The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


39. Needing to relax


 *Zac POV*

By the time Dr Porter returns late in the afternoon I am able to walk to the door without getting dizzy, although I occasionally needed Harriet's help to get back. My balance is slowly returning, I can at least feel when I am falling now. The next challenge is to go to the bathroom by myself without getting out

of breath. I had never thought that would be a problem, until the first time I tried and realised shortness of breath meant coughing, and lots of it. According to Harriet I turned a pretty shade of blue, and black spots had threatened to completely cloud my vision. Lesson learned, this is going to take some time.

After dinner Harriet can see I am exhausted and seems surprised when I turn on the television. Until now the changing light has been too painful, not that there is much to watch anyway. I grinned when I find 'The night manager' and lay back to watch it, making room for Harriet and patting the empty space.

 "Just until you go to sleep". She says, sliding under the blanket next to me.

"I'm not tired yet, I just wanted a cuddle." I tell her.

"Okay." She says as I pull her closer.


*Harri POV*

Five minutes later I am engrossed in the show and Zac is snoring softly. Of course he wasn't tired. When it has finished and he is sound asleep, I switch the television off and move to the recliner, hoping for more sleep than last night.

I woke up with a start and sit straight up. "Sorry hon, it's Amy. Just thought I'd do his obs before I went home. I'm giving him some more pain relief as well, he's due now and that way he should sleep better."

"That's OK. Everything good?" I ask.

"Looks good to me. His breathing is a bit rattly but that's expected the first couple of days. They warned you his coughing would get worse?" She asks.

"Yeah. Thanks, Amy. See you tomorrow?" I say, yawning.

"You sure will. Get some sleep." She leave, closing the door quietly, and I go back to sleep must more easily than expected.


 Just before dawn, Zac stirs a little for the first time and I look over to check on him. And then the hacking cough they have warned me about begin. He is just able to draw a quick breath in between coughing fits, and I can see he is starting to panic and not getting enough oxygen. I remember something Jackson

had said about sitting upright being best, and move swiftly around the bed to sit him up, giving him a pillow to lean over so it doesn't hurt as much. After a few seconds he get in a few breaths, and after what feels like hours he is able to speak again. "Thank you, baby."

"Are you OK ?" I ask, trying to calm myself down.

"I think so. They said it would get like this and before it can get better I have to clear all the crap out of my lungs. I'm sorry you had to see it though, and that I woke you". He say slumping back on the bed.

"Baby the coughing didn't wake me, I wake up every time you move. And thats why I'm here. If I wanted a good sleep I'd go home. That's a lie, I probably wouldn't get one there either." I climbe into the bed next to him, snuggling into his warm body and rubbing his back.

The coughing continues that way throughout the day, and by the time Mike arrives in the afternoon Amy has been insisting that I go get a drink, go for a walk, or fetch something every hour to give me a break. Jackson had been back and give us some tips to relieve the pain and get his breath in between, but there is nothing else anyone can do. Amy and Jackson is with Zac when Mike arrives, and I him for a walk before he sees Zac.

"Fuck, Harri, I thought he was getting better?" He says after I tell him how it is.

"He is, today and tomorrow will be the worst of this and then he should get better pretty quickly. A lot of mucus built up while he was sedated and he has to get it out, this is the only way." I explain.

"Are you holding up?" Mike asks me.

"No". I admit, my eyes filling with tears and my voice shaking. "I don't want to leave him. But I think I need a break. It's so hard to watch him like this, he's been like it since early this morning."

"Go home. Have a shower, a nap, glass of wine, whatever you need. I'll stay. Stay at home overnight if you like.". He says softly.

I nod. "Just for a little while."

We return to Zac's room, Mike gives him a quick hug. He is starting to look ragged and exhausted, his eyes red and watery. I take his hand and rub his back. I can't leave, not when he really needs me. Jackson has put the bed up as far as he could and propped him up with pillows, trying to support him as upright as possible. I can see from the way he slumps that his muscles is weak and can't hold him up much longer, but his body just won't give him a break. 

 I ask him to move forward and climb in behind him, sitting behind his back so he can lean back into me. Earlier Jackson has shown me where I can massage on his back and I use my thumbs, alternating sides across the middle of his back. Initially it make it worse but after a few minutes he is able to catch his breath. 

I put my hands around to his chest and pull him back into me so he can rest his muscles without slumping over. "Mike, could you get Amy please?"

"Why?" Zac wheezes.

"Because you need a break". I tell him. 

 Amy walks in and looks at the monitor. "Remember we talked about a fine line between clearing your lungs and oxygen deprivation?" I nod, so does Zac weakly. "Your body needs a break, Zac. I'm going to give you some steroids to stop the coughing for a while and some pain relief so you can sleep. OK ?" He nods his head and lets me put the oxygen mask on his face.

"I love you, baby. You've been so brave." I whisper in his ear and kisses the back of his neck. I climb out from behind him so he can lay down.

"That was really good thinking, Harri." Amy praised. "The worst should be done hopefully. He at least should sleep for a few hours. You should go home and rest while you can, remember you are pregnant hon".

"I think I will when he calms down a bit. I couldn't have left him like he was, but it's been a really tough day." I say, feeling totally spend.


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