Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


65. As Tab As It Gets

 Sans asked the question everyone is thinking...

"i swear how did this story get so dark and depressing over the span of a few chapters?" Sandals ranted. "it used to be about me doing random shit to make some moolah and now it's just-

 "SHH!" Frisk slapped Sans in the face to make him quiet and they stopped by a corner where two uniformed humans walked by unaware of their existence. A sign to another room nearby read TAB ROOM.

 ":0" Sans could only say before being yanked that-a way. Frisk and Snan went incognito as some of the worst workers of the shitty organization weren't recognizing some casual escapees.


They both entered the Tab Room and gasped at the sight of many sickened and brutally harmed monsters and humans in cage-like facilities. Some were even near death-like states.

The cages had various names along with identification numbers for probably seemin' legit for this scene. In the middle of the room was a white oval table with many papers scattered on it. To the far side was a control panel, for you couldn't have a good angst environment without a high tech computer among other equipment Sans deemed useless.

 "oh my god...." Sans remarked unlike that of a snobby teenage girl. The less harmed organisms took notice of them and stared wide eyed.

 "...What is this place?" Frisk wondered as they began walking down the stairs.

 "and is this even real?"

An elderly man with bruises and scars with ragged clothes looked at them. His cage name plate read Carl along with the number 323.

"Leave... it's not safe here.."

Sans was curious. "why? if this room has a bubblegum dispenser, it can't be that bad."

He got some bubblegum from a cheap ass rusted bubblegum machine and began chewing the stale gum. Sans spat it out on the ground immediately.

 "Many have lost their lives in this facility. And you may as well be considered dead if you don't get out of here..." Carl said.

 "But why are you here? Why is this room called a Tab-"

The door opened, causing Sans and Frisk to jump underneath a cabinet/table beneath the stairs complete with a sound effect stolen from Hanna-Barbera. All was quiet as the only thing heard besides a few of the caged prisoner's crying was the sound of feet descending the metal stairs. Sans and Frisk were shocked to find out who it was descending the stairs.

 "...grillby?" Sans was spooped. Why would such a guy stoop to such levels?

Grillby took a swift look at all the frightened prisoners before heading over to the giant ass computer. They could both see him typing something into it before grabbing a whip-like object and going to the center of the room.

 "...." Frisk and Sans lean in.

 "You all wouldn't be here if you actually paid your tabs off. But in due time, you will suffer for the sheer incompetence of such." Grillz said without much emotion. "Don't be hoping for a release any time soon, as there'll only be more joining all of you."

He then gestures over to two new cages that F n S didn't notice before ( like all protagonists ever ) with name plates reading Sans and Frisk.

Frisk got super scared and scooted closer to Sans for comfort, which he gladly returned.

 "We'll all escape some day, you prick." A girl prisoner that looked cleaner than most of them butted in. Grillby turned to look menacingly at her.

 "I wouldn't be saying that if I were you." He threatens while tightening his whip.

 "Oh yeah? Try me." Some prisoners gasped as Grillby edged closer to the cage of the teen girl, ready to enact some edgy violence, when suddenly the doors opened again.

 "BOSS! Two of the new monsters in Lab Room B have escaped!" A worker reported. Grillby moves away from the courageous prison chick to face his employees.

 "Well, what are you doing standing around? GO FIND THEM!" He orders.

 "S-sure thing, sir!" The worker left as Grillby put down the whip and eyed the captives before leaving the room too. Sans and Frisk crawled out, extremely terrified.

 "what kind of angsty quotev story are we in right now?" Frisk slapped Sans again.

 "Sans, get a hold of yourself! We're stuck in here to die now all because you never paid your tab! We don't even know where Papyrus and Metatton went!" Frisk began freaking out.

 "well, i think i remember hearing something about a "Holding Room A" or something like that. idk because these are shit room names." Sans said.

 "That's possibly the smartest thing you've said in this entire story. Come on, let's go find Holding Room A-"

Frisk was about to open the door when Carl faintly yells at them to stop.

 "Do you two want to get killed that easily? If you really do want to save your friend, it's better to go through these vents." Carl points to the left at an easily detachable vent door. It was a pretty decent size to fit both memes.

 "oh cool thx bro." Sans thanks while going over there.

 "If we can, me and Sans will try to come back and save all of you guys. I promise." Frisk promises. Carl psshed.

 "Eh, I was destined to rot in this cage anyway. You fellas better get going."

 "But I don't want to rot!" The same girl prisoner as before argued.

 "You guys honestly don't deserve this treatment." Frisk tells them before getting into the vent and shutting the door closed.

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