it in place no matter what. Frisk, Carl, and Sans began to hi-five each other in victory.

"I can't believe you came back to rescue us, but why?" Frisk asked.

"Well, kid, it just felt like the right thing to do." Carl grins heroically. The other members of the Tab Rebellion disassemble because they weren't important to the story anymore for now. Sans then remembered his character purpose and approached Grillby intimidatingly.

"where be my m8s, m8?" He asks, about to pull another 'Blaster on 'em.

"How am I supposed to know? After all, I'm just some Douchebag that likes to screw with you guys." Grillby smirks althoughyouprobcouldn'tseeit. Frisk remembered how he threatened Grillz the other night to get them drinks and pulled out a super cool chainsaw with Simple Plan on the front.

"Tell me where my friends are, otherwise I'LL DO UNTO YOU PHYSICAL HArM!" Flesh ordered.

"nOpe." And with that, Grillby vanished in a cloud of flame to make the scene hit harder.

"y." Sans asked the sky hoping for an answer. "y...."

":(" Frisk began to mourn tearlessly as Carl tried to comfort them.

"At least Anti-Sans Day is over...." He said optimistically.

"is that all you cared about? i lost meh bestest bests in the world.... and all you care about is that a stupid event that was sloppily handled in the story IS OVER? why even." Sans rambled.

"...." Carl felt guilt just as a certain flower pops out of the ground with an ski mask and plenty of C-4s.

"HAND OVER PAPYRUS OR ELSE- oh. I guess I made it too late, huh?" Flowey shyly put down the bombs besides him 😳.

"yeah p much. we were just wangsting about it." Sans tells his less important homie.

"Do you know where they took my lo- I mean, Papyrus?" Flowey asked trying to hide affection but it was too damn obvious.

"nah. i'm still trying to search for undyne and fam." Sans replied.

"So what now, you guys?" Frisk wondered. Carl shrugs.

"Well, my character's purpose is already done for now so I'll just let you suffer I'll take my leave." He runs off somewhere as the other three memes stand on the empty stage.

"..." An embarrassed Flowey ducks back underground. Sans got an idea. "come along kiddo."

"To where, dad?" Frisk and Sns started walking.

"to where dreams go to die."

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