The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


35. When Will he wake


*Harri POV*

I see that Shekinah is sleeping next to the bed, but she opens her eyes when I open the door. "Good morning. What time is it?"

"Almost 6. You should go and get some rest." I put a hand on her shoulder. "How's he doing?"

Shekinah sigh. "The same, which I guess is good." We both look up and see Tom outside with Declan, talking quietly.

"Dec has Zac's car, why don't you let him drive you?" I tell her. I have rested, she needs to rest to and keep up her strength.

"I think I will. I'm so glad you got some rest, you looked like you could barely stand yesterday." She tells me. "Tom is a really good friend".

"I don't know how I was still standing. I'll call you and your father if anything happens." I pull Shekinah into a tight hug. "I'm so glad you're here."

"He's strong Harri, he'll be ok. I'll talk to you soon. I'll call Sarah on the way to the hotel, I promised to keep her updated".

I sit down and take Zac's hand in mine. It is soft and warm like I remember and I put my cheek against it and close my eyes. "I'm here, baby. You fight this like you promised.'"

A little while later Tom returns with coffees and we talk quietly until the doctor arrived. "He's not out of the woods, but the pressure on his brain has decreased which is a good sign. And he's almost breathing on his own, I think we can take the tube out later today and see how he does. We need to increase fluids and monitor his intracranial pressure. If he tolerates that we can wean him off the sedative and see how we go." He pause for us to take in what he had said, and I nod.

"We've confirmed it's viral, specifically adenovirus. Unfortunately that means it couldn't have been prevented and we just have to ride it out and let his body heal It's impossible to say when he will be fit for work. Weeks, at least." He says, making me sigh Zac won't be happy about that.

"Thank you, doctor." I say as he is leaving.

Tom stands behind me and puts his hands on my shoulders. "How are you doing?"

"I'm good. I just want him to wake up and be OK. Nothing else matters". I say and Tom nods in agreement.

 Around lunch time Dr Porter come back with two nurses and suggested that I go and get some lunch. Tom had been insisting I should eat something, so we go quickly to the hospital cafe for a sandwich. When we return they are still adjusting his IV and oxygen, so we wait in the lounge. He sit down on one of the couches and I sit next to him, my legs tucked under me and my head on his shoulder. "You ok, Harri ?"

"Yeah," I sigh heavily. "No."

Tom puts his arm around my shoulders. "What's wrong?"

"What if he doesn't wake up? What if he has brain damage? What if his lungs don't recover?" I say, getting myself worked up.

Tom squeezes my shoulder and hesitate. "Honestly, I don't know. I think maybe we just deal with things as they happen."

"I can't live- I don't want to live without him, Tom." Tears spilling down my cheeks and Tom moves back to look at my face.

"Hey, this is Zac we're talking about. He's not going anywhere. And if he did... well I know from Zac that you were pretty magnificent before you met him, too." I can see Tom's eyes are wet. "He'll pull through this Harriet. He has to.'"

Dr Porter knocks on the door and I sit up, wiping my face swiftly. He pulls up a chair and I wonder if that is a good sign. "Sorry that took a little longer than we expected. He's off the ventilator but we had to reduce the sedation as well. He's doing well with the extra fluids today so we need to monitor closely, but he should be awake shortly. He will be groggy and probably very confused, and he's on heavy painkillers so don't be alarmed. We can't be sure there's no permanent damage but there's nothing on the EEG, and his last x ray showed his lungs clearing slightly."

 I slump back into Tom. "Thank god. Can I go back in now?"

"Yes you can. Be mindful of noise though, he's going to have one hell of a headache. You can both go in if you're quiet." The doctor says.

"Harri, if you're ok for now I might head back and check on Shekinah ?" Tom says, clearly wanting to give me some space and time alone with Zac.

"Yeah OK. Give her the update for me?" I say smiling at him.

I go back into Zac's room and kisses his forehead and cheek as I sit down. "I love you Zac." I whisper in his ear. I take his hand in mine and strokes it gently. After a few minutes I put my head down on the bed and yawn, resting my eyes for a moment.

I am surprised when I open them again, my neck is stiff and my arm has gone to sleep. Realising I must have dozed off I look at my watch and gasp, it was just after 5pm. I am just starting to wonder if Zac had woken up and gone back to sleep when Amy, his nurse, opens the door.

"You're awake". She says. "There's a recliner there that's much more comfortable."

"Yeah, I wasn't planning on sleeping. I wanted to be right here when he woke up. Did he wake up already?" I ask.

"No hon, not yet. Don't worry yet though, sometimes it takes a few hours." She says, her smiling seeminga bit stiff.

"It's been almost 5 already". I say, a lump forming rapidly in my throat..

"Should be any minute now, then. His obs are good, everything's stable. He just needs a bit more time. That can be normal, doesn't mean there's anything wrong, I can get Dr Porter if you like?" She says.

"No, it's OK I'm probably just being a bit anxious". I answer, trying to smile.

"He's due to review him at 7 anyway if he's not awake by then. Try to relax, hon." She says.

"Thanks Amy". I watch her leave.

 I notice a text from Tom. 'I'm with Shekinah, rather than crowd the room we'll wait until he wakes up. Just let me know we'll come straight in'. I reply quickly that he isn't awake yet, but I will let them know as soon as he is.

When Amy returns an hour later I am desperate to stretch my legs. "Would you mind staying while I get a coffee? I don't want him to wake up alone but I really need a little walk".

"Sure, hon. Take your time." 

 As I walk it occurres to me that knowing Zac he'd has opened his eyes as soon as I closed the door. I chuckle to myself and is a little relieved even if I have only imagined it. On the way back I honestly expect him to be sitting up charming everyone like his usual self, and when I open the door it is like a kick to the stomach when I see he hasn't moved. "Nothing?" I ask. 

Amy shakes her head. "Dr Porter will be here in half an hour, I've paged him for you."

Amy leaves and I resume my usual spot by Zac's side. Why aren't he awake? What's wrong that he is not waking up?

I pick up his hand again, rubbing my cheek on his warm soft skin. I look at his face, so peaceful and still, his chest rising and falling. His collarbones, sternum and ribs so clearly visible under his skin, I feel thought I can see his heart beating. Illness has certainly taken its toll on his already lean body, he looks weak and frail. Resting my cheek back on his hand I say softly. "Please wake up Zac. You're scaring me." Hot tears begin to fall from my eyes onto the bed, my shirt and his hand, and I wipe them away. "Just open your eyes, baby. Please. I just need to know you're in there."

I am still wiping my face when Dr Porter opens the door, followed by Amy. "Still no response?" 

I shake my head and more tears escape my eyes. "Get another CT and EEG and repeat yesterday's bloods, please." The doctor says and Amy nods and leave while Dr Porter do some examinations. "It's not time to worry yet, Harriet. Sometimes it just takes a little longer. We're going to do some more tests to be safe."

I nod and wait until he has closed the door before putting my head back down on the bed and sobbing quietly. "Please, baby. Please wake up. You promised to fight. Please. I love you so much." I whisper.




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