The Leaky Cauldron

When Harry, Hermoine, and Ron decide to go to The Leaky Cauldron, they come face to face with Draco Malfoy, who wants to be the most powerful wizard of them all.


1. Harry Potter


Harry Potter stared at the castle of Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry. He didn't want to feel that the Dursley family cared about him as he thought of Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger. He gazed at the owl who hooted; he was thinking to himself when he picked up his glasses....and read Magical Spells for Beginners​. He was about to head towards the chambers where Albus Dumbledore walked towards the Gryffindor Rooms. "Harry, I wanted to tell you that your classes will be dangerous this year. You have to go to The Leaky Cauldron​". Harry, who was nervous, glanced at the Professor. "That'll be fine. Besides, I have potions class with Professor Snape in the dark dungeons soon". Professor Dumbledore nodded...then glided away from the room to attend to other important magical matters which was kept secret from other powerful wizards.


Draco Malfoy was dressed in his Slytherin robes. He was a pale wizard. Gregory Goyle was eating a jam doughnut. "Stop eating, Goyle. We have potions class now".

"But I was hungry". Goyle, a overweight child of eleven, stared at Draco. He was in his first year at Hogwarts. And, like him, being a wizard was something magical. Draco moved down the cold hallway towards the dungeon. As they opened the wrought-iron doors with their right hands, he bumped into Harry Potter.

"Hello, Potter. I didn't think you'd be ready for the Dark Arts", he grinned.

"Potions are part of the magical teachings, Draco. You know that; I know that. Everyone will be taught the same way", Harry told him. He saw Professor Snape glide down the eerie dungeon in his long, black, cape. He stared at the two boys, as if he wanted to teach Harry Potter a lesson. "Harry Potter​. I know that James and Lily Potter gave birth to a boy with no magical powers". Draco Malfoy grinned. "All of the students have magical power, Professor Snape; all of them will do fine. Besides, Hagrid...". Professor Snape laughed. It wasn't a nice laugh. "Hagrid the giant, knows better than to idly chatter about things that doesn't concern him. Now, I'll deduct five points off all of the students from all schools if they're late for class". Harry Potter walked to his bench with Hermoine and Ron. "Now, tell me what Anti-Potion is?", he asked. Hermoine raised her right hand. "Yes, Miss Granger". "It's a potion that has the opposite of a normal potion the wizard uses to cast a spell", she answered. "Typical", Draco Malfoy uttered. "​Silence!​ Ten points for Gryffindor House". Gregory Goyle was about to say something but Draco touched the Slytherin's green robes with his left hand, as if to tell him not to do anything. Goyle nodded. After the hour was finished, Professor Snape spoke. "For our next class, we'll be doing a Defence Against the Dark Arts spell that all first years need to perform if they need to progress to Year Two. Dismissed!". And, as the wizards left through the doors, and out of the dungeons, all of the Slytherins turned right to their dorms...and headed towards the warmth of the fireplace that was in the middle of the dim, spacious, room.


Harry Potter gazed out of the castle's grey windows. "What's wrong?", Ron asked him. "Nothing. I was concerned about Oliver Wood when I was a seeker during a Quidditch match", Harry answered him. Suddenly Ginny Weasley walked towards them. "Harry...", she blushed. Harry adjusted his glasses. "Ginny, I thought you were with Luna Lovegood". She smiled at him. "She had a vision that Draco Malfoy would be a powerful wizard. The rumour was he was at The Leaky Cauldron with his father, Lucius". Harry saw George Weasley reading a book on magic. "Harry, I thought you were with Ron". He smirked. "We were concerned about Severus Snape's hold on Hogwarts; we saw Argus Filch stalking the rooms decreasing the house points to all students who leave the ancient castle". He shrugged. "Argus is horrid",  Ron said. He looked around. Then they saw Katie Bell holding her favourite wand in her left hand; they were eager to see whether she was going to the Leaky Cauldron during their break time. Harry shook his head. "Not all first years could go there", he mentioned to his friends. "I hear that You-Know-Who owns the cauldron", Ron stated. Katie Bell shivered. "Maybe we shouldn't go there". Ginny shook her head. "We have to go...". Then their conversation was interrupted by Lavender Brown. "Ginny, there's a problem", she said. "What's the matter? Did you get a howler from home?", Ginny asked her. "No. The Leaky Cauldron's witches are on patrol; the witches aren't friendly to first years at Hogwarts". Ron shook his head. "What can we do, Harry?". Harry shook his head. "Maybe there's a way to convince them to be nicer to us", he said. And, as they headed to Transformation class, heavy rain started to fall outside the ancient castle.


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