The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


42. A scare in the night


 *Harri POV*

I drive Mike and Zac back to the house. Zac is looking around at everything like a man who'd been released from prison. When we arrived Mike helps him inside while I get the bags. It is almost time for dinner so I go to the kitchen while Zac lay down on the couch and Mike takes his things to the guest

room. After putting the risotto in the oven I go to sit with Zac and is surprised to find him awake.

"Gosh it's so good to be home. Even if this isn't really home. It's close enough.'" He smiles up at me. "Oh Baby the things I want to do to you".

"You can't, you heard the doctor. A week, at least, and by then I'll be back in LA." Zac pouts at me and I stroke his cheek. "It's only a month and I'll be back. Please promise me you'll rest."

"I will. I want to be back in shape when you come back. On the inside at least, the outside will have to wait until the film is done." He says, making me roll my eyes. 

 I sit  down on the floor in front of him and kisses his mouth softly, grazing my teeth lightly over his bottom lip and tongue. After a few moments Zac pull away and stare into my eyes, his hands on my cheeks. "This is going to be the longest month of my life."

After dinner Zac and Mike are both ready to fall asleep in their chairs. I clear the kitchen and stand at the window, listening to the serene silence. I guess they are both sleeping already and walk as quietly as I can to Zac's bedroom to peek in the door. He is snoring softly, all I can see above the covers is his bare shoulders. I watch his chest rise and fall for a few minutes before going back to the lounge room and taking my drawing pad from its bag. I haven't had a chance to draw in days, and she was soothed by the welknown task. Grateful for everything being taken care of and something else to focus on.

I shower quickly and put on the shirt I had slept in last night, sliding carefully into bed next to Zac. He is wearing only a pair of soft cotton pants, his chest bare and he rolls over to cuddle me in his arms. The sound of his breathing, his arms around me, his smell and the sense of relief I feel at finally having him home is like a warm blanket around me, and I fall asleep with a contented smile on my lips.


*Zac POV*

I am gasping for breath and Harriet wakes with a start, sitting up and trying to orientate herself. I am sitting up on the edge of the bed, wheezing and coughing. "You ok baby?" She asks sleepily. 

In the very faint light she could probably just see me shake my head, and she leans over me to get to the steroid inhaler the hospital has send me home with, administering it as instructed. After a couple of

minutes that feels like hours, I finally manage a slow, deep breath, filling my lungs. Harriet is rubbing my back while I recover and must have noticed I am holding the side of my head with my hand. "Headache?" I nod, still unable to speak.

She goes to the bathroom and get me some painkillers and fill a glass with water, returning to kneel on the floor in front of me and putting them on the nightstand. She holds my hands and I look down at her, brushing her hair from her face and stroking her cheek. "Thank you." I whisper. "All I wanted was painkillers, a drink and the toilet. I think I sat up too quickly."

"I'll give you a hand to get up when you're ready". Harriet says, putting her head down on my lap. I play with her hair for a few more minutes before lifting her head so I can stand up and walk to the bathroom. When I return Harriet is back in bed waiting for me and I pull her close, snuggling into her back. I know she listens until my breathing slows and she knows I am asleep before she closes her eyes.


*Harri POV*

I wake again and can smell something familiar. Pancakes. Pancakes? If he's cooking I'll kill him. I partially open my eyes, and realised I can feel Zac's warm body against me, moving with his even sleeping breath. Weak morning sun is fighting it's way through the curtains and she can see 7 on the clock the rest of the numbers obscured by a bottle of water. I realise it must be Mike making pancakes, and gets up to get dressed.

Down in the kitchen I catch Mike singing away to himself while he cooks. "Morning," he says cheerfully, smiling at me.

"Smells delicious". I begin pulling plates and cutlery out of the cupboard and looking for maple syrup

"Did he sleep ok?" Mike asks.

"He woke up once coughing and couldn't breathe but otherwise yeah." I tell him.

"So, you're out of here in the morning?" He says, flipping the last pancakes onto a plate.

I sit down at the bench and sigh. "I don't know if I'm ready, Mike. Do you know what it's like getting a call to tell you that the love of your life  has coughed up blood and passed out and is in ICU? It's god damn scary. Last night he woke up and couldn't breathe. If I hadn't got his inhaler I don't know what would have happened."

"I'll be here, Harri. I can look after him." He says.

"Really? Will you hear him gasping for breath? Will you know by how he's sitting up in bed that his head is pounding? Please tell me how you're going to look after him from your bed down the hall, where you're asleep!" I hadn't realised I had raised my voice until I see the startled look on Mike's face. 

He put his hands up in mock surrender."Harriet !?"

"Shit, Mike, I'm sorry." I put my head down, face in my hands.

He sit down next to me. "I know you're worried, Harri. I know you love him and you're scared something will happen and you'll wish you were here.'"

"We had such a good thing going. Everything was perfect. I knew he was sick, I knew he was too thin and I knew he would keep pushing himself. And I left. I left him, Mike. I'm going to be the mother of his child, I'm supposed to take care of him, and I left". Mike puts his hand on my shoulder. "He could have died." I say almost inaudibly.

"But I didn't". Zac says softly behind me. I almost jump out of my seat, I thought he was still sleeping and hadn't heard him coming. He surprises me by kissing me gently on the cheek, and then whispered in my ear. "We will talk after breakfast." Raising his voice to normal, he turns to Mike. "Smells good, I'm



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