The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


22. Finding her scar


3 days later

 *Harri POV*

Our bags are packed and Zac drives us to the airport. "Ready?" He asks, taking my hand. "As I'll ever be," I take a deep breath.

"We're actually having the VIP treatment today, normally I don't bother." He says smiling as he stops the car.

"Still trying to impress me?" I ask teasingly..

He winks and opens the door, handing the keys of the Nissan to the valet and unload our bags onto a trolley.

As we enters through the doors, a man in a crisp airline uniform mets us. "Mr Levi, Miss Calder , if you'd like to follow me please ?" Zac insist on pushing the trolley himself and I hear them chatting idly about the weather as we walk. 

 He check our baggage in and hand us our boarding passes, escorting us through security and into the first class lounge. So this is how the other half fly, I think. We are immediately offered drinks and a cabinet full of delicious-looking pastries, fresh fruit and breakfast. I has to focus on keeping my mouth from gaping.

We sit down in a leather couch and wait for our coffee. "I had no idea first class was even an option for domestic,'"

"Either did I". Zac chuckles. "I've flown first class on a couple of international flights but I don't normally. This is a treat for you." He leans over and kisses my cheek.

"Begin as you intend to go on, Mr Levi. If I can't have this treatment every time, I don't think this will work out." I joke.

"Anything you want my love, is yours. I mean it". He says seriously.

"Where's the private jet then?" I ask, arching an eyebrow, knowing he will know I am joking.

"Sorry but it's in for repairs. Maybe next time." He winks as he puts his large hand on my thigh.

It is certainly the most comfortable flight I have ever experience, and our lunch was amazing. We arrive in New York just after 6 pm and get a cab to The Plaza. As we pull up, I grab Zac's hand. "You're kidding, right? We are not staying at the Plaza."

"Yes we are." A smile lit up his face. Obviously I had given him the desired reaction.

A man in a suit opens the cab doors. "Mr Levi, we have a Rose Suite reserved for you. If you'll follow me, your bags will be brought up in a moment."

"Thank you," Zac says, taking my hand. I can't help but feel a bit out of place, I always dress more for comfort than style when I am travelling. That will have to change now, I think. Why didn't I think of that before we left home! Zac senses my tension and puts a hand on my back. "Relax, darling".

Our suite is stunning. Quite literally. I wander around for half an hour like a cat trying to find a comfortable sleeping place. There is just so much to take in, and the view is breathtaking.

We both showered and dressed quickly for a late dinner in the restaurant. While waiting for our meals I once again marvelled at the gorgeous surroundings. The mere thought of the cost made my stomach churn, and Zac has already told me firmly that he won't allow me to contribute. 

I try to squash the thought and focus on our plans for the next few days. "You look beautiful as always, darling." Zac whispers across the table. I am wearing the same outfit I had worn for out trip to the gallery, but with thick stockings.

"Thank you". I blush just a little and takes a sip of water.

When we go back to the suite, I get an idea. I find bubble bath and candles and fills the generously sized bath in the bathroom, taking the champagne, ice bucket and 2 glasses. Perfect. 

 Zac was sitting in a lounge chair, checking his ipad. "What are you up to?" He asked, eyeing me warily

"Nothing." I try to look insulted. I take his hands, standing him up and leading him to the bathroom, kissing him hard on the mouth, I unbutton his white shirt and unzip his navy pants, letting them fall to the floor. 

I slowly remove my dress and stockings, allowing him to unclasp my bra and remove my panties. I sink into the warm water, it feels heavenly as it surrounds me and washes over my skin and I can smell the citrus scent of the bubble bath and candles. 

 I looke up at Zac standing naked next to the bath. He really is gorgeous, his slim body, the toned shoulders and arms. I subconsciously wet my lips as he climbs in and sit down, his erection disappearing under the water.


*Zac POV*

I can feel Harriet's eyes on me as I step into the warm bath and I am conscious of my growing erection. She is just magnificent, I wonder what I have done to have her fall in love with me. I just wish I could make her see how I love her, how I will treat her this way every day if she just let me. I can't wait to take her out and introduce her, I am am so proud to be by her side.

She moves forward so she is straddling me and leanes down slowly until our lips met softly. I love the way she taste and the way her tongue explores mine.

Ocasionally she sucks lightly on my tongue and bottom lip and I can feel my erection grow under the water. A moan escaping my throat as her breasts and hard nipples graze over my chest. Leaving her lips, I open my eyes to look at her full breasts and smooth shoulders, while she runs her wet fingertips down my chest. 

 She bring her mouth to my neck and I take one hand to her breast, the other trailing down slowly between her legs. I feel her slit, hot and wet. When she sits back up on my legs, I suck her nipple hard into my mouth while sliding a finger inside her, and is rewarded with a breathy moan. I love the way she looks into my eyes when I pleasure her, I look up to meet her dark eyes as I continue my sucking and gentle biting and after a moment she closes her eyes, letting her head fall back a little as I slide two fingers inside her, searching until I find her g-spot. 

 She moves one hand to my shaft, expertly stroking up and down my length. She begin to thrust against my fingers and I use my other hand to circle her clit, occasionally flicking very lightly, making her tighten around me.

She tightens her grip on me, moving a little faster and circling the head with one finger. She bend to kiss my chest, biting one nipple and then the other, moving upward to bite my neck and ear and I thrust against her. 

I can feel my climax getting near and I move my hands to her hips, whispering hoarsely against her neck. "I need to feel you baby". She knows what I mean and lets go of me, letting me lift her onto my hard length. 

 She leans in and crashes her lips against mine roughly, our tongues mingling hungrily as she moanes loudly into my mouth. I feel her begin to shudder and she grounds down on me, as I thrust up against her as hard as possible in the water, feeling her climaxing hard around me.

 It is enough to tip me over the edge and I presses her into me, probably swearing badly as my world explodes in pleasure. She turns so her back is against me and sit between my legs, leaning her head back into my neck and closing her eyes. 

 I put my arms around her waist and hold her close while our breathing slows. After a while he squeeze some body wash on to her chest, lathering it over her shoulders, neck and breasts and leaning her forward to do the same on her back. I take her arms out of the water and do the same all the way down to her fingertips, lathering and massaging slowly.

 "You have such perfect hands, so delicate but strong". I say, rubbing her knuckles. I rinse off the soap and kisses from her fingertips up over her palm and to her wrist and freeze. I hold her hand gently and looks closely at the inside of her left wrist, feeling the not so smooth skin there. It was small, only a few centimetres long, but it is without a doubt a raised slightly purple scar. 

 She pulled her hand away. "It's not what it looks like". She says quietly. Either way she clearly don't want the associated memory right now. "I injured my wrist a while ago and had to have surgery to repair it".

"Baby, I didn't think-"

"It's fine, it's just the skin is still a bit sensitive and it still causes me some pain." She says, avoiding my eyes.

"I'm sorry, my darling." I reach for her hand again and she pulls it away. I look into her eyes, pleading for her to trust me. She gives me her hand and I turn it over, running my fingertips very gently over the scarred skin and kissing it lightly. I sense there is more to it, for her to have such a strong reaction but I don't want to probe her further. 

Out of the bath she puts on a black lace slip and pours us another glass of champagne, bringing mine to where I am standing admiring the view out the window.

I look at her, biting my lip nervously. "There is something I want to ask you baby, and I hope you will consider it".

 "What is it Zac ? You look so nervous". She looks like my nerves are making her nervous to.

 I take both her hands in mine, looking into her eyes. "Harriet, I was thinking, we spend almost all our time together, what do you think about moving in together ?"

 "Oh". She looks speechless, but then she finds her voice. "I would really love to Zac, but what about my atellie ? I need a place to paint".

 "What about you keep the apartment just to work at, until we can build you one ?" I ask, moving my feet nervously. Please say yes.

She turns to me and put her hands on my bare chest, stretching up to kiss me softly. "Yes Zac, I would love to move in with you then and now take me to bed, lover boy."

She don't need to tell me twice.








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