The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


53. Epilogue


2 years later

*Harri POV*

I sigh, staring out at the rain over the gardens, it is a rare rainy day in LA. Early this morning the sun had been shining, now it is kind of cold and wet. The rain falls on the glass ceiling of the conservatory, making patterns all over the room. I sway slowly. "No outside walks today, sweetheart. But that's OK, something much more exciting is happening." I smile and turn to go upstairs. On the

way something in the formal reception room catch my eyes, and go in.

Inside the large cabinet a tiny ray of sunshine is reflecting on the gold academy award with Zac's name on it. I look at the framed picture next to it and frown a little. It has two stills from the film and I remember how thin and sick he had been while filming. The one next to it is us together with the Oscar, and he looks more like the Zac I know, beard and all.

I smile remembering that night. We had only been married a year, and would find out soon after that we were expecting our second child. I had been at a big art show in New York, my flight was delayed and I almost hadn't made it. "He's such a talented man, your daddy." I say. On my way out I straighten a large

canvas, the beautiful couple on it smiling down at me. The blue ocean and white sand of the Seychelles set off the colours in the photo: My beautiful white dress, pink roses and blue eyes, and Zac's grey suit and blue shirt. Looking at it makes me smile every time, remembering the salt air, the sound of the water, the hot sun on our skin, the beautiful red and purple sunset as we celebrated into the night.

Seeing Zac's eyes glisten with tears as I walked down the sand to him, and all through our vows. The feeling of complete and utter happiness that I had thought might never happen.

Continuing upstairs, I check the guest bedrooms and bathroom are ready for visitors. I stop for a moment in another doorway, watching Matilda sleeping peacefully in her little bed, her dark curls a pur around her head. I can't belive she is almost 2 years old.

 Then I walk into the next room, admiring the modern white nursery we have created together. Everything is white and pastels and it looks fit for a prince or princess. Sitting down in the rocking chair I sing softly while rocking. I have almost dozed off myself when I hear Zac at the front door. "Darling, I'm home! And I brought surprises!"

I stand carefully and goes slowly down the stairs, not wanting to risk my precious cargo. I gasp and almost run when I see a small boy run in past Zac, almost tripping him. "William? Oh my gosh you brought William! He's so big. William is my nephew, Lizzies little boy, who is now 1,5 years old.

"Not just William." Zac say, gesturing behind him. Lizzie and Jake follows along with my mum. I rush them all in to the lounge room so they can sit down. I had been expecting my mum but Liz and Jake were a complete surprise. Handing a bundle of blankets to Zac I run to Liz and hug her tight, squealing just a little.

"May I introduce Oliver Jeremy Levi Pugh". Zac says, gently lowering the tiny baby boy into my mothers arms. There are oohs and aahs all around as he stretches his tiny hands up out of the blue blanket. We named him Jeremy after my father.

Zac stands behind me and has his arms around my waist, kissing the top of my head gently. "Surprise." He whispers.

"You did this? Brought them here ?" I ask.

"I helped. Mostly with the keeping it from you." He chuckles.

"Sis, this place is incredible." Liz is wandering around looking out at the gardens.

"It is, isn't it? I knew when we saw it, that it would be perfect." I say.

"You've got the palace, the Prince charming, the little princess and the baby prince. What's next?" She asks smiling.

"A puppy." Zac says, grinning and I pull his face down to kiss him, I need nothing more, I have everything I could ever dream of.



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