The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


25. A big surprice


*Harri Pov*

"Oh god, Harriet! Don't move darling, just stay still. Oh god are you OK?" I hear Zac's panicked voice from far away.

I landed hard on the rocks and felt like I got crushed when Charlie fell on me. "Where did he go?" I ask, almost crying as pain sear through my side and back. I try to block it out but can barely think through it.

"I think he's ok, he went back toward the stables. Just spooked I think. Where are you hurt?" Zac is squatting down next to me.

I don't want to know, I don't want to think about it. Blackness threatens to swallow me, I am in intense pain but can't really work out where it is coming from."I'm ok." I lie.

"No, you're not. I need to get you out of here, which means putting you up on my horse". He says softly, his eyes scanning me over.

"No". I try to stand but can't without doubling over.

"Baby, there's no other way. I'll get you as comfortable as I can and I'll ring ahead and tell them what happened. It's not far. God baby I'm so sorry." He looks so guilty it makes me hurt even more.

He stand me on my feet gently. As I take a sharp breath the pain in my side and back intensifies and I let out a groan.

"Darling this is going to hurt, but it's the only way." Zac says softly, lifting me carefully so my foot is in the stirrup. He leans me gently forward to swing my other leg over and I can't hold back a scream, tears streaming down my face.

 I try to focus on where the pain is exactly. Both of my sides and upper back feel like they are on fire, every shallow breath is agony. It feels strangely familiar and I know I have fractured at least one or two ribs. My left wrist is throbbing and I let out a squeak when I try to move my fingers. I want to look but my

eyes won't focus, I guess it is broken, hopefully not as bad as the last time. My collarbone and chest on the same side feel like they might have been torn from my body.


*Zac POV*

I feel tortured, I don't want to hurt her, but I have to get her back to the stables and to a doctor. I know the best way is to ride with her. When she screamed in pain I felt like my heart was being ripped out

"OK we're going to go slow but not too slow, I need to get you to a hospital." I say without waiting for an answer. I take out my phone and dial the stables, they tell me that Charlie has already returned and didn't appear injured, just spooked.

The ambulance should be waiting when we return. Removing her helmet she slumps back, leaning against me, and closes her eyes.

When we arrive back at the stables, around 10 workers are waiting for us along with an ambulance. The paramedics help me lift her as gently as possible down to the stretcher and immediately give her methoxyflurane and a cannula in her right hand for morphine. 

 It is a 20 minute trip to the hospital and I ride in the front of the ambulance. When twe arrive Harriet is

immediately rushed away for scans while I wait in the waiting room. The doctor comes to see me after a few minutes. "Zac ? I'm Dr Cooper. You're Harriet's boyfriend?" I nod. "Can you tell me what happened?"

"We were horseriding and her horse lost his footing and fell sideways, so she landed on rocks and the horse landed on top of her. Is she going to be OK?" I try to keep my breathing steady.

"I think so, we're waiting for the x rays to make sure there's no organ damage or internal bleeding, but it looks like she was lucky. She has a few broken bones though, her left wrist is pretty banged up."

She's an artist, a painter." I say quietly. "She'll be devastated".

"Well get an ortho review as soon as we can. She will be back shortly, we'll get her settled and you can see her.". The doctor says.

 As Dr Cooper walks away I call Mike. Media is the last thing I want to deal with right now.

"Zac ?" A nurse pokes her head out from one of the rooms a few metres away, smiling at me. "You can come in now." She waits at the door for me. "Dr Cooper will come and see you in a little while, but I can tell you there's nothing life threatening, just painful. She'll need to rest."

"OK, thank you." I say as she leave the room.

 I try my best to hold it together. Harriet's face is already starting to bruise around her cheek and she has a nasty cut just under her eye that has been taped up. Her left arm is bend and strapped firmly across her chest, I can see some bruising around her collarbone and fear what is hidden by her gown will be worse. 

I can see her fingers poking out and they are swollen and purple already. She is clearly in pain and her eyes are red and puffy. I go and sit down by her side. "Oh my darling, I'm so so sorry." I take her good hand and kiss her knuckles. 

 I lay my head down on her hand, hiding my face and taking a deep breath. "Are you OK? Have you had enough pain relief? They said there's no organ damage, you're just going to be sore for a while."

"Yep, I think I'm pretty maxed out on morphine, I'm really sleepy and I can't think. As long as I don't move or breathe it's all good." She wince, lifting her hand to my face as she sees my lip is trembling, tears threatening to spill from my eyes. "Sshhhh baby, it's OK. I'm ok."

"God Baby I was so scared. And your wrist, we don't know how bad it is yet." I put my head down on her hand again and sniffel. "I'm sorry, I was trying so hard to keep it together for you."

 Dr Cooper and another Dr. entered the room. "Harriet, this is Dr Andrews, our ortho surgeon. How's your pain level?"

"It's not bad as long as I don't move." She says. "Nowhere near as bad as before."

"Good, we don't want you passing out on us again."

"It wasn't pleasant but it was a welcome reprieve."

"Wait, you passed out? When?" I interject.

"I'll tell you later". She say, holding her hand out for me to hold. "What's the



 *Harriet POV*

 "You're very lucky," Dr Cooper starts. "I know you don't feel it, but we were expecting internal injuries with this kind of accident."

"And my wrist?" I ask.

"It's not good," said Dr Andrews. "You have some definite ligament damage, and 3 fractures, probably more that we can't see." 

 Zac is squeezed my hand, everything is swimming and I think I might pass out again. "What do we do?" He ask for me.

"It's think, given what you do, we treat it conservatively to begin with. Everything is aligned correctly so we keep it immobilised and give it a chance to heal itself. It's a much longer recovery but less risk of dexterity being compromised. There's a fantastic team in LA who can manage your recovery and rehab. I could correct it with surgery and have you out of here in a few days, but I'm not sure that's the

best option for you. It's never too late for that if it's not healing, and it's always your choice."

I can't think. Everything hurts and the morphine makes me drowsy and slow. "OK I'll think about it". I say slowly.

"I need to ask you some questions". The doctor pauses hesitantly. "About previous injuries".

I don't flinch. "I fell and injured my wrist a few years ago, that was corrected by surgery".

"Yes, I saw that. You've broken ribs before as well?" The doctor says, looking like he don't like bringing up the subject.

"Not that I know of." I say truthfully.

"Your Collarbone?" He asks.

"No. Why?"

"Uh, your scans showed a lot of previous fractures in those areas. We can see by the way they've healed that they are... they appear to have occurred over a period of time, perhaps years." Dr Cooper looks down at the floor. I realise too late what they are saying, and my brain can't work fast enough. I need to

get Zac out of the room.

 "I'm sorry, I have to ask, it's my duty of care. Have you been a victim of domestic violence?" The doctor ask, eyeing Zac who sits upright with a jolt, eyeing the doctors.

"No". I say softly. Tears are stinging my eyes. Hold them back Harri I think. 

"Do you have another explanation?" Dr Andrews asked gently. I can't speak and is suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to vomit. I reach for the 'just in case' bowl the nurse has left, emptying my stomach into it while Zac holds my hair.  I only partly stifles a scream as pain seares through my sides, back, chest and face. After a couple of minutes I lay back down.

"I think perhaps you need to come back later". Zac says sternly to the two doctors. Dr Cooper is wetting a face washer for me, and Dr Andrews is drawing up more morphine.

"No, I'm ok. Zac, would you mind getting me a cup of tea?" He opens his mouth to argue but kisses me on the forehead instead and walks out.

After what seems like hours, I finally finds my voice. "My ex-boyfriend. He liked to push me around. The wrist and a couple of rib fractures would be when he threw me down the stairs. There are 2 other times he pushed me into a railing that can probably explain the rest. The collarbone was from a door frame. We're over, he is in New York and can't hurt me anymore. Is that all vou need?"

"Yes, I'm sorry we had to bring it up, but we have to. Was he charged?" The doctor asks.

"No, and the injuries weren't documented. I would appreciate if you could keep this confidential and out of your records?" I say, hoping this don't need to be an issue.

"We'll have to discuss that together, but given the abuse isn't current I think we can leave it at that." He says, the other doctor nodding.

"Thank you". I say.. The doctor is looking through his papers. "Oh by the way, the baby is fine, luckily they are well protected".

 My brain feels like it just exploded, baby ? What baby ? I hear a gasp and a splash and turn to see Zac stading at the door, the tea cup has slipped from his hand but he don't seem to notice. His face pale and his mouth slightly open.

 The doctor looks from Zac to me, then to the other doctor, who quickly goes to check on Zac, but before he can reach him, he slumps to the floor and honestly I don't know whether to be worried or laugh.

 Dr Cooper and Dr Andrew gets Zac up on the other bed, quickly checking him over. "Don't worry, he will come around in a minute, but I take it you didn't know about the baby ?"

 "No we had no idea.. How.. how far along am I ?" I ask, I don't know what to feel, I am pregnant, I am having Zac's baby. And how does he feel, I mean he actually fainted at the news.

 The doctor smiles at me. "You are around 10 weeks and the baby looks healthy as I said, but you need to start on prenatal care".


*Zac POV*

 I slowly open my eyes, finding a nurse smiling at me. "There you are sweetie, but of a shock you got, just  take it slow getting up and you'll be fine".

 "Thanks". I say, feeling like an idiot. God I fainted, Harri must think I hate her being pregnant, but the fact is I am so excited. I know it is early and not planned, but I couldn't imagine anyone I rather have kids with than her.

 When I slowly get up I see her smiling faintly at me from the other bed. "Morning there handsome, hope you had a nice nap".

 "Ha ha very funny". I say getting up and walking over to her. My body seems to hold up this time. I can see that someone has brought her a new cup of tea. "Are you okay baby ?"

 "Yes". She answered shakily. "The pregnancy was a bit of a shock, but... I am happy. The other thing, just please just don't ask".

"Are you going to tell me what that was about?" I ask her softly I have an idea, but I would of course like to know for sure.

"I- yes. But not now. What I will tell you is its nothing you need to worry about." She say, but I can't help worry.

"I'm having a hard time believing that, Harri." I tell her, taking her good hand, running my thumb softly over it.

"I know. This time I need you to trust me. We'll talk about it, I promise." She sips her tea, looking like she is finding it hart to swallow. "Is Charlie ok?"

Charlie ? My brain has been a bit overloaded, so it takes me some time to figure out what she is talking about. "What? Oh, I think so. I have to call them anyway, I'll ask."

I walk outside to call the stables and see Harriet put her head back gently. When I walk back in to her room, I gently wipe the tears from her eyes. "Charlie is just fine, just a few scratches. And I won't ask you again, you can talk to me when you're ready. But what about the baby ?"

 "I am 10 weeks, and I want to keep it.. I know it is early, but I love you and I couldn't get rid of our baby". She looks at me like she is scared of my response.

 I can't help smiling, kissing her very gently on the forehead. "I am so relieved, I feel exactly the same baby and I can't wait for us to be parents".

 She smile softly and suddenly look very tired, squeezing my hand.  "You should go get some rest, Zac. I'm in good hands. If you're recognised there'll be fans everywhere."

"Mike has taken care of that. And I am not leaving your side. Sleep, baby. I'll be here when you wake up". I tell her, watching her close her eyes.


*Harri POV*

Why can't the past just stay buried? I think about how hurt Zac will be and how he will give me that look and feel sorry for me, and a couple of tears spills down my cheeks as I drift of to sleep.


I opened the door with my key, it was late but I knew he would still be up. I tiptoed up the stairs, the lights were off downstairs but I could see a dim glow in the bedroom. I heard voices and wondered when Dean had put a TV in the bedroom. I couldn't wait to see the look on his face, he thought I wasn't coming home until next week.

He was talking to someone, and I stopped. Was that Naomi? It couldn't be. "Dean?" I stood in the bedroom door and could just barely make out two naked bodies.

"What the fuck, Harriet!" Naomi was up in a flash, throwing her clothes on. "I'm so sorry Harri, I didn't, I

mean, I'm really sorry." She grabbed the rest of her things from the bathroom and left.

"Good to see you, too Dean." I said sarcastically.

"What the fuck were you thinking?" He screamed, pulling on his pants.

I laughed. "That you would be happy to see me? That you WEREN'T cheating on me AGAIN? Stupid me, huh? I suppose this is my fault?"

"God I hate the attitude you come home with. You know I wouldn't have slept with her if you'd been here. If you had kept me in sight. But you go off thinking you're all talented and whatever to your big-shot studio in LA and leave me here, what do you expect?"

"You're totally right, Dean. We're done. I've just sold my first paintings, I found a nieche that can support me, I can support myself. I'll be around tomorrow to pack my things."

I started down the hallway and heard him coming after me, I began to run but he was too fast and he shoved me in the back with his shoulder. I hit the bathroom door frame with my chest and fell to the floor, pain erupting in my collarbone.

"You do that, you selfish bitch. Good luck finding anyone who will love you, let alone tolerate you like I have. You can't leave me, you love me, your family loves me". He spat.

"My family doesn't know you. Not what you're really like. But they're about to." I got up, trying not to show the pain I was in and went to the stairs. I heard him behind me again and started to run. At the top of the stairs I hesitated, and he grabbed both my arms, lifting me almost off the floor before practically throwing me down the hardwood staircase. 

 I landed first on my side and then at the bottom on my left hand, hearing a loud crack. Keep running, have to keep running, have to keep running. Pain burned in my whole left side and I got into my car and drove. Once I was a few streets away I pulled over, sobs racking my body and sending stabs of pain


Suddenly the car window smashed and I was covered in glass. I looked up to see Dean standing at the car with a cricket bat and screamed...


"Harri, baby, what's wrong?" I hear a voice far far away.

"Please, don't hurt me. Please just let me leave. Please." I plead between sobs.

"Sshhhh baby it's OK. It's me, it's Zac. I'll never hurt you. Shhh.

I open my eyes and realise I am in the hospital. It takes a moment to remember why, and why I was in so much pain. I let Zac hold my hand and stroke my face and I sob for what seemed like forever. When I open my eyes again, I realise Zac's face I wet with tears. "I'm sorry I scared you. I was dreaming."

"I guessed. What did he do to you Baby ?" Tears spills down my face again and pain sears through my side and arm, he looks so sad as he says. "I'm sorry, said I wouldn't ask again. It breaks my heart seeing you so upset, I just wish I could help you. Do you need more painkillers?" 

I nod and he pushes the buzzer. A few minutes later I am drifting back to another fitful sleep, leaving Zac to lay his head next to me on the bed and cry quietly.








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