The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


18. Goodbyes


*Harri POV*

I wake early, the sun is only just beginning to light the sky. I can hear the shower running. I roll over and groan. This is it. D - day. We have to leave at 8:30 to get Zac to the airport in time and then I will drive the nissan back to his house. 

 We have decided to park in the car park rather than the drop off to say good bye. I pull on Zac's shirt and goes downstairs to boil the kettle, hoping a cup of tea will ease the knot in my stomach. 

 When I come back up, Zac is in the bedroom wrapped in a towel, hair dripping onto his face. I walk over to him and he wraps me tightly in his arms. I have to fight to hold myself together.

Our remaining time goes by quietly and much too fast. The almost-silence isn't uncomfortable, we both feel everything we needed to say has been said.

There is, however, barely a few minutes where we aren't touching, relishing the closeness we won't have again for many weeks.

Finally Zac puts his bags in the car and we head for the airport. We talk in the car about trivial things and Zac only let go of my hand when he needs to shift gears.

When we arrive he park the car in a quiet corner of the car park and I let him open the door for me. He takes my hands and looked into my eves. "Harriet, this time with you has been the most amazing of my life. I can't believe how fast it has gone and yet how close we have become in such a short time. I am

so excited to see what will happen next that it almost negates having to leave you for a few weeks." He pauses and looked down at our hands. "You're probably going to read things about me. In the papers and magazines, on the Internet. Don't believe anything you don't hear from me. There will be rumours, but my heart is here." He puts his fingertips on my necklace. "I'm leaving part of it behind, with you." He

looks back to my face and I can see a slight glisten in his eyes. "If you need me, any time of the day or night, you call me. You might not get me straight away, but I will always make time for you, whatever you need. OK?" 

 I nod. "I love you, Harriett Calder, and I'm going to miss you every minute for the next 7 weeks." He leans down and kisses my mouth softly, I can feel his lip trembling.

Our lips separate and I struggled to find my voice. "I don't know what to say". My voice is already shaking. "You have been so kind, so loving and attentive and patient with me. I can not believe we'd only just met such a short time ago and I feel like my whole life is about to change. You've brought back so much of the confidence I thought was lost, and you make me feel like I can do anything with you by my side. I'm going to be lost without you here, but I know it will be OK and you will come back to me. I love you, and I never expected to feel like this." My voice trails off as tears begin to well in my eyes, spilling on to my cheeks. 

I wipe them away angrily, I don't want to be crying when he leaves, Zac gently tilts my chin up to him and wipes my cheeks, kissing my forehead and moving down to my mouth. He probes gently with his tongue and we kiss slowly and deeply for a few minutes, not wanting to part, knowing that it is time for him to go.

When we finally separated, both our cheeks are wet and Zac pulls me to his chest. I sob quietly into his shirt, no longer able to hold it in. "Sshh baby. I know. I'm so sorry I'm doing this to you." He whispered soothingly into my hair. 

 Pushing myself back from his chest, I kiss him once last time. "You should go, you're going to be late," my voice waver and he puts a finger toy lips, nodding. "I'll call you when I land".

 "I love you my beautiful darling girl". He hands me the keys to the nissan. "Look after her, won't you." He smirk.

 "I will and I love you too my sweet handsome prince." I force myself to watch him walk away, he turns a few times to blow kisses to me before rounding the corner out of the car park and out of sight.  

I get into the car and starts it up, letting the soft leather seats and the purr of the engine soothe me. As I is about to reverse out, my phone buzzed and I looked down to see a message from Zac: '49 days to go my love xx'

Zac's car was like driving a sleek, smooth, sophisticated beast. I thoroughly enjoy the drive back, except for being alone, and pulls into Zac's garage. He had told me to use it as much as I wanted, but I'd decided against it. 

I had promised to return to unpack the dishwasher and make sure the house was locked up before I went home, and I take his clothes from the previous day as well before heading to my apartment.

The rest of the day I try to just stay busy, I do some washing, , and by the end of the day I have read all of my 230 unread emails and the apartment is spotless. I also painted several pet paintings.

I decide on an early night since I hadn't had one in over a week, and go to my bedroom. Looking at the bed, I am not sure I can sleep there. Oh stop it princess he's only been here once.

At 9:30 I'm in bed reading a book when I received Zac's message 'I hope you're okay darling xx I have arrived safe and sound! Only 48 days back when we wake. Love you xx'. I replie and lay back in bed, fighting back tears again. 

Getting up I remembered the shirts I had brought home and put on his t-shirt. It smells just like him and I

immediately feel comforted. Tucking myself back under the covers I finally fall asleep with my phone in hand, flicking through photos of our time together.


I roll over and slap the alarm until it stops beeping. Rubbing my eyes, I sit up and looked at the sun filtering in through the window. I pull my knees up, hugging them to my chest and taking in the scent from Zac's shirt.

It is the only thing reminding me that the past weeks hasn't been a dream I just woke up from. 48 Days. I remind myself. I need to stay busy for 48 more days.

Showered and dressed, I grab my bag, going down to my favorite coffee shop on the corner, ordering a vanilla latte, I started drinking them because the vanilla sent reminds me of Zac and the candles in his bedroom.

 "So you've scored yourself a prince charming?" Amy the always friendly barrista said, smiling sweetly at me, as she hands me my cup.

"Huh?" I probably look very confused.

 "Don't worry I'm not allowed to talk about it, you're safe." She smirk. "You're also set for coffees every day for the next 7 weeks."

"Whoa, back up a bit. What?" I feel like I have entered the twillight zone here, not really able to understand what she is saying.

"Zac came in on Friday and ordered you a vanilla latte for every day while he is gone, said he hoped they would remind you of him, he ordered delivery to, but I just wanted to check the time with you first."

I blush. "Oh, um. 10 or 11ish I guess? Not too early but whenever you guys are ready is fine. And I'm happy to come and get it, no special treatment needed."

"Ok no problem. How about you just come over when you're ready. But if you'd like me to bring it over, just call and I can do that, it's no hassle." She says smiling.

"Thanks Amy".

"No need to thank me. You are so lucky, he really is prince charming isn't he?" she said wistfully. "I saw you two in here some time ago and the way he looks at you is just... well, you know". 

"Yeah he is, I'm a lucky girl." I smile warmly. "I'll see you tomorrow then. Can we keep it a little bit quiet though?"

"That's part of my job, don't you worry". She says winking at me.

I smile to myself as I pick up the phone and press the right button as I walk home. "Hello my darling, how did you sleep?" I can tell Zac is smiling but he sounds exhausted.

"You sir are going to have people talking, sending me coffees every day". I say avoiding his question. "Thank you. You're amazing".

"You're very welcome. So did you sleep?" He asks again.

"Not well. Better when I remembered I had your t-shirt at home, I slept in it." I pause for a moment. "Is that weird?" I ask softly.

"No darling. I wish I'd thought of that myself. Although I'm not sure it would work so well for me to wear your clothes." He chuckles.

"By the way your car is amazeballs and it's tucked up safely in it's garage without a scratch." I tell him.

I hear him laugh at the other end. "Amazeballs, huh? I'm not sure nissan have heard that before. You can use it every day if you'd like. There's a card in the glove box for fuel".

"Noooo, I'd feel too awful if something happened to it. And I like my old ford, it doesn't break the speed limit of its own accord." I am trying to keep the conversation light. He didn't need to hear the obvious, that I am missing him and counting the days until I can kiss him. I hear him yawn. "You should probably have an early night."

"I'm planning on it, haven't had many of those recently. You should probably get back to work."

"Yep, better earn my coffee. Thank you again, you are so sweet." I tell him, fighting my voice from breaking.

"Anything I can do to make my beautiful girls day a bit better, and you sid they made you work better." He sigh. "I love vou."

"I love you, too. Call me tonight before you go to sleep okay ?"

"OK. Bye, my darling."

"Goodbye my prince charming". I disconnect the call, holding the phone to my heart, smiling to myself, I really have the most amazing boyfriend in the world.










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