The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


30. And a fever


*Zac POV*

I wake early the following morning and feel Harriet's body snuggled into mine. It take a few minutes to remember that I am not allowed to run, or work for the next two days. I laid my head back on the pillow and sigh. I feel marginally better, but that could be because Harriet is here taking care of me. I know I

will go stir crazy not being able to do anything, and I silently curse myself for getting so run down. The team will be so disappointed in me, and I already feel like I am not doing a great job, now he I am having two days in bed while they carry on without me. 

 After half an hour of enjoying having Harriet in my bed, her warm almost naked body close to mine, I can't take any more laying around. Pulling on a pair of shorts before I go to the kitchen for a cup of tea, and looking for something to do.

An hour later Harriet wander into the lounge room with a frown on her face. I know she fears that I have gone running, I wouldn't dare, she would have been furious, I know I am supposed to be resting. She finds me on the couch reading my script with soft country music plaving and her frown disappeared. 

"At least you aren't running, but you should have woken me up". She says softly, looking me over, to check if I look better.

I look up and shrug. "Please don't be mad at me. There's only so long I can lay in bed and do nothing, and you looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake you. I'm not doing anything but resting, see?"

She sit down next to me. "No singing though. Reading only. You'll hurt your voice".

"Yes boss." I kissed her lips and she puts her arms around my neck, asking. "Have you had breakfast?"

"No, I was waiting for you. I'll get a smoothie in a minute." I see her eyes narrow. "Packed with good stuff, I promise. Breakfast is the only thing I haven't had a problem with."

She takes my hands in hers. "I'm really worried about you, Zac. You're always kind of a perfectionist but you're not normally so hard on yourself. What's going on?"

"I don't know". I sigh. "I think it's because playing a real person, telling a story that actually happened, that has to be completely accurate... it's so different to what I've done before. I mean I've done this before, but not playing someone so far removed from myself. I'm honestly not sure I can pull this off." I can hear my own voice shaking and Harriet moves closer to put her arms around me. "It's the criticism from his family, isn't it?"

"Yes. What if they're right?" I say.

 She thinks about it for a moment. "Put yourself in their place. A movie is being made about your grandfather, let's say he's a folk singer from California." I laugh and nod before she goes on. "So they ask you and you see the screenplay and its brilliant and its all accurate. And then you find out they've cast

a Frenchman who has never sung folk in his life. How would you feel?"

I think for a few moments. "It wouldn't matter how much effort they put in or how well they did, they'd probably never be good enough."

"You need to accept the idea that no matter how many thousands, millions of people think you've done a great job, you might not win everybody over. That's a really hard thing to swallow, I know." She tells me.

"When did you get so smart?" I ask her grinning.

"Ha! I hang around this lovely man who thinks he's clever with his big words, I'm just trying to keep up." She smiles.

She takes the script out of my hands and flicker to a random page, reading another character's line. I respond without even thinking, as though we are just having a conversation. "Wow, you already know this." She said, putting the script down on the coffee table.

"Yes but I need to work on the dialect. And the songs, they need to be perfect too". I tell her.

"OK then. After breakfast. Then you can have a rest, lunch, snuggle with me and then have a nap". She tells me.

"Ooooooohhh. I like bossy Harriet." I say, getting up, feeling a bit light headed.

"Gentle loving Harriet gave up when you didn't listen to her". She says chuckling as she walks into the kitchen.


*Harri POV*

Later that afternoon I lay in bed in Zac's arms, kissing him slowly, playing with his fingers, listening to his heart beat and cringing at the slight rattle in his chest. He do seem a little brighter this afternoon and I hope that two days rest will be enough. 

 He dozes off while I am stroking his cheek gently, and once he is sleeping soundly, I get up and sit on the verandah. I am wearing a long cotton dress and it clings to my back with sweat after only a few minutes outside. 

 I take out my phone, remembering I had promised to call Mike "Hi Harriet, how's Louisiana?"

"Lovely actually. Warm and humid, just like home." I tell him.

 "So how's Zac ?" He asks, sounding worried.

"I think he might be a bit better, it's hard to say. It's so hard to get him to rest though, he just can't be still and do nothing."I sigh.

"It is, I know. The man relaxes by working I think. He's exhausting to be around sometimes." He says making me laugh.

"Well he has to relax for two days, we are seeing the doctor again the day after tomorrow morning and he will decide if Zac can go back to work. I can't wait for this film to be done, Mike. He just looks awful." I say.

"Yeah I saw a pic on twitter a few days ago. That's how they want him though, he knew that when he took it on. I can understand you not liking it, seeing someone you love look so sick, it is never fun". He says softly.

 After a moment of silence Mike says. "Can you call me when you see the doctor or if anything changes ? I aked Zac to, but he seems to forget".

"Sure will. I have to go, I have another call. I'll talk to you soon." I tell him, wondering who is calling. I don't normally answer numbers I don't recognise, but instinct tell me to pick up. "Hello?'"

"Harriet ? Hi it's Shekinah, Zac's sister". I hear her voice from the other end. I have met har a couple of times, and I like her.

"Hello Shekinah. How are you?" I ask her.

"I'm well thanks lovely. Have you heard from Zac ? I can't seem to get a hold of him". She sounds very worried for him.

"I'm  with him in Shreveport, he is resting, doctors orders. He has gotten some virus and with him having lost all that weight and working so hard, he has a bit of a hard time fighting it." I tell her.

"You're there already? Good. I was so worried about him, but goodness, Harri, you like a challenge don't you? He hates doctors! The only thing he hates more is rest!" She says laughing.

 "Yes I know, his idea of rest is only working half his usual amount of work." I laugh, he can't really help it, it is just the way he is. "He's been a good patient today though. I don't think he has the energy to argue."

"I think you're probably right darling, I don't even want to look at pictures of him when he's that thin." She sigh. "I am really happy you're there looking after him. You'll call me if you need to okay ?"

"Of course I will. I think he will be ok after another day off tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing you when I get back." We had talked about getting together for a lunch.

"We are so going out to that lunch as soon as you are back. Give Zac a hug from all of us, Harriet, and tell him to take care of himself." She says.

"I will. I'll talk to you soon." I say, ending the call.

It was almost time for dinner and I am thankful I made a huge batch of soup the night before. I go quietly to the bedroom and sit next to Zac, noticing his face is glistening with sweat. I pull the covers off him, leaving only the sheet, and feel his forehead. I don't need a thermometer to know he has a fever, he is uncomfortably hot to the touch. I get some Tylenol and a glass of water from the bathroom and strokes his face gently until he stir. "You need to take these, baby. You have a fever."

He does as I ask and lay back down, pulling me up against him as he goes back to sleep. After a few minutes he is snoring softly and I sit watching him sleep in the fading light, until my stomach rumbles.






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