The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


52. Baby talk


 *Zac POV*

 I lay awake after my alarm goes off, the sun was just beginning to filter in through the trees outside. It is cool, cooler than it had been in weeks. Autumn is well and truly arriving, the leaves turning orange, yellow and red. I roll over to pull Harriet to me, feeling the warmth of her bare legs on mine. She is wearing one of my T-shirt, and I slip one hand just under the hem onto her hip.

 I feel my heart swell with happiness and love, not only is she back in my arms and my bed, but she also agreed to marry me, I just couldn't be happier.

"Zac darling". She groan. "What time is it?"

"6:15. You'll be pleased to know I'm feeling much better, almost totally like myself". I say letting my lips slowly trail over her neck. It has been so long and I simply can't wait any longer.

"Are you?" She roll quickly over to face me and reach straight for my erection. "Mm. I don't know. You might need another day in bed."

I gasp and pull the shirt over her head, leaving her naked and pressed against me. "Maybe just a couple of hours."

"Damn you and your work ethic". She says with a grin, before closing her mouth over mine and searching for my tongue. Her hands are on my chest and the back of my neck giving me serious shivers. 

I roll her over, getting me on top of her, kissing her chest and sucking hard on her breast while my fingers trail down her abdomen to her entrance. "God baby I missed this so much".

 She arch her back to meet me, reaching out to stroke my shaft. I pull away and she whimpers, looking down to see what I am doing. Before she can move I am sliding my erection into her slowly, inserting just

the tip before pulling away again. She grabs my hips and pull me hard into her and on top of her, crashing her mouth into mine and holding me deep inside her, grinding her hips around me and making me moan hard in to her mouth.

I leave her lips and kisses her neck as I thrust into her over and over, slowly and evenly, while she rolls my nipple between her fingertips and kisses my shoulder. She starts pulling hard on my waist, rolling

her hips up to meet my thrusts, I know it means she is close and I used my hand to stimulate her clit. When my thrusts become uneven and my breathing ragged, she sucks my nipple into her mouth and I can't keep it back any longer, feeling myself cum hard, tipping her with me over the edge. She bite down on my collarbone as she shatters around me, spasms racking her body.

 I collapse on top of her, breathing heavily, and as she comes down she runs a hand throug my hair. "I think you are right about being better, you almost don't wheeze and rattle anymore, not even after a lot of exercise".

 I smile up at her. "Told you so baby".


 *Harri POV*

 I smile as Zac lets his hands slide down on my stomach, it is pretty easy to see that I am pregnant by now, even though my stomach is still quite small. If it hadn't been for the baby kicking I think I would forget I was even pregnant. I mean there has just been so much so I haven't had the time or energy to think about it to much.

 "My little munchkind, I can't wait for you to arrive. Daddy loves you so much already". He whispers softly to my stomach and I choke back tears.

 Suddenly the baby kicks hard and he gasps, before he looks up at me with the biggest smile. "She kicked me, she got a mean kick this one".

 "So you are sure it's a girl then ?" I ask him softly. "And yes she has a very mean kick, especially when directed at my kidney".

 He chuckle and speak to my stomach again. "Hey sweetpea, you need to be nice to mommy, she is working hard carrying you around".

 "Ouch Zac it is very endearing when you talk to her, but it makes her kick up a storm every time she hears your voice". I say softly.

 He cares my stomach lovingly and I clear my throat. "Zac there is something I need to tell you. I know you wanted to be there when we found out the gender, but at my last scan the doctor let me see some 3d images, and well it was pretty obvious even to me".

 "Oh". Is all he says, then he lights up in a smile. "It is fine baby, I would have liked to be there, but with everything that has happened, well I am just happy to hear from you.. so am I right ?"

 I look at him, and can't help the smile that is creeping over my face. "Yes, yes you are right, we are having a beautiful little girl".

 "She is going to be such a spoiled little daddy's girl". He kisses me softly then he moves his face to my stomach, nuzzling it. "Yes you are, aren't you sweetpea ?"

I gasp out loud and start to giggle, gently pushing him away. "Stop Zac, please stop, she is trying to kick her way out of there".

 "Have you thought about a name for her ?". He asks, gently stroking my stomach, which seems to calm her down considerably.

 I bite my lip, nervous if he is going to like it. "Well I was thinking we could call her Matilda and then Susan after your mother".

 "I really like it darling, so I am fine with that if that is what you want. Matilda Susan Levi Pugh, yeah I like that a lot". He says smiling. He lost his mother a couple of years ago, so that is why I want to name her after her.

 I snuggle into him. "Well that was easy. Now about the wedding. What were you thinking regarding time frame, like soon after the birth or some time next year ?"

 "Well if I got my way we were flying out to vegas today, I want to marry you right now baby, I don't want to wait". He says snuggling his face into my neck.

 I can't help giggling, well I actually feel the same way. "Maybe we could wait till you are done filming and then go somewhere beautiful with our families and closest friends ?"

 "Perfect baby, I totally trust you to arrange it, just tell me what to do, where to be and how much to pay". He chuckles into my neck, making me laugh. "Be careful what you say Mr Levi, could get very expensive".

 He kisses my nose softly. "I don't care, as long as you become mine forever, I'll happily pay everything I own".





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