Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


52. After The Tabbing


....... My tabbing begins!

After an evening filled with Wendy's and Frisk saying gangsta stereotypes, The next day soon came as Sans found himself working at Dillard's once again. He was desperately wanting to leave this hellhole.

 "dies." Sans collapsed onto a rug as Metatton wheels into the room with a newspaper in his hands.

 "Wtf is this, Sans?" 

 "wtf is what?" The newspaper is tossed at him and Sans sees him and his wacky friends on the front page. They were even the headliner!

 "o cool." Sans gets slapped.

 "No, Sans, I deserved that publicity! I need to promote my brand!" Metatton whines.

 "but you've been on the headlines for 20 years straight." Sans reasons.
Metatton got suspicious. "And how would YOU know? You haven't even been on the surface long enough to even know this, darling." 

Sans shrugs. "the voices told me."

 "What voices?" But it was too late as Sans rushed out of the store into an agitated Frisk.

 "oof. frisk what are you doing near dillards?" Sans asks.

 "I need you to act as my guardian." Frisk orders.

 "good thing i have this decade old costume with me." Sans pulled on an elven hat, cloak, tunic, boots, and bow. "i even still have level 30 exp."

 "No! Not that, you idiot! I need you to act as my parent for Parent's Day at school!" Frisk explains. "Plus, maybe you can kill all my classmates for me."

 "bruh, i haven't even earned my cent for the day." Sans' roleplay costume from his college days disintegrated as he frowns.

 "Don't worry, this isn't going to exactly BE filler," Frisk began rummaging through their pockets and pulled out some pocket change. "How about 25 bucks if you come?"

 "thats one hell of a dealio." Sans agrees. "I can't wait to see how much the times have changed." 

Metatton rolls out the door curiously. "And just where do you think YOU'Re going, Sans? Your shift is over."

 "i can feel myself dying on the inside. it really hurts." Sans tries reasoning complete with depressing grin. 

 "Ok, go ahead." Metatton wheels back inside after examining the bullshit factor of Sans' claim. Frisk and Sans share a high five before making way to Frisk's school.

 "I can't believe you fooled Metatton!" Frisk says excitedly. But then they thought of something.

 "Wait, was what you said true?" 


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