The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


33. What is wrong with him ?


 *Harri POV*

We get a cab from the airport the the hospital and is met by Declan. Now we stand outside Zac's room, waiting for the doctor while two nurses settles him in to his room in intensive care. A man comes out and introduces himself as Dr Porter, leading us down the hall to a small waiting room.

"Zachary has just come back from a CT and x rays and we have his bloods back. He is in a serious condition, you need to understand that." We all nod solemnly and he continues. "He has pneumonia and encephalitis, meaning he's had an underlying virus for some time and it has infected his brain, causing swelling. That will be why he passed out and had such a headache. He also has pneumonia which will have been caused by the same illness, and caused pus to build up in his lungs. He is having difficulty breathing, and with your consent I'd like to put him on a ventilator just as an extra support. It will give his lungs a chance to recover".

"OK". Is all his father can manage to get out and I grab his hand squeezing it.

"As for the encephalitis, all we can do is keep him sedated and resting and let it heal itself. We'll monitor it closely and make sure the swelling subsides." The doctor says.

"So he will be OK?" I ask hopefully.

"It's so difficult to say. But given his age and fitness level, I'd say his chances are good. Encephalitis can in some cases cause brain damage. We can't see any at this stage, but you need to be prepared for that. His assistant said he has beein unwell?"

"Yes, he had a cold or flu a couple of weeks ago and was ordered to rest, which he did. I thought he was better or I never would have left. I'd have stayed and taken care of him". I say, unable to hold back a sob.

"Harriet". He put a hand on my shoulder. "This isn't your fault. It isn't his fault, it isn't anyone's fault. He has a virus of some sort, we suspect adenovirus but we're waiting for tests to come back. Don't blame yourself. No one could have known".

"Can I see him now?" I ask, I need to see him.

"Just for a few minutes while I get ready to put the breathing tube in, ok? Then you can come back when we're done." The doctor says.

"OK. Can he hear me?" I ask.

"He's on pretty heavy painkillers and very light sedation so he will be very groggy. But yes, he can." The doctor tells me.

I open the door and sit down next to Zac's bed. He looks so sick, so far removed from the strong, fit, man I know. I run my fingers through his hair and kisses his forehead. Taking his hand in mine, I put his fingers gently to my lips and he stirs. "Harri?" He says, muffled by the oxygen mask.

"I'm right here baby."

"I'm sorry Harriet." Tears streaming down his face.

"Sshhhh you don't need to be sorry. You don't need to talk. I'm here, your father and Shekinah is here, they will be in in a minute, they're taking care of you, go back to sleep." I tell him.

He looks over at me, much more clearly than I would have expected. "What's happening? What is wrong with me ?"

I sigh and steadie my voice. "You have pneumonia and encephalitis, a virus in your lungs and your brain. In a moment they're going to put a breathing tube in to help you breathe while you get stronger." He shakes his head. "Yes, Zac. It's just while your lungs heal. And they will, so will your brain. And you'll wake up and come home to me. You promise me." My voice shake just a little, it is a fight to speak at all. I can see tears in Zac's eyes again. "Promise me Zac."

He removes the mask and turnes his head, tears running onto his pillow. "I promise my Harriet. I promise, for you and our baby."

I gently puts the mask back on and he groans. "Are you in pain?" He nods. "Where?"


"They're going to sedate you in a minute baby. I'll be here when you wake up. And every minute in between." I say softly, trying to hide my own fear.

"I love you baby". He slurs.

"I love you too". I put his hand to my lips and kisses it softly again. Then I leave, so his father and Shekinah can get a moment with him before he is sedated.

When the team came in they tell me to go get something to eat and say they'd call us when they are done. His father and Shekinah is going to check into a hotel. I am relieved to find Declan still waiting outside so I won't be alone.

"They're putting him on a ventilator to let his lungs heal. He has pneumonia. And encephalitis, an infection in his brain." I am numb and speaking on autopilot, my brain running through what I need to do next.

"Oh god Harriet. It's really bad isn't it." Declan says.

"It's not good. But he's stable. I have to call Mike."

"Can I get anything for you? What can I do?" He asks me.

"I honestly don't know, I can't think." I say, feeling that my brain has shut completely down on me.

"Coffee? You might need it,"

"Yes please. Then you should go home Dec. Get some rest." I tell him.

 When Declan returns I have my face in my hands, mentally preparing myself to call Mike. He hands me a cup and puts a hand gently on her back. "You holding up ?"

"Yeah, just have to call his puplicist Mike". I tell him, my voice shaking.

"I'll leave vou-"

"Stay with me. Please, Dec. Just until I can go back in?" I beg him, suddenly I just can't face being here alone.

"Of course." He say, sitting down next to me.

I diall Mikes number and wait, realising it is in the middle of the night, but he picks up. "Harriet, what is it."

"Mike, It is Zac, he is sick." I press out.

"I need a plane ticket sick or he needs a week off sick?" He asks, sounding very concerned.

"Somewhere in between." I say, not really knowing what else to say.

"Fuck". He is wide awake now. "Harri, yes or no, is he ok?"

"Right now, yes. He's sedated and on a ventilator so he can get better." I say, it sound so bad saying it, so very scary.

"I'll be on a plane tomorrow. Do you need anything? What about his family ?"

 "Shekinah and his father is here, they are at a hotel". My voice begin to shake a lot. "Mike, I don't know what to do. I don't-I can't think."

"I know. Just, be there. That's all you can do. Do you have anyone near there who can be there for you ?" He asks me. "No only his family".

"OK let me think about it. Just be there sweetheart. He'll be OK." He says, trying to sound reasuring.

"You don't know that".  I whisper.

"Hang in there, I'll be there as soon as I can."




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