The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


23. Surprises and Tom Hiddleston

Chapter 23

 *Harri POV*

 "The car will be here in 15 minutes Darling." I hear Zac call through the bathroom

door. "Are you almost ready?"

"Yes, I just need to put my dress and shoes on." I call back, moving to the bedroom to get dressed. My makeup is done and I have my hair in a loose updo, letting it curl naturally.

I took out the bag the dress is hanging in from the closet and slips it on, and put my feet into my silver stilettoes.

 Zac had told me not to get a dress, it was his event and he would take care of it, and he had, the dress is sexy and beautiful. It is silver with a bit of glitter, it is very deep cut in the front, but the tightness of the top makes sure it dosn't show to much and it flows out from the hips. It fits perfectly.

Zac was waiting in the lounge chair and stands when he hears me coming. He walks over and takes my hands, looking me up and down. "Could you zip me up?" I turn my back to him so he can help me.

"Harriet". He breathes. "You're just stunning. I am so proud to call you mine".

 "No I am proud". I tell him softly. "And not because you are famous, not even because you are handsome, even though you are, but because of the man you are".

 He smiles softly, his eyes getting a bit moist. He does look great by the way, in a dark blue suit and a silver tie. "Thank you darling. I did good picking that dress".

"So you like it then," I grin.

"Very much, you make that dress look absolutely gorgeous. And I think this will fit perfectly." He hands me a blue Tiffany box and I open it slowly. Inside is a white gold bracelet with 10 diamonds spread around it. It sparkles almost blindingly in the light.

"Zac it's beautiful!" I exclaim. "You didn't have-"

He puts a finger to my lips. "I wanted to. Here". He takes it from the box and places it around my wrist, gently fastening the clasp.

"Ready to go, my mystery brunette?" He says smirking, hinting to the rumours that has started to surface on the net.

 Just as we walk outside a limousine pulls in and Zac takes my hand. "We are riding with Tom, hope you don't mind".

 "Tom ? As in Tom Hiddleston ?" I whisper, feeling my first panic attack coming on, Zac just squeezes my hand. "The one and only, don't worry, he is really sweet and totally down to earth".

 The chauffeur opens the door and Zac helps me in. I am already trying to act normal here, pretending I know how to do this, adding Tom on top of that, well I am not sure my brain can handle it.

 "Hi Tom, good to see you again and congrats on the big premiere". Zac leans over to hug the other man in the perfect tuxedo, the voice deep, soft and very british. "Well thank you. Good to see you too Zac, we don't get a chance to see each other enough".

 "Tom, this is my wonderful girlfriend Harriet, baby this is Tom". Zac introduces and I breathe in deeply, looking at Tom. He really is handsome, every bit of him perfectly styled and polished, but his smile is just so genuine and his eyes so friendly I immediately relax.

 I extent my hand to him, smiling, I mean I owe him quite a lot since he bought my paintings. "Nice to finally meet you Tom". He takes my hand, kissing my knuckles softly.

 "So here is finally the woman Zac haven't shut up about for months, I see he wasn't lying about your beauty, and I already know you are a very talented painter, actually your Loki portrait hangs in my bedroom, it is amazing darling". He says letting go of my hand.

 I might be blushing a bit, he is just.. I wouldn't call it intimidating, but he just kind of suck the oxygen out of the room, in a positive way. "Oh thank you. I am happy you like it. I hope the others were well received to".

 "They certainly were darling, I have only heard praise for them. I would love to see some more of your paintings some day". He sends me one of those brilliant smiles.

 Zac clears his throat, putting his arm around my waist, pulling me to his side. "Do you think you could stop flirting with my girlfriend Hiddles ?"

 I almost gasp, I mean Tom had just been Tom and friendly, hopefully he wouldn't get angry. But Tom just throws his head back laughing. "Sorry Zac, it's a habit, you know I mean no harm". Zac just rolls his eyes, but he can't help smiling.

 As we approach I can see the red carpet, a lot of people and a lot of photographers. Zac squeezes my hand . "We can always sneak in the back," he whispers.

"No, I'm good. Just don't leave me." I say.

 Tom sends me a smile and a wink, before getting out first, screams erupting when the crowd sees him, there is a blur of flashes aimed at him. Zac takes my hand, helping me out and we walk toward the door, Zac talking to the various press waiting outside.

I watch Tom work the red carpet, he is smooth as ever, he clearly knows exactly what he is doing. Zac is great to, always smiling and gracious, he is bombarded with questions, mostly about me and what he is doing in New York. 

 After about half an hour we all make it inside to a pre - screening cocktail party and Tom introduces us to the rest of the cast. It was a surreal experience, even for someone who was starting to get used to dating a celebrity.

Zac keep his hand on mine for the duration of the film, stroking and playing with my fingers, occasionally bringing my hand to his lips to gently kiss my knuckles. By the time the film finished I am was feeling almost comfortable there. 

 Zac is in his element, chatting and meeting new people as well as old friends. I insisted he leave me by the bar to go and mingle, he enjoys it so much and I know I can't keep him to myself all night.

"I tell you darling, he is so infatuated with you!" Tom's voice suddenly sounds next to me. "Both the way he talks about you, but also the way he looks at you. Hold on to him, you got yourself a great guy there".

 "Thank you. I know I do". I smile at him. "Oh and I loved the movie by the way, you were great and that T-shirt ougth to win it's own Oscar".

 He looks at me, then his face splits in a big grin and he laughs, shaking his head. "Well thank you darling, from me and the shirt".

 "Here you are". Zac puts his arm tightly around my waist. "We better get home darling,  we have an early start tomorrow. But it's a surprise."

"Argh. Another one? I am not sure my heart can take it baby". I say, looking up at him.

"I like surprises". He say innocently, winking at me.




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