The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


17. Last date before he leaves


 *Harri POV*

Zac arrived promptly at 6:3o and knocked on the door.

I have taken my time getting ready, I had a long bath and a glass of wine and focused my mind on enjoying our last dinner for a little while. I am wearing a sleeveless knee length dark royal blue dress, fitted to my waist and flowing over my hips. Even I had to admit that I look stunning in it. I have pulled some of my hair back but curls flows down my back and my new necklace sits perfectly just above my chest. I have forgone any other jewellery except for diamond studs and my watch. Black pumps sets off my legs perfectly and I hoped the confidence boost will help to settle the emotions of this afternoon.

I open the door. Zac is wearing a navy suit and crisp white shirt, he is leaning on the door frame with one hand in his pocket. "Wow". His voice a whisper. After a moment I realise that I have rendered him speechless and I am quietly pleased with myself. Let's get this back on track, shall we?

"Wow yourself." I say, tugging him inside by his shirt. "Wine?"

"Yes, please." He don't seem able to take his eyes off me as I walked to the kitchen to get his glass of crisp white wine. I feel different, more confident. More sure.

"I did a little shopping this afternoon". I smile, knowing my eyes are sparkling.

"I can see that. You look magnificent." He says and I twirl slowly in front of him giggling.

"I got something for you, too." I say, handing him the box.

 He looks at it, then at me. "Harriet.. you didn't have to get me anything".

"Stop talking and open it." He slowly opens the box and saw another one inside marked 'Rado' on the lid. He gasped when he opened the box and saw a watch he had been admiring a day we went for a walk.

"Oh my gosh Harri, I... it's too much....". I narrowe my eyebrows slightly and he continues. "I love it Thank you. Now whenever I wonder what time it is I'll be thinking of you. Not that I wouldn't be already." He slips the black and blue watch on to his arm.

 He pulls me into a slow passionate kiss and then looked at it again as he smiles. "We need to go, we'll be late for dinner." He finish his wine and takes my hand after I have grabbed my purse and overnight bag.

"Are you going to tell me where we're going?"

"Nope". He grins. "It's a surprise. But you'll love it."

It is a 20 minute drive into the Hollywood hills before we arrived at Yamashiro. Zac takes my hand and led me through the doors. It is stunning, I am overwhelmed by the beautiful Japanese inspired interior. The manager leads us through the restaurant and out to a secluded corner of the balcony with a view over LA. A table is set up for two looking out over the city, it has a pink glow as the sun set behind us. Zac pulls out a chair for me and I sit down. Again I marvell that such a short time ago had been so uncomfortable and nervous but now I feel so at ease with Zac and want to enjoy every detail.

The waiter fills my champagne glass. "Still trying to impress me, Mr Levi?" I grin, taking a sip. "This is perfect."

"Darling, I wanted to tell you again I'm sorry-" I raise my hand to stop him.

"Can we just pretend today didn't happen? You didn't do anything wrong, Zac. I panicked and I'm sorry. It's my stuff to deal with, and I will. You don't need to worry." I reach across the table and take his hand. "I love you and I trust you."

"I love you too."

"Also your watch has GPS and hidden recorders" I joke.

Zac laughs his beautiful laugh. "God Baby I'm going to miss you. I can't be done filming fast enough and get back home."

The food is delicious and the view changes as the sun set so that by the time we're finishing our meal we are looking at the twinkling lights of LA. "I can't wait to show you the world, to do everything with you" Zac says. 

"How is Lizzie doing?" He asks softly.

 I love him even more for caring about my sister whom he has never met. "She's ok. As well as can be expected I guess."

"Do vou want children?" He asks, looking very serious all af a sudden.

I almost choked on my drink, hadn't expected the question honestly. "Right now or can we have dessert first?" I tease. "I do, one day. Do you?'"

"Lots". Zac said winking. 

After dinner we took our drinks and had a stroll around the grounds in the moonlight. It is a warm night with a light breeze hinting that Autumn was on the way. We stood on the verandah looking over the twinkling city lights, I am holding the rail and Zac standing behind me with his arms around my waist.

Eventually he takes my hand and leads me to the car, taking me home.

Opening the front door, Zac asks me to wait on the deck for him, and I am wondered what he is planning this time. I am looking over the pool as he returns a few minutes later with 2 glasses of Champagne. "How can my life have changed so much in so little time ?" he asks, looking down in to his glass.

"Mmm". I agreed. I move closer to him and he clasped his hands at the small of my back, leaning down to kiss me.

He pulls away, setting down my empty glass and leading me to the bedroom. The amount of candles above the bed had at least doubled, and there is more on the floor against every wall, casting a soft glow over the bedroom. The bed is covered in pink rose petals, the mixture creating an intoxicating scent.

"Oh my god". I gasp. "Zac it's gorgeous." I look at him seriously. "Do you have any more romantic surprises, because I might faint."

Zac laughs softly "I just wanted to make to tonight memorable. Can't have you forgetting me before my plane lands." He sit me down on the bed and slowly taking off my shoes, rubbing my feet and legs. He was kneeling in front of me and I undo his shirt buttons, taking my time with each one before slipping it off his shoulders and onto the floor. 

 He unzip my dress at the back, sweeping my hair to one side to plant kisses down the back of my neck and spine. He pull me to my feet, sliding the dress off my shoulders, down over my waist and hips and letting it fall to the floor. Pressing me against him he kissed me lightly, dancing his tongue over my lips before mingling it with mine.

My hands goes to his chest, feeling the warmth of his skin, then to his shoulders and down his smooth back. I move on to his hips, undoing his belt and pants and sliding them to the floor. He unclasped my black lace bra, slipping it off my shoulders and freeing my breasts, trailing kisses down my neck while removing my panties.

He lays me down in the middle of the bed and stands back, like he is taking in the scene before him. The soft glow from the candles highlighting my milky skin, surrounded by the rose petals. He smiles. "You look like something from a dream".

 Zac crawls onto the bed, starting at my toes and kissing and nipping every part of me. By the time he reaches my mouth I am breathing quickly, and I can feel his full erection against me. I reached down and stroke him softly, while he slides two fingers into my folds, feeling my already hot slick centre. 

He is teasing my breasts, biting gently on my nipples before releasing them from his mouth. He positions

himself on top of me, rubbing his cock over my clit. He withdraws for a moment for protection and then lowers himself onto me, sliding his full length inside and eliciting a low moan. 

Zac makes love to me slowly, his mouth only leaving mine occasionally to catch his breath or kiss my neck. It isn't long before I am tugging at his hips, pulling him deeper into me as I convulsed around

him. Zac slows a little, making long deep strokes while I kiss his chest and sucks on one of his nipples, making him find his release with a last thrust inside me. 

He lingers inside me for a long time, not wanting to withdraw. When he finally do, he get up to extinguish the candles and when he lays back down, I lay my head on his chest, feeling his heart

beating beneath me. He holds me tightly in his arms and a few tears pools on his chest as I fall asleep.




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