The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


21. Home again


*Harri POV*

Amy the barrista bounced into the doorway of my apartment when I opened the door. "I was under strict orders to deliver this one." She said, handing me my coffee and a single pink rose. Instead

of a number on the lid like usual, this one says. 'I'm on my way, baby xx'. 

I can't help but smile. "Ooh you must be so excited! Are you picking him up?"

"Yes," I say. "Late this afternoon. It's going to feel like a looong day. Thank you, Amy".

I find it almost impossible to concentrate. Ending up just painting backgrounds, as I can't focus enough to do anything else.. only on thing on my mind.

Finally 4pm ticks over and I grab my satchel and headed for the car park. There is Zac's nissan. The excitement is building in my stomach as I starts the car and begin the drive to LAX. We had agreed that I will pick him up at the door but wait in the car. There is traffic on the way there, and although I had left in plenty of time, I actually arrived a few minutes later than I had hoped. When I pull into the pick up section he is already waiting, seemingly unnoticed. The weather is a bit to the cooler side and he is wearing a checked shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows, with jeans and boots. Putting his bags in the back, he slide in to the passenger seat and I realise I should have moved over for him to drive. 

 He leans in, kissing me quickly on the lips, "Take me home, gorgeous." He says smiling.

"Do you want to drive?" I ask, feeling a flutter of butterflies as I look at him.

"No, I'm tired and you're more than capable. I just want to sit here and admire you driving my amaze balls car." He says grinning, his eyes sparkling. "Damn it's good to see you, Baby."

I smile over at him and he reaches his hand over to me, placing it on my tigh and keeping it there for the intire drive. He tells a bit about the filming, but he is mostly quiet, he seems exhausted.

 When we arrived at Zac's house he swoops me into his arms and onto his lap on the couch. He laced our fingers together and brushes the hair from my face with his other hand, pulling my face to his and kissing me softly. I am nibbling and licking his bottom lip, probing for his tongue and deepening the kiss. Our lips are locked together for a long time while he holds me close to him. 

 With my hands on his chest I can feel the firm muscles beneath and I press myself into him, taking in the feeling of his hands on me, his scent, his sweet taste and the sound of his breathing. When our lips parts I lay my head against his neck and we sit peacefully, enjoying the familiar closeness.

After some time Zac's stomach rumbles, and I go to the kitchen to make a simple pasta for dinner while Zac pours the wine and readies the table on the deck. We eat and talk comfortably, catching up on everything we have missed over the last weeks, and Zac tells me of his plans for the next 2 weeks before we can take some time totally alone. When it gets late and he starts to yawn I insist that he goes upstairs to bed and I will follow as soon as I have packed the dishwasher and locked up. Zac is too tired to argue.

When I arrive upstairs I find Zac already in bed, naked and breathing quietly, he has fallen asleep almost as soon as he lay down. I watch him sleep for a few moments, he looks so peaceful. I look over his beautiful lean body and the slight smile on his face and feel my heart swell. Very gently I undress and slide into bed, laying my head on his chest. 

 He stirs slightly to put his arms around me and pull me closer and I close my eyes. It wasn't how I thought the night would end, but there would be plenty of time. 3 weeks strangely seemed much longer than it had before.


*Zac POV*

I wake with a start. It is dark and it takes me a moment to orientate myself and realise That Harriet is in my arms. I pull her in close, inhaling the sweet scent of her hair, and closes my eyes. A few minutes later I am wide awake. 

 It is 2am and she looks so peaceful I can't bear to wake her. I pull on my jeans and walks quietly downstairs to make tea. I sit out on the deck, although it is cool in LA in February it is warm in comparison to Canada. 

I look up at the black sky, twinkling with just a few stars through the clouds. I have taken a long time thinking about it, and I think it is time to ask her to live with me, permanetly and for real, but I still need to find the right way to ask.

I hear Her step out onto the deck and turns just enough to see she is in my shirt, I am leaning over the railing looking over the pool. She put her arms around me from behind and I feel her soft skin and breasts pressed warmly against my back. Apparently she hadn't bothered with the buttons.

"I was hoping not to wake you". I say quietly. 

"Why?" she asked, reaching her hands up to my chest.

I let my head fall back gently. "I don't remember." I smirk and turns to face her, putting my mouth on hers hungrily. 

I lift her up, wrapping her legs around my waist and carries her to the bedroom. I lay her gently on the bed letting my shirt fall open and revealing her naked body underneath. Beginning at her navel, I kiss and nibbled up to her neck, savouring each breast and drawing her nipples into my mouth slowly, trailing my tongue over her inbetween. 

 She squirms under me. After 7 weeks apart she is already hot and ready, and she reaches down to unzip my jeans. I leane back and let them fall to the floor, stepping out of them before joining her back on the bed. 

She reaches down to caress my already fully erect member, making me moan and she starts stroking my full length. I trail my hand down over her stomach and gently between her folds, smiling when I find her already hot and slick. I slide one, and then two long fingers inside her and she rolls her hips against my hand. 

Apparently she can't wait any longer, she takes hold of my shaft, guiding me toward her. I pause for a few moments, admiring her below me as she sit up slightly to remove my shirt from her shoulders. She take hold of me again, bringing me to her entrance and reaching her mouth up to mine. 

I gently slipp the tip inside her and a long, low moan escape her lips. She kiss my neck, rolling my nipple under her thumb knowing it will encourage me, and I slide my entire length into her in a slow thrust, breathing loudly into her ear. 

I stop for a second to kiss her softly and slowly, my tongue gently probing her lips open and feeling for her own. Her hands is on my shoulder blades, pulling me down to her and she is tracing her nails over my skin. 

I slide almost entirely out of her and then fill her again slowly,  with one hand I bring her hips up to meet me and begin a steady pace, kissing her mouth and neck and biting her nipple and shoulder gently as I dio.

"Oh god, Zac." She breathes in my ear. I release her hips and move my hand down to press gently against her clit, providing the extra friction she is craving. I can feel her tighten slightly around me and know she must be close. I can feel my own climax approaching and can't hold it back any longer quickening my pace and increasing the pressure on her, she begin to convulse under and around me. 

 I remove my hand, moving it behind her neck to lift her face and mouth to mine, and she sucks on my tongue, grazing it with her teeth as I shudder inside her and collapse down on top of her. After catching my breath I withdraw from her and pulled her into my arms, holding her tightly against me while we both fall asleep.




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