The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


20. Missing him

Chapter 20

 *Harri POV*

According to my coffee, there is only 21 days to go today. I am missing Zac terribly now and realising I am just past the half way point I am almost disappointed. I have a dinner date with Ben on saturday to break it up a little and I am looking forward to it.

There is a knock on my door and I go to open up to see adelivery man uotside had a package addressed to Me. I sign for it and after he has left I open the satchel carefully and finds 6 t-shirts. For a moment I am  confounded, and I check the sender details. It is from Zac. Then it clicks, I lift them up to my face and inhale. He has worn them and sent them to me. 

I laugh out loud and then start to cry softly. I miss him so much, I long to kiss and hug him and on more than one occasion I have considered surprising him in Canada. Talking to Liz about it the day before, her advice had been to stick it out. If you can survive 7 weeks straight up, you can survive when

it gets tough later, she had said.

 I know she is right, but that wasn't much comfort in my quiet apartment at night. Weekends has their benefits though, we usually talk much longer. 

When Zac calls in the evening he has something in mind. "How do you feel about a trip to New York?" He asked.

"Fine I think. Why?" I am unsure what to answer, when I don't have any clue what he is talking about.

"While I'm there in march we've been invited to the premiere of Kong - skull Island". He paused. "I thought we could go, if you like, as a couple. What do you think?"

"Sounds good, I think". I know my voice don't sound convinced.

"Mike thought it might be a good opportunity because no one will be expecting me to be there, and there won't be a lot of attention on us. Also I'd like to see it And, we could spend some time in New York together." He is kind of rambling.

"OK, that sounds lovely." I begin to think about what to wear. "I got my parcel earlier. Thank you, I am going to sleep a little better tonight."

Zac laughs. "My pleasure. Less than 3 weeks and I'll be sleeping next to you again".

"Mmmm, I can't wait. I've missed you a lot the last couple of days". My voice shakes a little and I take a deep breath to try to steady it.

"It know baby I'm missing you, too. I've been trying to keep busy learning my script, I'm the crazy man wandering around Toronto talking to himself". I laugh suddenly at the thought. "Oh it's good to hear you

laugh. What are you up to this weekend?"

"Actually, I am kind of having a date wit Ben tomorrow tonight, I'm looking forward to it. We're actually going out for drinks in Hollywood which I've never done before." I say.

"Be careful," He says softly.

"I will, you don't need to worry about me, Ben is looking out for me."

"You should wear something beautiful and sexy". He says suddenly


"No, in New York." He chuckles softly.

"Oh! OK, that's one less thing to worry about then". I smile. I am going to find a dress that will knock him of his feet, even if it will ruin me.

"Tomorrow, you should wear some sort of head to toe covering so no one gets any ideas". He says chuckling again.

"Yeah OK. I'll keep that in mind." I hear him yawn. "You should go to bed, you sound tired. I'll talk to you

tomorrow morning. I love you."

"I love you too, baby. Call me when you get up okay".

My brain was working overtime as I lay down on the bed. Premiere. New York. Tom Hiddleston. No more hiding, the world was going to know.


When I arrive home at 4 am saturday evening, I at least had enough wits about me to know that calling Zac drunk was a bad idea. I send him a text saying I was home and safe and promised to call him later after some sleep, and promptly collapsed on the couch.

"So you had a good night then?" Zac said later sunday afternoon. He called me before he had dinner to make sure I was ok.

"I really did. We haven't done that in so long, it was good fun."

"Are you going to be home for dinner?'"

"Yes, why?"

"Just be home at dinner time and be hungry. And don't be disappointed when I can't deliver it personally. I have to go, we're about to eat. Call me in tonight ?"

That evening at 6:30 my doorbell rang and I was surprised with the same Chinese we had eaten together. And I thought damn you're good to me, Levi.



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