Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


67. A Sickening Tabveal

I keep forgetting to update this smh

Sans and Frisk crawled through the air chute thing as Frisk crawled ahead to look for Holding Room A.

  "ugh this is so boring." Sans graoned in boredom. At least that spelling error in the script amused his stressed mind a little. 

  "Oh, looks like we found the room." Frisk casually says.

  "huh." Sans expressed in minor surprise. He even looks at the audience. "that twas quick."

 The vent magically changed size to allow both Sans and Frisk to crawl to the front to see. Down below, Metatton was getting kicked and whipped around as something red was leaking from his body. It could have been the built-in ketchup condiments that Alphys installed for some reason though. Some sick fuck was behind an hd camera and was filming the entire thing.

  "I can't WAIT to make some real profit off of this one!" The cameraman exclaims taking way too much entertainment out of this. Metatton made a robotic cough as the handkerchief tied around his mouth was turning red too. The perpetrator let out a hearty laugh after giving Metatton a big kick to the stomach. 

  "Oh my...." Frisk gasped at the scene.

  "well, he's not a human so it wasn't that bad." Sans tried to comfort them, only for a shocking thing to happen! Another guy started dragging a scared looking skeleton onto the stage who was wearing a handkerchief too ( which was only a hanging white sheet )!

  "Mfmf!" Papyrus exclaimed like Kenny would have while trying to wrestle out of the guy's grasp. 

 He only got shoved onto the ground harshly.

 Sans gasped and leaned so close to the vent that he was practically kissing it. The three men all enjoyed both the monsters miseries while Sans began feeling extremely enraged.

  "grr." He began to gir. Without thinking, Sans gasterblasts the vent and made his presence known. The cameraman panicked and quickly ended the snuff film.

  "Quick, take the monsters and get out of here." He orders the startled workers. "NOW!"

  "oh no you dumb diddly doodlin' canoodling don't." Sans says jumping down and posed cooly with Frisk. 

  "Let our friends go!" Frisk tells them generic as all hell. 

  "Nope." The fiends left out of the window onto a newly arrived helicopter before flying off into the distance. Sans falls onto the ground while reaching outwards toward the window like it did anything.


 Frisk kicked the camera stand in anger. "Dammit! DAMMIT!"

 "we didn't even get to have a smash bros tournament battle." Sans looked downwards sadly. The door opens just then to an angered Grillby.

  "So that's where you both ran off to." He said bluntly as some employees seized our heroes who were too depressed to fight back. 

  "you wont.... uh... get away with this." Sans recited from the story's script written on an index card.

  "Of course I will. Take them away." Grillby ordered as the angst only got more poorly written.

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