The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


32. A bad relapse


 2 days later

 *Harri POV*

"Go back to sleep baby". I say, zipping my suitcase. "If I call a cab now I'll have plenty of time."

"No, I've had a week of resting and I feel a lot better. Almost myself. And I'm spending every last second with you while I can." Zac says, yawning loudly.

"You get dressed then and I'll get breakfast." I walk over to his side of the bed and kisses his lips. "I'm going to miss cooking for you. I'm going to miss cooking in general, never thought I'd say that!"

"I'm going to miss you. Just, you, well both of you." He grabs my waist, planting a kiss on my stomach before pulling me backwards so I am laying on top of him, making me squeal and press my hands into his chest. He puts a hand behind my head and pull my face to his, kissing me slowly and deeply. 

 He grunts as I push myself back from him to look at his face, and I giggle. "That would have been more romantic if you was a little... meatier".

"Haha maybe we'll try it again when I got some muscles back?" He says grinning.

 I have only just got used to his thinner form. I still don't like it, but I do understand now how it fit in with the role. Now that he has some colour in his skin that wasn't grey and the sparkle has returned to his hazel eyes, he just look a little too lean rather than sick.

Before we leave the house we said our goodbyes as usual. We have found a good balance together now, and the farewells are getting easier with frequency. This is our life, for now, working in different states,

flying in for visits in unfamiliar cities.

 I smile as I realised we are in a place where we can love one another and love what we do. "I never knew so much could happen in half a year". I said softly, my forehead resting against his.

"Just you wait," Zac says. "Before you know it we'll be married." He kisses me softly. "I can't wait to hear someone call you Mrs Levi Pugh".

"I reakky hope that isn't a proposal." I say and he shakes his head. "When I propose you won't be in doubt".

 I put me head on his chest for a few moments, knowing it is almost time to leave. "I love you, and I will miss you every day."

"I love you too, darling. I can not wait until you come back to me." He pulls me  in tight against him. "40 days, right?"

"40 days, baby."


1 week later:

 *Zac POV*

I wake at 5am and groan. I have been fighting sickness again for a couple of days and spent most of last night coughing until my throat was raw and my body aching. My head is pounding but I drag myself out for my morning run.

Before I leave I sent Harriet my usual morning message: '33 days baby xx'. I smile when I realise it is only one month until she will be making her way back to me.

Ten minutes into my run, I stop. Bend over with my hands on my thighs, I know that I can't go any further, my lungs are burning, my chest hurt like hell and my head is swimming. I can feel another coughing fit coming and crouched nearer to the ground, grateful there is no one else around. I feel so... weak. 

 I am coughing until I think I might pass out, I sit down on the ground to get my breath back and I notice blood on my hand. That is not good. I send a text to Declan asking him to make another appointment with the doctor for me this afternoon and walke slowly home.


*Harri POV*

I wake early in LA to a message from Zac and smile. One month. I have barely spoken to him the last two days, he has been filming from early morning well in to the night. When I had heard his voice he sounded tired and gravelly, and the hacking cough he had only just recovered from seemed to have

returned with a vengeance. 

 I get out of bed and go for a short run, relishing the fact that I am allowed to run again after injuring myself a few months earlier.

When I return my clothing clung to me with sweat, and I take a long warm shower. When I get out I have a message from Zac and call him straight back. "Hello darling," he answered.

  "Hey. Zac, you don't sound well." I feel an instant fear clutching my heart, he possibly sound even worse than he had done back when I came to visit him.

"I'm not, I don't think so anyway. I'm going to see the doctor again this afternoon. I think I'm just run down, we've had a huge week, long hours and not enough sleep". He says.

"You promised to take care of vourself." I might have sounded a tad angry, but why can't my man seem to watch out for himself, when he does it so well for everyone else?

"I did, and I am as best I can. We're back to regular hours from today and I'll get an early night. I just wanted to hear your voice before I have to get dressed." He says softly, his voice almost not audible.

"I love you Zac. Please take care of yourself and let me know what the doctor says okay ?" I tell him, just wanting to get on the first plane there.

"I will, and I love you too baby. Remember that no matter what." He says, leaving me with a weird and very scary feeling of dread.


*Zac POV*

"Zac ? Are you OK?" Elizabeth my co-star is looking at me worriedly.

"Yeah, I just need a moment. Sorry. Dec could you get me some water?" I say between coughs.

"Here". Rodney, the director, pulls a chair up for me to sit down.

"I'm OK, really. Argh." I put my hand to the side of my head, it feels like someone has hit it with a sledge hammer. I can hear people talking around me, but the sounds all blends together and I am unable to form words. 

What the fuck is happeninq to me? I cough again and blackness threatens to overcome me. Everything begin to move in fast forward and slow motion all at once. I hear sirens and wonder what is happening.

 Before I know it a paramedic gives me an injection and oxygen and it seems an eternity before I can take a breath, for a few moments I think they are trying to kill me and I try to fight against them. 

 The next time I open my eyes there is a blinding light shining in my eyes and pain searing through my head before I can close them again. I hear a woman giving orders, using medical terms I don't understand. 

 I struggle to open my eyes again or make sense of the deafening sounds around me but it is too much, and I sink into blackness.



*Harri POV*

"Shit". I say to myself, getting out of the shower and looking at the missed calls and messages on my phone. I have two from Declan and without listening to the messages I call him first.

 I wait impatiently for him to pick up, fearing why he is calling me, I hear the connecting go through. "Dec?"

"Harriet thank god. Zac is sick." He sounds like he has been crying, and it feels like someone is squeezing my heart very hard.

"How sick, Dec ? Declan, do I need to get there tonight? Tomorrow? Or does he just need to rest." I ramble the words out like a rapper.

"He's in the hospital. We had to call an ambulance. He was coughing blood up and then he just collapsed. All the hospital will say is that he's stable, but I think they spoke to his sister." He says sounding scared.

"Oh, my god. OK I'll call her. Don't leave him Declan." My hands are shaking badly as I hang  up the phone and tries to dial Shekinah's number.

 She picks up emidiately. "Hi Herri, did Declan get a hold of you ? Of course he does since you are calling"

"What- What's wrong with Zac ? Have they told you anything ?" I ask studdering, fearing the worst. i should have stopped him, somehow I should have stopped him.

"Yes, he has some sort of infection but they don't know anything else. They mentioned a bunch of tests and a bunch of drugs. He's not conscious". She says sniffling.

Oh my god. No.. I can't find any words.

"Harriet ? Are you ok?" She asks.    

"I, uh. I don't think so, I need to get on a flight right now. I don't know what to do! I shouldn't have left him, but..."

"Sweetie, breathe. It's ok. Just get there as soon as you can, OK? We're looking at flights now, me and daddy is coming out to, just get to the airport, I get you a ticket too."

Panic rose in my stomach and I try to force it back down. The knot won't go away, won't let me relax or stop my mind from racing. I don't know what to think, who to call. I need the time to go faster, need to be by his side, now..

 I meet up with Shekinah and Darryll in the airport, but looking pale and nervous too, and beside long hugs and saying hi, we don't speak much, we are to scared and nervous.

As the plane rise into the sky, I put my hands over my face and try to hold the tears in, but it is no use. They spill silently down my cheeks, falling onto my shirt. I realise now that I have no clothes with me, I only grabbed my handbag before running out the door.

What am I going to do? I can't deal with this, I just can't. What if he doesn't wake up? Oh god what if he doesn't vake up?

I run down the aisle to the bathroom, grateful the plane is only half full.

Pull it together Harriet, he needs you to be strong.








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