The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


40. Things is looking up


 *Zac POV*

After an hour I am comfortable enough to lay down and close my eyes. Every inch of my body hurt, mostly from the effort of coughing and the exercises to clear my lungs. My head pounded and everything spins if I move too quickly.

Amy returns with my second dose of pain relief and Harriet sits on the edge of the bed. "Feeling any better?"

"Yes". I say groggily. "What a fucking awful day."

"I'm sorry baby. Tomorrow should be better. Once you're asleep, Mike is going to stay with you while I go home for a shower and a bit of a recharge, ok?" She says.

"Mm hmm. I love you". My eys are getting heavy really fast now.

"I love you, too." She kisses my forehead and strokes my hair and cheek while I go to sleep, making me feel safe and loved.


*Harri POV*

"You call me if he wakes up". I whisper to Mike. "I can be here in ten minutes."

"Harri, I can look after him". He says, making me frown. "But yes I'll call you if he wakes up or anything happens. Go get some sleep. Unless he needs you tonight I don't want to see you until breakfast. You are pregnant, you need to rest, remember?"

I leave and get into Zac's car, driving the short distance back to the house. I make a sandwich, got a soda from the fridge and sit down on the couch. I text Lizzie to see if she is awake and my phone rings in my hand immediately.

"Hey Sweetie, how's Zac doing?"

"Oh Lizzie it's good to hear your voice. He's awake, somewhat upright. He's doing better. Today was just awful, he has to clear his lungs and he has just coughed until he was blue in the face, literally, all day." I tell her.

"Oh god Harri that must be so hard". She says.

"It is." I put my hand over my mouth and moved the phone away a little, trying to control the emotions welling up.

"Harriet ? I'm your big sister, you don't have to hide from me. Are you OK?" She says in that big sister voice I know to well.

"Yes". I choke out.

"Just tired, pregnant and emotional?" She asks.

I laugh a little. "Yeah. I forget how well you know me."

"You forget you often call me when you have nothing left but a good cry. I'm sending you lots of hugs and wishing I could be there." She says.

"I wish you were here too," I sob. "God Lizzie. I've been so so scared. Today I thought he might fade away right in front of me.'"

"Oh honey. They're looking after him, and he's going to be OK." She tells me softly.

"I hope so. He and Mike have bullied me in to going back to finish up my paintings for the big atalie show next month."

"I think that might be good for you. I know you don't want to leave him but you need to do your own stuff as well. Isn't there only 5 weeks left til the show ?"

"Yeah and then I'm supposed to wait at home for him to finish. I'm not sure I can leave him here working when he won't be fully recovered though." I say.

 "Wait and see, if you don't feel he is safe out there alone, then go back and stay with him after the show". She says. "Feeling a bit better?"

"Yes. Thanks Liz." I smile, it always helps talking to my sister.

"You're welcome. Go get some sleep while you can, and take care of yourself and that little baby inside you. We love you." She says.

"I love you too and I promise". I say.

"Talk to you soon and now go to bed, Harriet". She says.

"Yes 'mum'. Love you, bye!" I say, hanging up.

I put on one of Zac's T-shirts and slip into his side of the bed. I can smell him all around me and find comfort in his scent, his room, his bed.


When I open my eyes the sun is streaming through the window, almost enough to light the room. I look at my watch it is almost 6am and I sit up, checking for messages on my phone and hoping that no news is good news.

After another quick shower I dress in jeans, shirt, hoodie and my pink converse and has some breakfast. Driving to the hospital, I feel much more prepared than I has the last few days. I know what the worst is, and he'd get through it.

Softly I open the door and find Zac already sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing his eyes. Mike is in the recliner under a blanket, snoring quietly. "Well good morning Zac. How are you feeling?"

He don't answer, but opens his arms and I walk over to stand in front of him, wrapping my arms tightly around him. He put his hands on my cheeks and kisses my mouth softly, making me squeak when he probes my lips with his tongue. 

He pulls away and coughs lightly, trying and failing to hide the firey pain it causes around his middle to cough. "Mmm. Take me home, Baby."

"Feeling better then, are we?" I ask him.

"Hehe a little. More sore but less sick. My head feels almost normal." I sit next to him on the bed. "I frightened you yesterday, didn't I?"

"Yes you did." I say softly. "You were so brave Zac".

"I wasn't really, I was as scared as you were". He admits.

"Well then you're an even better actor than I gave you credit for." I say smiling.

Zac starts putting his feet on the floor, and I ask him. "Want some help?"

"I'll let you know". He chuckles. He walks slowly to the door and turns around with an enormous goofy grin on his face, and I clap quietly.

"On your way back look in my bag, I brought you some things. But take it easy or I'll take them back." I warn him. 

 He goes to my bag and pull out his script with his scribbled notes on it and his ipod. The big smile returns and for the first time I notice his eyes are sparkling again, although covered in burst blood vessels.

"Thank you darling". He walks back to me and sit down. "I feel a bit like a prisoner having cigarettes smuggled in a cake." I laughe a little too loud and Mike stirs in his chair.

"Morning Mike". We say in unison.

"Don't you two sound very chipper this morning". He says blarry eyed.

 Zac stands up. "It's good to be upright."

"Wow. Slight improvement from yesterday." Mike yawn and stretch as he stands up.

"You two chat, I'll go get breakfast and coffee for Mike." I say as Zac's breakfast arrives.

When I return Mike has the script in his hand, reading random lines to Zac so he can run the rest of the scene.

"Only you could wake up from a brain infection and still not miss a beat on your lines Zac. You're like a robot." I tell him shaking my head. I smile. Zac is starting to look like himself again. A half size version at least.

"I spoke to Rodney yesterday, he's going to come and see you when you're home so you can run through the songs again before you go back to the set". Mike tells Zac.

 He nods slowly.  "Have you talked about the filming schedule yet?"

"I did, yesterday on the way here. They still think they can scrape in on scheduled time if Zac is up to it. They've almost done all they can without him."

 Suddenly Zac leanes in and kisses me. "I love you."

"I love you, too. What was that for?" I ask.

"Being so good to me". He says softly.

Dr Porter opens the door, fluorescent light streaming into the room. It doesn't escape my notice that Zac don't flinch. "This looks promising". He says to Zac. "How are you feeling?"

"So much better. Still weak and I get out of breath easily but otherwise I feel good." He answers, smiling brightly.

"How are your muscles recovering from yesterday?" The doctor asks.

"They're fine," Zac lies and I poke him lightly in the ribs, it wasn't hard at all but enough to make him yelp. "OK they're not, but they'll recover." 

 He shoots me a frown and the doctor laughs softly "I've written up some anti inflammatory that should help. No coughing this morning or last night?"

"None worth mentioning".



"Had any pain relief this morning?"


"Well we need to do an EEG, x ray, and bloods this morning but if it all comes back fine you might be able to go home. I'm not promising anything, we can't release you until you can shower and dress and take care of yourself. And no more coughing episodes." He listens to Zac's chest and back. "Your lungs

sound clear. You have some very impressive burst vessels in your eyes from yesterday, they're expected, nothing to worry about."

He calls Amy over. "We can remove the IV and the monitors, and he can shower and get dressed. We'll do the scans and hopefully discharge him this afternoorn. No promises though". He says to Zac.




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