The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


50. Someone else in his arms


*Harri POV*

I am unimpressed when I arrive at the airport and is greeted with a million questions about Zac. It is really the last thing I need, and I feel so raw that for once I just don't say anything at all. I am grateful to get to the lounge and sit on my own with my earphones in. Since saying goodbye to Ben I have been barely holding myself together, I feel raw and exposed. My body aches, my chest hurts, and I wonder if my heart is actually, literally, broken.

After a short sleep on the plane and a cab ride that seemes to go on forever, I am checked into the Hilton. 5pm. I sends a text to Liz, hoping she can talk and my phone rings a minute later. "Hey Lizzie,"

"Hi honey. What's wrong?"

"Zac and I. We're not... we're done."

"No.. what happened? Oh, Harrie, it doesn't matter. Are you coming home?" She says.

"I can't. I have to go back to LA and pack. And find somewhere to live. It all just fell apart, Liz."

"This isn't about that other woman, is it?" She asks, of course she has seen the pictures. Great the whole world knows.

"Not really. He didn't cheat or anything. I think it was over before last night. I have some other news though, I am getting my own nation wide art show."

"Harri that's amazing news! I'm so proud of you!" She says.

"Thanks, sis. Oh I have to go, Mike is here. I'll talk to you tomorrow." I say.

"Take care Harri, call me whenever you need to." She says.


 *Zac POV*

I return to my trailer to get my bag and is surprised to find Declan still there. "I thought you'd be gone already."

"Mike asked me to drive you home". He says.

"Overprotective sod he is, I can drive myself. OK then, let's go." I say with a sigh, there is no need to baby me.

As we walk to the gate Elizabeth catch up to us. "You doing anything tonight?"

"No Lib, I'm still shattered from last night! Dec is just driving me home, Mike already took the car." I tell her, feeling a bit awkward.

"Why don't I drive you? It's on the way, I don't mind." She say softly.

"Um, yeah OK. Thanks". I don't really want her to, but I can't really find a reason to say no.

When we arrive at my house I am surprised to find Mike not there. The car isn't here either and the house is dark. I have tried not to have any expectations but I know Harriet is finishing today, and if she was coming she'd be here by now, and the lights would be on. I send a text to Mike and get an immediate reply 'just in town organising some stuff for another job. Might be a while.'

"You're coming in?" I ask when Elizabeth get out of the car.

"Oh, just to make sure you get in ok. Then I can go if you want." She says smiling.

"You can stay, I'm not doing anything, just having dinner and an early night." I begin to wonder if she might have other ideas. She is lovely, yes. But I am with Harriet. Supposedly at least. Either way I am not ready for that, I still hold out hope that she will come back. 

 I go to the kitchen and get leftovers from the fridge, heating them in the microwave. We sit at the table

and talk easily about the film, and other films. She is easy to talk to and my worry about what she is up to is soon diminished.


*Harri POV*

"How are you?" Mike ask sincerely making me shrug. "I know this is hard, and it's awkward, but tonight I'm here for you, Harri. As your publicist, and your friend. And I am sorry you're going through this."

"Thanks". I manage to get out. "I just want to sort everything out. I need somewhere to live and I need to move my stuff. Quickly. Before Zac gets back."

"I'll get on it tonight. If I can't find somewhere you can stay with me until we do." He says softly.

"I need a flight to LA tomorrow. Actually, New York. Then I'll come back to move my things to the new place." I say.

"OK I'll sort that out too. Can I do anything else for you?" He asks.

"No. Michael is going to send the contract straight to you, if you review it I'll sign it."

"Will do. Congratulations by the way, you earned that. You should be proud." He says, squeezing my shoulder softly.

"Thanks". I say softly. "No releases yet, I haven't told my mom." I stop for a moment to think. "Make the flight to LA and I'll pack everything up and put it in storage. Then when I get a place I can move it".

"Consider it done. Harriet, but you need to slow down, take a breath, think of youself and the baby." He says softly.

"I can't, Mike. If I stop... I can't breathe.." I wipe my cheeks roughly and continues. "I'll call Zac tomorrow before I go. I assume this is what he wants anyway, but-"

"This is not at all what he wants, Harriet. Give him some credit, he loves you." He says.

"What's that saying about setting someone free if you love them, then? Anyway, he should probably hear it from me so it's official and he can move on. Can I see any releases before they go out, please? I'd like it to appear mutual. I guess it is mutual." I kind of start to ramble.

"OK". Mike moves closer to me on the couch and puts an arm around my shoulders. "Stop. Right now. Breathe."

"Mike !"

 "This is my job. I'm making sure you're fit to carry on your job before you sign a new contract, and if you keep this up you will explode. Breathe. Feel it. It hurts, I know, but you can't get through it by pushing it down. Let it hurt, let it out." He says.

I can't take any more, i lean in and Mike hold me tight while sobs rackes her body. It felt like hours has passed before I can take a breath, and the tears don't want to stop, flowing in rivers down face and neck and on to my pink blouse. Eventually Mike makes me a cup of tea and tuck me into bed.


*Mike POV*

I wanted to stay with her but she wouldn't let me, so I drive back to Zac's house, feeling so very sorry for her, I wish I could fix this whole mess.

When I arrive my stomach drops. Elizabeth's car is in the driveway. I so dearly want to give Zac the benefit of the doubt here, but I find it difficult to be OK with him hanging out with someone else while I console Harriets broken heart.

 The front door is unlocked and I open it quietly, gasping when I see them kissing on the couch. I slam the door hard, making them both jump. I feel sick, not for myself, but for Harri. It was all true. "You think you could get a room, or you know, break it off with your pregnant girlfriend first? Fuck, Zac. Seriously?" They both look confused, Elizabeth looks mortified as she picks up her coat. "I have to go, I'll see you in the morning."

"What the fuck, Zac. How could you?"


*Zac POV*

"How could I what? She kissed me, just now, and I was in the process of stopping it". I say confused, I mean really bad moment he choose to walk in, but give me some credit.

"Looked like you were hating it." He snaps.

"What are you my relationship counsellor? My wife ? Christ, it lasted all of a couple of seconds!" I say sighing.

"He's right. It was me, I got carried away and I was out of line". Elizabeth interject.

"No, Zac. I'm your publicist. also your friend, and Harriet's. And it's a bit much to swallow when I just spent hours consoling her broken heart to come home to find vou with someone else!" He says.

"I- wait. You were with Harri? She's here?" I ask, my heart beating wildly.

"Yeah. She's at the Hilton. She had- it doesn't matter. She's devastated, Zac Broken. Lib, you need to go. Zac and I need to talk." He says.

"Yes we do. Why didn't you tell me she was here?" I demand to know.

"She asked me not to."

"Not good enough.'"

"Check your emails, in deleted items. She sent that this morning, then she saw the photos of Elizabeth and you from last night. All I told her was that she was clearly interested but you'd never cheat on her. She insisted I delete the email before you saw it." He says.

My eyes skim over Harriet's words, reading more thoroughly a second time. Tears begin to spill down my cheeks. "She thinks I don't love her? Don't want to be with her?"

"She knows you love her. But she does think you wanted out."

"Never. I did that for her, not me. Fuck. What have I done? Is she gone?" I feel panic run through my body, I did everything wrong.

"No but she's sleeping. She was in bed when I left her."

"What do I do, Mike?"

"You read it, that's what she needs from you. Trust her to make her own decisions. Although at the moment her decisions are coming from the depths of despair and she wants a flight home to pack and move out tomorrow. So if you're going to do something..."

"Do it now." I say pacing the room, running my fingers through my hair.




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