The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


38. Getting back on his feet


 *Harri POV*

"Hi Mike, it's Harriet."

"How is he?"

"Improving slowly. They're going to try getting him up today. He wants to talk to you so I'm going to put you on speaker." I put the phone down on the bed between us".

"Hi Mike". Zac says.

"Hey sleeping beauty."

 Zac laughs softly. "I need to work out what's going to happen with filming. But first, I want to work out how we get Harriet back home."

"What? No, Zac, I-"

"I actually talked to the gallery, they have a dinner for the artist in the new show in 5 days, they wanted to know if Harri can make it ?" Mike says.

"Can you let them know she'll be ready for The dinner?" Zac answers over my head.

"Hello?!" I yell, regretting it when Zac winc clearly in pain. "I'm standing right here? And I can make my own decisions."

"OK. Look at it this way. I need a deadline, and getting me back to work is weeks away. I'm too impatient for that and you know it. You saying you'll go back for that dinner gives me something to work towards. Four days and I need to be able to look after myself. I can do that.'"

"You won't have to." Mike interjected. "I'm coming out there, I fly in tomorrow evening".

"See? Sorted." Zac says.

My mouth gapes, not quite knowing what to say. "I hate it when you two agree." I know I am sulking, but I feel a bit bowled over.

"OK, now that's decided. I need to get back to filming, I need to know if we can still wrap up due to schedule."

"That's a big ask, Zac." Mike says.

"I know that. But the pace we were working at was quite slow, I think it's doable. Especially since they've carried on without me." Zac says.

 I try getting a word in. "The doctor just gave you specific instructions not to-"

"I won't push too hard. Mike could you speak to them and find out what the plan is? I still can't really think straight." Zac says, rubbing his temble.

"Okay I'll do that now. If you could still wrap at the scheduled time then it won't affect anything else at least." Mike says

"Exactly." Zac says.

 I try again. "Mike, the doctor has just told him not to overdo it, he needs to-"

"Rest. I know, Harriet. And I'll be there and make sure he does. And after your show, you can be there and make sure he does. But the film won't make itself." Mike answers.

"Thanks Mike. I'll see vou tomorrow." Zac says.

"You will. Bye Harriet". Mike says.

"Did I mention how I hate it when you agree?" I roll my eyes. "See you tomorrow".


I hang up the phone and frown at Zac. "What?" he asked innocently.

"Ugh you're not even worth arguing with, I might hurt your head." I hiss at him.

Zac has the audacity to laugh. "I'm sorry, darling. You're not just a little bit excited to get back? To finish up your pieces for the show. To do something beside sit here looking at me ?"

"I feel better knowing Mike is going to be here. But I know he's wrapped around your little finger as well. Promise me that you will rest, and you will not work too hard while I'm gone".

"I promise. Define too hard..." Zac says with a smirk.

"Good to see your sense of humour making a return, Levi." There is a soft knock at the door and it opens gently, revealing a very fit looking man in his early twenties with short blonde hair. I am guessing he is the physio.

 "Hi, Zac. I'm Jackson, your physiotherapist." He says smiling. I introduce myself, and then excused myself and goes down to get a coffee.

When I return I peek through the window and Zac gesture for me to come in. He is sitting upright on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor, and by the time I have opened the door he is standing up. "This is progress!" I say, smiling.

"The last time it took me this much effort to stand up I think I was about 8 months old". Zac said. "Or very intoxicated." I can tell from his tone he is feeling frustrated with himself.

"You'll be surprised how quick it will come back though". Jackson says. "It's just your balance is affected. You won't be this weak for very long."

Zac leans heavily over the bed as his body is overtaken by coughing. It hurts in my chest just watching him, and it takes a few seconds for him to catch his breath.

Jackson looks at me. "Because he's been laying down, sedated, on breathing support, his lungs have filled up with crap. Unfortunately now that he's able to sit up and we're trying to drain it out, that cough is going to get worse before it gets better". He explains. 

I remember Dr Porter saying the same thing earlier, but I am not sure how much worse it can get, he can hardly breath as it is.

"So". He turns back to Zac. "No walking further than the door, don't do anything quick or sudden. Take it slow or you'll end up flat on your face. The exercises I showed you need to be done every hour during the day and you can do them if you're up at night as well, it will help clear your lungs more quickly. Any


"No. Thank you." Zac sounds a little shorter than usual, snapping slightly.

"I know you're frustrated, you're impatient and you want to get better as quickly as possible. It will come, it's a marathon not a sprint. One thing at a time. Because your brain is still inflamed and still healing we need to go a little bit slower, if you flare it up again we're back to square one." Jackson says.

"I understand. Thanks, Jackson." Zac says with a sigh.

He leaves and closes the door, and Zac leanes over the bed, his face in his hands. I walk to stand behind him and tries to turn him around, but he pushes me away. "Don't. I'll probably just fall over and take you with me."


"I just need to sit back down, Harriet." Now he is snapping at me to.

"OK". I sit back in the chair while he get back onto the bed. I look up at his face and can see his cheeks are wet with tears and he is sweating. "Zac, what's wrong?"

"How am I supposed to go home, or go back to the set, when I can't even fucking stand by myself ?" I get up on the bed next to him and sat facing him, trying to see his face. He turns away from me.

"Hey". I put a hand on his leg.

"I don't know how you can stand to look at me. Weak, sick, frail. What kind of man am I, what kind of father will I be if I can't walk ?" He wipes his face angrily.

"Listen to me, Zachary. You will be able to walk long before the baby comes. If I know you, you'll be

able to walk by tomorrow. Don't you ever dare to think that I wouldn't love you or want to look at you because you're sick. And yes, Zac, you're sick. Get used to it, you will be for a while. But you will get back to being yourself, and I'll still be there when you do. There's a reason wedding vows mention worse and sickness, not just better and health, even though we aren't married, that still complies. Push me away all you like, I'm not going anywhere. Got it?"

He grunts at the wall and I literally want to slap him. "Zac ? Look at me." After a few moments he turns to me and I wipe the tears from his face. "I love you. In sickness and in health."

"I love you too". He sigh. "I'm sorry. I just hate this."

"I know. Believe me, I understand. Remember?" I hold up my wrist, reminding him of the horse riding accident that had me laid up for weeks and unable to paint properly for months. He nods and reach for me, pulling me close against his chest. "I'll help you if you want to try again?"

"I don't want to fall and hurt you". He says softly.

 "Zac, I reckon I weigh a few kilos more than you right now. I'm good". I say with a giggle.






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