Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


53. Back To Tab

( Grabs overstuffed bookbag and goes away for 8 hours )

After a long ass walk, Sans finally arrived to Frisk's school. It was one of the most stereotypical schools if you'd ever seen it. Almost like the staff took notes while watching the infamous Bratz movie on how to even run a school. The jocks bragged about their physique by the railing as the cheerleaders nearby thought this was the biggest turn on for them. The nerds sat on benches playing a port of World of Warcraft on their PSPs while making plans to LARP later. The weeaboos acted all kawaii desu and followed the foreign exchange students around with interest while the preps demeaned over kids and getting away with it. And the other cliches followed their cliches.

 "what a nice school." Sans comments in an amused way. Frisk rolls their eyes as they both 
walk into the hallway where many a freshman were by the lockers doing the most cringeworthy flirting known to man ( I can speak from experience ). Sans even cringed as he kept following Frisk to their classroom. The richest girl in school noticed Frisk and sashayed over.

 "Oh wow, Frisk! It was so nice to bring your parent to school!" She says sarcastically. "And he's just as much of a freak as you. I can see it runs in your family."

The girl overly gestures so much that Sans thought her very being was going to explode.

 "You just wait and see, Courtney, Sans is a better dad than yours. You'll see!" Frisk yells. 

 "yeah now piss off." Sans blasted Courtney into a nearby wall and all the kids crowded around their fallen queen while Frisk and Sans were unfazed.

 "Let's just get to class." Frisk says sourly.

 "ok sonny."

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