The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


41. Finally released


*Zac POV*

"Normally I would insist on staying and helping you, Zac." Amy says winking to me. "But I'm pretty sure Harriet is itching to help you, so just buzz if you need me, ok?" 

Harriet giggles and blushes lightly, as Mike followes Amy out the door. "Finally alone". I say.

"Don't get any ideas, Levi. One thing at a time." She says opening the bathroom door and I walk in, the fact I am wearing only pants making it easy for Harriet to undress me. Amy has removed my monitors, leaving small pink circles where they have been stuck to my skin. 

 Harriet turns to leave and I grab her arm, pulling her to me and kissing her hungrily, leaving me almost breathless but it was totally worth it.

"God I can't wait to get you home". I say, running my fingers down her back, letting go of her even though I don't really want to.

 I step in under the stream of hot water, enjoying the feeling and being able to do it on my own, wishing Harriet could have joined me, but I know it is still to early for such things.


*Harri POV*

After I closes the door behind me, I get him some clean clothes while he showers. I sit on the bed and wait, hardly able to believe the difference since yesterday, and wary that he will try and take everything too fast and get sick again. Lost in my thoughts I don't realise he is done until he walks out of the bathroom wearing a towel. 

"Sorry I was bringing your clothes in and got distracted". I say, handing him jeans and a T-shirt.

"What were you thinking about my darling? You were frowning". He says softly.

"You, and how impatient you are. You have to promise to do what the doctor says. Take it slowly, rest, get better. I can't go through all of this again, Zac." I say honestly.

"I promise, Baby." He puts his arms around my shoulders and I kiss his chest, making him groan in frustration and me smile.

"You want some help with your clothes?" I ask him.

"If I want to go home I have to do it. I'll tell you if I do." He says, going back into the bathroom to get dressed. I know he don't want me to see him struggle.

 He comes back out just as I am starting to wonder, dressed and looking less like a patient. "Ta da! I never thought I'd needed a nap after just getting dressed. This is going to take some getting used to." He sit down on the bed and lay back, closing his eyes just as Amy opened the door.

"I'm impressed, Zac. Did he have help?" She asks me. Blushing, I look down at the floor. "Not to put his clothes on, no."

Amy laughs. "OK. Um, I need to take some blood and then we're going to radiology for your tests."

Zac sit up on the edge of the bed. "Can I walk this time?"

"Nope. But I can promote you to a wheelchair." She says.

"Can I push myself then ? Pretty please". He asks.

"No." She turns to me. "Is he always like this?"

"Yes." I say. "It's endearingly charming and infuriating at the same time. I'll wait for here until you get back." I kiss him lightly on the forehead and ruffle his hair with my fingers.

Just after they leave my phone rings. "Hey Tom".

"Hey, you sound good this morning. How are you?" He asks.

"Yeah I am good. I think Zac is coming home today, Mike is here, I'm going back to LA. Life is going on, I think." I sigh.

"That's so good to hear. So he's doing well ?" I can hear the bright smile in his voice.

"This morning, yes. Yesterday was awful but they warned him it would be. Today he's up and about, dressed and ready to go home!" I say.

"I'm so happy for you guys, that's fantastic. I'm just between scenes and thought I'd check in so I'd better get back to it. Give Zac a hug, or something, from me and take care of yourself."

"I will and you too." I say ending the phone call.

I pass Mike in the hall. "I'm just ducking out for a minute, are you going back to Zac's house ?'"

"Nah I'll wait and see if he's coming home. I had a few hours sleep. Where are you going ?" He asks me curiously.

"There's a florist down the road, I'm going to get some flowers for Amy". I tell him.

 "I'll go. You can't just walk down the street with all the people sniffing around out there. The news has started to get out that Zac isn't on set, people saw the ambulance, you're here instead of LA. We'll do a release this afternoon, until then you stay here." He tells me.

"Oh. OK. I didn't even think about that." I say, I often forget that part of being with him.

"That's why I'm here". He says, turning and walking down toward the door.

The afternoon drags on, the clock ticking away slowly and Zac has dozed off sitting up in bed waiting for Dr Porter to return with his results. Me and Mike is playing cards quietly at the table and it is obvious Mike is preoccupied because he is losing every hand."What's on your mind, Mikey ?"

"Just Zac. What I'm going to say in the statement. How the film will pan out." He sighs. "And the huge pile of scripts waiting for him on my desk. I've read them and I'm pretty sure he'll want to go for all of them. Which is great, plenty of work and all that. But he is going to burn himself out again if he keeps this up. And then there's you, you two are going to become parents and it will just get more hectic. You'll want to see more of one another, your career is just taking off, it will be a hell to schedule".

"Jesus, Mike. Slow down. How about one week at a time. We can both work on slowing him down, but if he wants to go for every part, let him. I'm not going to let him burn himself out, even if I have to give up my own career to be sure." I say, padding Mike's hand.

Finally Dr Porter opens the door and Zac's eyes snaps open. "Can I go home?"

 The doctor laughs. "Yes. But there are some conditions. No work for the rest of the week. After that, half days, and the medic on set will supervise you and you will listen if he tells you to do something. Nothing strenuous, and I mean nothing. No exercise, nothing that will increase your breathing for another 10 days." He looks at me and raises his eyebrows. "Are we clear?" 

 Realisation dawns and I nod solemnly, probably blushing badly. "If you have any doubts, come straight back in. Any headache that doesn't resolve in a couple of hours or affects your vision, come straight here".

"Got it. Thank you so much doctor, for everything." Zac says, almost springing to his feet.

"My pleasure, Mr Levi. Take care of yourself." The doctor says smiling.


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