The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


36. Awake


*Harri POV*

 I am waiting for Amy, holding Zac's hand in both of my own. I feel his fingers move, and then guess I had just imagined it. Wishful thinking, I chide myself. I hear him groan as he moves his head a little and immediately I reach for the buzzer to get Amy. "Zac ? Baby, I'm here, it's Harri."

"Harri ?" He opens his eyes and slam them shut again. "Argh." I hurriedly switch off his overhead light so only the dimmer down lights is on. "That might be better."

He blinks again. "A little. Oh my beautiful Harri."

"Hey, you." I look into his bright hazel eyes and has to turn away when tears spills down my face again. "God Zac you scared the life out of me."

"I'm sorry darling." He reaches his hand up for my face and winch, and I move closer to him and kisses his lips softly. "I love you."

I smile. "I love you too. Amy is coming, so is Dr Porter."

"Who?" He frowns.

"The people with the drugs for your head, Zac." I tell him.

"Oh, good." He looks relieved.

"While they're here I'll duck out and call Shekinah, she's been waiting for you to wake up". I tell him softly.

"Please don't go, call her now." He look at me, his eye begging.

As he asked, I call Shekinah without moving away. "He's awake, Shekinah." I turn away from him, covering my mouth with my hand. "Yep. They're on their way. Yeah I'm just so relieved. See you soon." 

I hang up and tries to compose myself before turning back to Zac. I fail miserably, collapsing into the

chair and holding his hand to my face.

"I'm so sorry Baby." He leans over and strokes my hair gently. I sniffle and look up at him. "How are you feeling?" I ask with a shaking voice.

"My head feels like someone is jackhammering my brain. And my chest feels like there's an elephant on it." He smiles gingerly. "Otherwise I'm good. I think. What day is it?"

"Uh, I have no idea". I giggle. "But you've been here just over two days."

Amy and Dr Porter opens the door. They explaine everything to Zac while Amy gives him some pain relief. He looks like his head might explode with the overload of information. 

 Shekinah, Darryll and Tom arrives just as they are leaving, and Shekinah run to Zac's side to hug him. "My god you frightened us!" She looks like she don't know whether to hit him or kiss him.

"I'll let you too have a minute." I say and get up to leave.

"Please don't go baby." Zac grabs my hand.

"I'll be right back, I promise". I say, sending him a reassuring smile. Leaving him with his sister and father to let them have a bit of family time.


*Shekinah POV*

"We won't stay long unless you want us to." I say as Harriet closes the door. "I have to get back to LA as soon as I know you're ok."

"I'm ok. I'd love for you to stay but I'm not in the most hospitable state." He says, looking like he is still in a lot of pain.

"I'm wouldn't go if you weren't in good hands, but I know you are. Harriet would quite literally give her life for you I think. She is definitely perfect for you." I tell him softly, I actually think he has finally found 'the one'.

"I think so. I hate to think what I've put her through." He looks down. It is hard seeing my normally strong vibrant brother this pale and thin, a mere shadow of himself.

"You know she won't tell you. But Tom probably will, Mike sent him to look after her". We talked for a while before Zac gets sleepy and asks me to get Harriet. 

We say farewell to each other, promising a happier catch up when he gets home, and I phone a cab to go to the airport, giving my brother a last hug, before me and daddy leaves.

 On our way out, I hug Harriet and then turn to Tom, hugging him too. "You look after her while Zac can't, she's my family."


*Zac POV*

Harriet and Tom comes quietly into my room and Harri dims the lights for me again. I smile at Tom. "Good to see you brother, I hear you've been keeping my seat warm for me? Thank you for being here and taking care of Harri."

"My pleasure, but you had us all scared you big loon. How are you feeling?" Ton says squeezing my hand.

"High as a kite." I say laughing softly. I am lucky to have such good friends and such an amazing family.

 "I'm going to get you something to eat, Harri, and then I'll head back to Zac's. If all is well tomorrow I should get back to Work." Tom says.

"You don't need to-" Harri starts, but she cut herself off as Tom frowns at her. "OK. Thank you. I'll see you

tomorrow before you go?"

"You will. I'll be back shortly." He says and leave. I am happy Tom is here, I know how stubborn Harri can be, and I am glad here is someone who doesn't let her forget to eat and sleep, she needs to take care of our baby.

Harri sits down and strokes my face softly. "God I missed you. I mean you were here, but you weren't, here."

"Mmm I missed you too. Honestly the stunts I have to pull to get you to come visit me." I grin, and then clap my hand over my face. "Shit, Baby".

"What? What's wrong?" She looks scared.

"You're supposed to be painting for the new exhibition ! What are you going to do?" I don't want to ruin it for her.

"Relax. It's all settled, I can go back when I'm ready, I have some older pieces that can be used, it's no problem and you are much more important". She says.

"Go as soon as you need to." I tell her.

"I'm not going anywhere just yet, at least until you're back on your feet and at home, till I am sure you are okay." She says, seending me a loving smile.

"Oh, good. I was really scared, baby. Nothing like this has happened to me before." I tell her honestly, I had never expected it to be this bad.

"You should sleep, you still need a lot of rest before you can go home". She says running her fingers through my hair. "Close your eyes."



"Sing to me?"

"I don't have... OK."

 I close my eyes, listening to her soft voice. At least we must have had our share of trouble and strife, from now on it should be smoot sailing right ?


*Harri POV*

I don't even get through one song before he is sleeping peacefully and I tiptoe to the door when Tom comes back. I wrap my arms tight around him. "You are the most amazing friend either of us could ever hope for. I can never thank you enough for taking care of me while I was too busy worrying about Zac. We're really lucky to have you. I love you".

"I love you too gorgeous and it was nothing, I'm glad I could do something helpful. I'm so happy for you, and so relieved he's going to be OK. Is he asleep?" Tom says softly, kissing the top of my head.

"Yeah, and it is probably for the best, he needs a lot of rest." I say.

"I'll see him tomorrow then. Any chance you're coming home tonight to get some rest?" He asks me, eyeing me up, probably to see how tired I am.

"Nope. None. I'm not leaving. But there's a recliner in there I can sleep in, and I've been well fed today so I'll be fine." I release him and he takes the keys to Zac's house and hand me a box of fish and chips, making me smile. 

 When he is out of sight, I go back to Zac's room, sitting down at the table eating my food. I watch him sleep and has never been so relieved in my life. From now on I just want us to have a normal boring life please.




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