Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


68. Another Tab on My Mind

But it ain't you.



In a depressed state, Frisk laid motionlessly in their cage. What was honestly the point of fighting anymore when now they were likely going to die in this facility? At least Carl and Sans were getting along.

  "Did I ever tell you about the time when milk only costed a nickel? Those were such great times..." Carl reminisced about tales as old as bread and Sans stopped playing Linkin Park songs on harmonica for a second.

  "hella." He resumes playing harmonica off key and the prisoners got migraines from listening to the Numb rendition. 

 Just as the party was getting partied, Grillby casually shuffles in towards Sans.

  "why hello there, my man." Sans sarcastically says while playing a high pitched note on the harmonica. Groans were heard around the room.

  Without a word, Grillby took the harmonica away and burned it right there. Sans looked at the melted plastic and felt like he witnessed the death of his own child.

  "my childs." Sans felt a tear escape his hollow eye socket as Grillby walks away like a douchebag.

  "If you think you have any hopes of getting out of here alive, you're wrong." He demotivates them in a cliche manner.

  "How original." Frisk snarks. Grillby takes notice and anime walks over there. He held Frisk up by their collar. Grillby said something Sans couldn't say, but by Frisk's expression it must have been spooky. They then get interrupted by a small weed in the room.

  "smokeme420 GIVE ME BACK MY PAPYRUS!" The undank weed turned out to be Flowey. Grillby takes his sweet time strolling over there, trying to look as intimidating as possible. Undyne came down from somewhere and drop kicked him. 

  ":0" All the cage peeps react to the sight of not being promised their eternal torments and were being saved by some goofy looking demons who were probably gonna give THEM their torment instead.

  "demons?" Sans questions the narrator for a minute.

  "Yeah, you got a problem with dat, shortie?" I reply but not really.

  ":l." Sans turned back to find Undyne dodging all of Grillby's fire attacks. It looked really cool except that Sans couldn't get in on the action due to being caged and shit.

  "Here let me help you with that." Alphys plot deviced as she unlocks the cages with her weeb anime figurine. All the prisoners fled the facility the second they had the opportunity.

  "thx fam."

  "About time someone here rescued us." Frisk says. Alphys nods and went to go free the other prisoners in the distance. Grillby got thrown on the ground as Undyne prepared a spear attack.

  "Where are you holding Papyrus and Metatton?" She questions holding the nice, sharp spear.

  "And why are you doing this?" Frisk questions.

  "hey can i ask a question to?" Sans wondered. But he got ignored anyway, so Sans decided it was a no.

  "Because I'm sick and tired of people never paying their tabs. I'm only doing the world a favor." Grillby give them an unheavenly answer.

  "That doesn't give you an excuse to cage people!" Alphys says coming over to the action. "Couldn't you just ban them or something?"

  "yea like me." Sans called back.

  "I tried that, and they only kept coming back in attempts to thwart the tab system. They were all going to pay eventually." Grillby adjusts his glasses anime like. "And now that you know my character motivations, you are all going to die now."

  "OH NO WE AIN'T!" Undyne yells, sporting a sudden southern accent.

  "Are you sure about that?" And with that, Grillby disappears into a fire cloud. The main characters all thought that message over.

  "wtf was that?" Sans asked.

  "...:0" Flowey disappeared into the concrete.

  "Let's just get out of here." Undyne tell her homebois and they exit the unguarded facility.

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