The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


44. Not wanting to talk about it


*Mike POV*

I have spend an hour and a half on the phone and answering emails. Zac is on the couch listening to his ipod, he has his script and some notes in his lap but his eyes are closed. He opens them and looked up when I walk past, removing his earphones.

"Where's Harriet?" I ask him.

"I think she went for a run". He says, avoiding my eyes.

"Zac, that was more than two hours ago. She hasn't come back yet?" I ask, starting to get nervous for her.

"Nope." He just says.

"Did something happen? Do you want to talk about it?" I ask, there is somethin more to this, I can feel the tension in Zac.

"Yes. And no." He says, still avoiding my eyes.

"Is this about our conversation this morning? She's still raw, Zac. She thought she was going to lose you. The yelling was uncalled for but she has a reason to be worried." I tell him.

Zac rubs his temple absently. "Why do you ask if I want to talk about it if you're going to make me either way?"

"Because I'd rather hear it now than after she's gone. Because I know you. Because it's my job to make sure you don't make stupid mistakes, and I think you're about to." I tell him.

 "I haven't done anything. I asked her to think about whether this life is really what she wants. She shouldn't have to worry about me." He snaps.

 "Are you stupid ? Are you fucking stupid Zac". I ask. "No of course she shouldn't. Caring isn't what relationships is about at all. You weren't at all concerned about her when she had her accident, were you ?"

"I said I didn't want to talk about it". Zac stands up, heading in the direction of the bedroom, looking livid.

"Well then just listen". I start. Zac don't turn around but he stop at the doorway. "As her publicist, because we might as well realise she is my client too, if you're going to let her go so easily, if she means

so little to you, that you'd push her away for caring too much about you. Just let her go. Break her heart and move on but do it quickly, don't draw it out while she plans your future. I want to manage Harriet, not 'the poor sod Zachary Levi left pregnant'. And as your publicist, and friend... you are making a huge

mistake if you don't fix this, now. Today."

"She is everything to me, Mike. Don't you dare suggest otherwise. I just want to protect her." His voice angry and he is grinding his teeth.

"Do you honestly, when you look at her, see a woman in need of protection? You're always telling everyone how strong, confident, independent and gutsy she is. Is she so vulnerable? Have you seen how she has coped this week? Yes, I sent Tom to look after her. I wanted to make sure she ate and rested when she needed to. She doesn't need protection, Zac. I can't understand why I can see that but you don't." I pause for a moment and can see Zac rubbing his head again. "I'm starting to wonder if you fell in love with a woman who had lost her confidence and had no belief in herself, and now that she's found that and is absolutely thriving you wonder what your role in her life is."


*Zac POV*

I can't take any more, my head is pounding and my chest is burning. I continue to the bedroom and closes the door, not looking back at Mike. Taking some painkillers with the bottle of water Harriet has filled and left on my nightstand, I close the heavy curtains and get under the covers.

 Why do I feel Mike is taking her side ? And is there a side ? I just want to protect her, to have her be the best she can, and not being held back because she focus on me. I drift of to an uneasy sleep.


*Mike POV*

Harriet returns to the house, walking slowly and reluctantly. Opening the door, she spots me at the table typing on my laptop. "I was wondering when you'd be back". I say without looking up. "Zac has gone back to bed."

"Good". She says. "That's, good, I guess. He needs to sleep." She go to the fridge for a drink of water.


"I don't want to talk about it, Mike."

"He didn't mean... he only said what he said because he loves you." I try telling her.

"Right. He's willing to let me go so easily because he loves me. Makes sense." She says the sarcasm dripping from every word.

"No, he's willing to break his own heart because he thinks he's holding you back." I say, and I know that is the truth.

Harriet slumped in to a chair. "Well that's just stupid. I don't need his permission, I never have. I can take care of myself, and I don't see how pushing me away is doing me any favours."

"You need to trust that he can take care of him self, too." I say softly.

She grunts back at me as she takes a mouthful of water and I ask. "Do vou want to know what I think?"

"I think you're going to tell me anyway." She says in a snarky tone, but I caught the slightest hint of a smile.

"When you two met, he was completely taken with you. Intoxicated. Hooked. You get the idea... You might have been the same person, but you've changed a lot, too. You're so confident, you're thriving with your art, in public. It's actually something I'm really proud to be a part of, seeing how you've moved out of your teeny tiny comfort zone and come in to your own. Well, I think he felt needed before. He supported you and built you up and encouraged you, and now you might not need so much of that any more he's not sure where he fits in to your life. I think he expected every goodbye to be difficult, to be constantly asked when he was going to stop. And instead you're going in your own direction, he is scared you will wake up and realise that you don't need him." I say.

"So he needs me to need him?" She asks.

"Not necessarily, I think he's just not sure where to go from here. He wants to worry about you, but not the other way around. He thinks you shouldn't have to, that's his job not yours. He got used to spoiling you, and surprising you, taking care of you. He likes to do that, and this is all foreign to him. You've turned his world on its head. He just needs to get used to it." I try to explain.

She looks deep in thought for a few minutes in silence and then she get up to go have a shower. "Mike?"

"Mm?" I look up as she walkes past.

"Men are stupid."

"We prefer the term 'simple'." I say with a small smile.


*Harri POV*

I shake my head as I walk away. What Mike had said somewhat made sense, but it didn't explain or excuse what Zac had said. Standing under the warm shower I wonder if Mike is right. Because if he isn't, I truly fear it might be over. And if he is ? I shudder at the idea of the way I was before, believing I deserved nothing good. So much work has gone in to where I am now, I have earned it, and I am not going to apologise for it. If Zac has to be needed to feel loved, to be needed by someone who lacks the

energy to worry about anyone else because they are so broken themselves... he isn't going to find that in Me. Never again..






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