The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


24. The accident


 *Harri POV*

"Harriet, baby, wake up." Zac is rubbing my back, it don't feel like time to get up. It feels even more

wrong when I open my eyes and it is still dark.

"What's wrong?" I ask, rubbing my eyes.

"Nothing darling, it's time to go. I'm sorry it's so early but it will be worth it I promise. Do you trust me?" He asks softly.

"I'd trust you more if you weren't taking me away in the middle of the night!" I joke, and he smiles mischievously.

Our bags are already packed and I put on dark jeans and a chunky sweater with boots, scooping my hair into a rough ponytail and putting on a touch of makeup to hide my tiredness from the previous night.

When we arrive down stairs a car is waiting for us, the driver opening my door first and handing me a big latte.

As Zac slide in to the seat next to me, I eye him warily, wondering what he is up to this time. He has kept the same big smile on his face since he woke me up.

I have no idea where we are going and is surprised to arrive at a pier in Manhattan. The driver unloads our bags and a man in a uniform approach us, introducing himself as our pilot. I am gobsmacked when I see a helicopter sitting at the end of the pier. "No". I breathe. He wouldn't have. Surely not.

 But sure enough we are helped into the helicopter. I look around, I have never been in one before and feel quite anxious. Planes are fine but this is something else. Zac takes my hand gently in his. "You will love this, I promise."

I smile at him nervously.

"Everyone ready?" The pilots voice ring loudly in my ears. He turns to look at us. "Has he told you where you're going yet?"

'Nope, she'll see it soon enough." Zac winked.

As we take off my nerves melts away. The sun is beginning to rise over Manhattan and it is spectacular. I sit up to take in as much as I can. Zac keep hold of my hand but I no longer need reassurance. The view is breathtaking and all to soon we begin our descent, landing softly. 

 Looking outside I can see the stunning soft green colours of the budding spring all around. "Where are we?" I ask as we step out.

"The Berkshires, in Massachusetts. I've wanted to come here for a while." He says smiling as he takes in a deep breath of the crisp cool air.

A large black SUV is waiting for us and the driver puts our bags in the back and walk over to the helicopter. "All yours Mr Levi."

"Thank you." Zac says with a warm smile, opening the passenger door for me. "My lady." I giggle as I climb in.

A short drive later we arrive at a beautiful private B&B. Everything is ornate and finely detailed. Our breakfast is waiting in front of the fire and I welcome the warmth, standing in front if the flames for a few minutes. "Zac, this is just amazing."

"That's why I love surprising and spoiling vou. The way you look at me." He comes over, sliding his arms around my waist.

"But I would do that anyway". I says resting my head against his chest, feeling his heart beat slow and steady.

"I know. But we're going to be apart a lot, at times more than we're together, so I like to make it special. I have one more surprise this afternoon and then I promise I'm done, ok? We'll just relax here for a couple of days. Just us." He kisses the top of my head.

"Sounds perfect". I lean further in to his chest. "I might need a nap before then". I yawn and close my eyes against his chest.

"I think we can arrange a nap after breakfast." He says chuckling softly.

We have breakfast and talk about me moving into his house and building an atalie for me. As I finishe my tea Zac stands up. "I can't be impartial, because I get too excited at the thought of coming home to you every day." He pulls me up and his mouth is on mine, his tongue immediately probing inside my mouth. He leads me to the bedroom where another fireplace is burning slowly and lay me down on the bed, putting his hands inside my sweater running over my smooth skin. I shiver slightly.

I unbutton his checked shirt, revealing his chest and hard nipples and he slips my sweater off over my head and remove my bra. 

We lay next to one another, our upper bodies pressed together and legs entwined, kissing and feeling skin on skin. The warmth of the fire feel like being wrapped in a blanket. As our tongues explored, my hand moves further down, feeling the bulge already formed in Zac's jeans. I swiftly unbutton and removed them freeing his long erection, as he hook his fingers around my waistband, discarding my remaining clothing on the floor. 

 As I stroke his shaft he moves his mouth to my breast and bring my leg over his hips, allowing his fingers to explore me. Before long I am moving my hips against him, craving him, urging him to fill me with his length.

As his tip enters me, he supports my top leg, his fingers easily finding my clit while his shaft slide deep inside me. I trail kisses down his neck, stopping to suck and bite gently over his chest and nipples before moving slowly back up to his mouth. I can feel the tension pooling inside me as I kiss him hard, running my fingers through his hair and grazing his neck with my fingernails. 

 He quickenes his assault on me, and I feel his orgasm building too. I pull him into me harder and he moan into my mouth, tipping me over the edge. I fall apart around him, my spasms giving him his release deep inside me. 

 I snuggle into his chest, my energy spent. When he feel my breathing slow he withdraws from me, wrapping me in his arms and snuggling his face into my neck, as we both drift of to sleep.


*Zac POV*

I wake slowly and look at my watch. It is lunchtime and although neither of us really need to eat after a huge breakfast, I have one last surprise planned and we will need to leave soon. I look over at Harriet. She has rolled onto her stomach and has one arm under her head, the other draped across my chest. She breathes softly and look so peaceful, I hate to wake her twice in one day.

 I trail my fingertips lightly over her bare back, up and down, tracing circles and occasionally following with light kisses. "Mmmmm." She groans, opening her eyes. "Again?"

 I chuckle. "Sorry darling, this is the last surprise and I think it will be amazing. You'll want to wear your jeans and boots and probably a sweater, were are going to be outdoors." She seemes intrigued.

We walk to the car and I drive us to a rustic-looking stables. She looks like she is wondering what we are doing here. "Have vou ridden a horse before?" I ask.

"Not since I was a teenager, but yes." She says, as we get out the car.

"Awesome, we won't need to have a guide, then." I say, taking her hand.

 We meet an instructor outside who introduces our horses and give us both a refresher course, determining we are competent enough to ride alone. "Just stick to the trails, and call us if you get lost." She tells us.

We ride up a mountain trail, admiring the beautiful scenery around us. The horses are very responsive and easy to ride, and it all seems to come back to Harriet quickly.

The crisp cold afternoon air feels good on my face as we climbed higher. After almost 2 hours it is time to head back, the sun is beginning it's descent and the shadows are getting longer.

As we descend the moderate slope, we have to hold back our horses. Harriet has a bit of trouble with her horse Charlie and we both laugh a couple of times when Charlie goes the opposite way to what she wants. 

As she fight to pull him straight, he goes sideways to the slope and loose his footing in the soft ground. "Harriet!" I yell as they both fall to the ground, Charlie landing on top of her.






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