Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


39. Boogie Woogie Tab






( Dances Tabbingly )



Sans pretended nothing happened earlier as he sat in Metatton's expensive living room. He was stuck watching reruns of Breaking Bad with a Grape soda in his hands and that one "end my suffering plz" look lots of people can relate to. He wished his pet rock Suzy actually was here to comfort him.

"i hope she hasn't ate the couch stuffing again.." Snes thought to himself thinking of the last time he had left Suzy in charge of defending the base. She had invited all her rock friends to a party and the place was a wreck when Sans and Papyrus had returned. To make matters worse, they had all partied down to outdated meme music.

Speaking of which, Papyrus was currently playing a ukulele offkey to impress Mr. Squeakers, Sans current love rival. 

"Mr. Squeakeeeeers is the best bro in the woooooooorrrrrllllldd.." Papyrus sang like Spongebob did in one episode. He strummed the ukulele wildly. Sans looks away in jealousy and thought of funny things like over working at Dillards tomorrow.

"When did you ever own a ukulele?" Alphys asks a relaxing Metatton, who was laying on a neon pink chase watching Breaking Bad.

"I don't recall. Maybe it's a plot hole or something?" Alphys shrugs off the feeling of plot questioning and kept on eating popcorn.

After a shitty serenade, Paps and his bestie watched BB too and were having a conversation so infuriating to Sans that he pondered about whether or not he should gaster blast or impale Mr. Squeakers against the penthouse walls.

"screw this." Sans was about to walk out of the room, when suddenly a news report came on.

"We interrupt your bleak, meaningless lives to give you breaking news!" Sans sat his ass back on the carpet.

"I wonder what's going on now?" Papyrus wondered.

The television shows stock photos of The Gobbledy Gooker as the reporter continued.

"The Gooker has struck again, it "looks like"." He says sarcastically. "Recently, the masked dudesir robbed a McDonalds and set fire to a clock tower downtown.  He also crucified a minister to the wall, murdered many onlookers, protested against WWE, complained about the latest Pepsi commercial, and kidnapped my daughter too. Some individuals noted that he also pushed a kid off a swing "just for the lols" but no real proof has surfaced."

"If anyone can put a stop to this heinous bastard, then Cityopolis can finally have some needed rest." It then went back to the show.

":o." Everybody said.

"But I have to manage Dillards!" Metatton excuses.

"Mhm." Alphys looked to him suspiciously.

"woah." Sans was shocked about all the crimes The Gooker managed to do in an entire day. Alphys notices his expression.

"Have you actually had a run in with him or something?"

"yeah. me, papyrus, undyne, and frisk tried kicking his ass but he ultimately fled in the end." Sans explained. She only got even more interested.

"Undyne was there?"

"yes?" Alphys turns back around with a smile on her face.

Sans looks at the wall, wondering if it felt the same as he.


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