The Runaway

I like hurting guys.. not physically of course, but mentally. I mean, I'm not the bad guy here.. they walked in my web at their own risk. I at least warned them, so you can give me credit for that. There's a bunch of movies that show what the guys do wrong, but do they even bother to show what the girls do?? No? Well that's what i'm here for. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.


2. Unknown Attraction

​I look back and see Brent. Looking down at me with those honey dipped eyes, "hey", he says with a smile. That smile isn't any ordinary smile, that's a smile that makes you think you're alone with only him in your space. "Hey", I stutter, I felt my heart slowly begin to pound and sink down to my stomach, the only thought swimming in my mind was for him to just save me from this night.

​"Who's this", I hear Sierra chime in. She fiddles with her straw and quirks a smile at Brent. She puts her hand out for him to shake.

​"Brent and you are?"
​"Sierra". I'm not a jealous female, especially when he's not mine for starters but for some reason, my breathing stopped and there was a feeling of vibration throughout out my body. It was adrenaline but not the good kind. I look up at Brent, " what are you doing here?". Bypassing my question, they continue with their conversation. What is happening right now? I should get up and walk out, I could be home right now but.. My legs aren't moving. I check my phone to see a voicemail with a text from Victor. 


You wanna get away for a minute?.. Meet me in the back.

LOL, you got it superman. 

I feel a grin spill on my lips as I gather my things. With no hesitation, I walk to the back as directed to an alleyway with only a dumpster in my sight. "Hello?", I call out, the only noise I received was the echoing traffic. Why would he text me to come out here if he wasn't going to be out here? ​I'm really good at this anger management mess because the old me would've been livid, I turn to the door and just my luck, it wouldn't open. This is nice, isn't it? I get dragged to a bar by my friend who is now talking to someone I thought was going to save me from a night that is ending with me in a dark alleyway locked out. Once again, I send props to the classes I took because I would've done some next shit. Taking a deep breath, I begin to count. 1.. my eyes close, my second breath my body begins to sway. By my fifth breath, my hips were firmly gripped and pressed against a body that wasn't recognizable to me. Keeping my eyes closed and my breaths controlled, I follow along with the movements. I feel a sensation when their fingertips were tracing the tattoo on my neck, I lost my count. I press myself against them, and immediately I knew who this was. I turn around smoothly with attempt to keep the rhythm, my arms drape around his neck and he sweeps me off my feet, literally. It feels like my first time, giddy is how I'm feeling. If you have had a first kiss, a first anything.. this was that exact feeling. I let my hands fall past his chest... the rest of the night becomes blurry.


The next morning, I wake up to a pounding headache and my alarm clock that's screaming 9am at me. My head feels like a million nails were placed there and were never taken out. With squinted eyes, I look around and notice i'm home but how? I'm not going to sit here and count my steps, that's way too much work and thinking hurts just as much as finding no food in the fridge. One leg at a time buddy, ​I thought as I forced my way to the kitchen. I got Nutella, bananas, cereal, some fruit... Bread, so I guess a Nutella and banana sandwich seems more easy and fast to make. Now, being 5'2 isn't necessarily paradise.. it may be cute but it is not paradise. I climb on my mount Everest of a counter and reach for what I thought was bread but was really my phone. 


​2 missed calls.

-You get home okay? Hit me when you can. ​Alright bet, i'll hit you right now.

Hey to you too. While waiting for the response I get a call from Sierra. Great.


"Hey Sierra"

​"Hey, did you sleep okay? How did you get home?". I don't know maybe I flew.

​" I don't remember, Uber maybe. Why?". As she rambles about my whereabouts, I attempt a glare at my messages. He responded. I'm trying to concentrate on reading the text but this high pitch murmur keeps ringing in my ears, come to find out I was still on the phone. "Mhm", I reply.

"Okay, so I'll see you at 10?"

​"W-What? I mean, yeah girl. 10 o 'clock. Where are we meeting again?"

​"Coffee shop, The one in SoHo near black tap". Aah gotcha, ​we hang up and I head straight to the text but the time gets in my way. I only have 15 mins to take a shower, get dressed and transport to soho. The temptation had my hands frozen, I just need two seconds to read and reply, I text fast. I look at the time once more, it's now time to get my ass in that shower and go. I'm able to reach the train in the nick of time, an Uber can take just as much time getting from where I live to the Big Cup café but, taking the train to SoHo is more entertaining and interesting. The smells carry so many stories and one look around the crowd of busy minds and souls, you'll get their full life. I don't know, call me crazy but I love New York subways especially the 2 train. Just when I reach my destination, I feel for my pockets. That busy crowd I mentioned earlier, they sure as hell are busy because they managed to push me all the way to the café. Flashing my best smile I walk in and immediately find Sierra waving her hand like a pigeon wing, she's so extra. "Hey, oh my god I thought you were kidnapped or something. You left so sudden and didn't say goodbye", she says as she pulls me into a bear hug, "I didn't? Oh I had a family emergency", I strip my purse and set it beside where my sitting. She drags my arm down, insisting I should sit next to her so I did. "Oh, you guys both left so sudden", Us both? I take a peek across the table. How I could I miss him, was he there when I walked in? I let out a "hey vic I literally didn't see you there" and he adds that it was his fault because he's been so quiet. I smile his way and reach in my pocket for my phone, nothing. Reached in my purse, still nothing. Shit I left it home, ​"Well how was everyone's night?". 

​"My night was pretty good, I would've stayed longer but I just wasn't feeling up to it.", he licks his lips and looks at me, I felt my heart do that thing again.

"What about YOUUU?"

​"What? My night? It wasn't anything crazy. Just a bunch of sick family members and all that jazz". Just a bunch of bullshit .



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