The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


31. Feeling much better


*Harri POV*

I am dreaming, not quite awake but not quite asleep either. We are in the Seychelles, warm morning sun is streaming in through the sliding glass doors and reflecting off the pool, dancing across the ceiling above the bed. I can hear waves crashing below, breaking on to the white sand where we will be

married in just a few hours. 

 I can feel Zac's even breath on my neck, his arms tight around my waist, pulling me close to him and pressing my bare skin against his. Rolling over to face him, I woke up with a start, and has to stifle a

giggle when I realise the sound of the waves is actually his snoring and his chest rattling softly as he breathes. 

I put a cool hand on his forehead and is relieved to find it feels normal for the first time since I arrived here. I watch him sleep for a few minutes before getting out of bed and into the shower. The warm water flowing over my hair and down my body and I stand under it with my eyes closed, tipping my head back to let it wash over my face and neck. Quiet tears begin to spill down my cheeks, tears of relief and release of tension  I hadn't realised was taking such a toll on me. Washing them away I turn off the water, wrap myself in a towel and go back to the bedroom. Zac has rolled over to my side of the bed but has gone back to sleep.

Dressed in a T-shirt, denim shorts and sandals I goes quietly to the kitchen and make myself toast and tea, eating it on the verandah and watching the sun rise higher in to the sky through the trees. Borrowing block of paper and a pencil from the loungeroom I sit on the back steps, starting to sketch.


 *Zac POV*

 I feel groggy, like I have been sleeping for a week. I can feel Harriet's soft lips on my forehead and her hand stroking the back of my neck, and I think I can smell tea. As I open my eyes I notice she is sitting cross-legged on the bed in front of me, dressed in a Nerd Machine shirt and denim shorts. "Hi sleepy head". She run her fingers gently through my hair. "How are you feeling?"

"Sleepy. But better, I think. What time is it?" I am still trying to get my bearings.

"Just after 12. I made you some tea and I'll get you some lunch if you're hungry". She says softly, looking the most relaxed I've seen her since she arrived.

"12? How long have I been asleep?" I am rubbing my eyes and tries to sit up. Everything starts to swim around me and Harriet grabs my arm to steady me.

"Take it easy, you need to sit up slowly. You've been asleep almost 24 hours." She tells me.

"WHAT? Why didn't you wake me?" I ask, I can't believe I sleept an entire day away.

She looks like she is about to say 'I told you so' but thought better of it. "You needed to rest, Zac." 

I sit gingerly on the edge of the bed and reache for my tea. "I do feel a bit better. My head doesn't feel so heavy and my throat doesn't hurt." That is of course the moment a coughing fit hits me, leaving me wheezing for a a few moments, holding my ribs. "Well not as much."

"That's so good to hear. You had me worried. And Mike, and Shekinah." I eye her warily. "She called me, Zac. Anyway, I told her we got your monitored".

 I nod, getting up slowly, still feeling a bit dizzy. "Thank you baby. I think I will hit the shower, I feel I need it after that nap".

"Make it nice and steamy". She says absently over her shoulder.


"It's good for your cough, Zac." She says giggling and shaking her head at me.

"Oh, right. I thought you were having other ideas." I say with a smirk, getting out of her way and into the bathroom as she tries smacking my behind.


*Harri POV*

I smile when Zac comes walking out into the kitchen wearing shorts and a T-shirt, looking very much better, still to thin of course, but colour getting back in his cheeks. "Hungry?"

"Yes, my stomach is yelling at me. Uh, can I have a jam sandwich?" He looks at me with the most adorable expression on his face.

I giggle. "You can have whatever you like. Jam sandwich coming up". I am just happy to see him wanting to eat something he has to swallow.


Just before 8am the next morning, we sit in the waiting room, grinning like teenagers at one another. Zac is holding my hand in his, he does look a little better this morning, although I don't feel sure that he is out of the woods yet. The colour is returning to his face and his eyes has some sparkle back though. 

 The same doctor checked him over again. "I think you can go back to work, if you promise to take it easy. That means rest, no more ridiculous hours, and you need to maintain your weight. I don't want you doing anything strenuous for another week but you can go back to filming today."

"Thank god". Zac said.

"Indeed". I laugh, I am going crazy trying to keep him from doing things, it is just not possible.

On the way out the doctor put his hand on my arm to stop my, making sure Zac don't hear him. "Keep an eye on him, he's not recovered by any means and he needs to keep resting if he's going to be okay".

"I will. Thank you". I say back.

 I drive us both to the set and Declan mets us at Zac's trailer. "Good to have you back Zac. How are you feeling?"

"Better". He say between coughs. "No, really." He laughs. "I do feel much better".

"Good, you need to be ready for makeup in an hour." Declan says.

 "Thanks Dec". Zac said dismissing him. "Are you okay with being by yourself for the day ?" He asks me as soon as Declan has left.

"I thought I go into town. Take a look around the area I'll call you later, to hear when you are done, ok?" I ask him.

"Perfect, I love you Baby". He says smiling.

"I love you too. Take it easy today." I kiss him goodbye and goes back to the car.


I get a call from Zac just after 5 saying he will be ready in half an hour. When he get in the car he gives me a big smile. "I feel so much better today. It was a good day. What did you get up to?"

 "Just drove around, looked at soom cute little shops. I also spend some time drawing, but my wrist still tires really fast". I tell.

 Immediately after dinner Zac is yawning and coughing again and after a shower I take him to bed, stroking his back until he falls asleep. I go quietly back to clean up the dishes and then I take the paper and pencil to the verandah, sitting down to sketch again.

When the cold makes my fingers start to ache, I go inside, lock up and slide into bed next to Zac. Wearing his shirt, I snuggled into his warm body, my head against his chest and his arms tight around me.











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